Best Doctorate/PhD Transfer Policy (Cumberlands, Valdosta, etc)

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  1. Simurgh

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    Hi DegreeInfo!

    Thank you all again for making DI such a great community. :)

    I want to learn about Doctorate and PhD programs that take the most transfer credits.

    University of the Cumberlands PhD in Leadership allows for 18 credits to be transferred into their program. Valdosta University's DPA allows for 15 credits. Are there any other programs (RA preferred) that do have generous transfer policies?

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  2. Pugbelly2

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    Piedmont International University (NA), will allow 50% of the degree to be transferred in (PhD to PhD). This policy is listed on page 22 of their Graduate Catalog. The PhD in Leadership isn't yet advertised on their website, but it's available. It's the same program, in its entirety, as the old Tennessee Temple University PhD.
  3. Simurgh

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    Thanks Pug. I found some other programs with good transfer policies but only masters program related. Excelsior, Amberton and APUS take 15 credits which is good... but I would rather go on for the doctorate program. A third masters degree may not help me out but a doctorate definitely would. Thanks again. :)

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