Best CLEP Resources?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AFGUY0602, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. AFGUY0602

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    What are the best CLEP resources out there?
  2. tigerhead

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  3. Randell1234

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    I used the Comex and REA books. They were great-
  4. Fortunato

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    For the business subjects, I had great success with the books in the Barron's Business Review series. They're about $15 each, but they're also available in most local libraries.
  5. PampChef0412

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    There's a better resources out there

    I tried instantcert but it didn't help me. I just didn't like fill in the blanks when I am preparing for a multiple choice test. May work for some, but not me. I now have been using and I have passed three tests this month (US Hist I, Engish Comp, and Amer Govt, all with high scores). I am getting ready to take US Hist 2 next... all in one summer! I never imagined getting a whole semester done during the summer but this site has helped and it costs less than instantcert. Hope this helps you!
  6. ShotoJuku

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    Trust me when I say that for an all-around and great singular-source for CLEP-DSST exam prep - InstantCert is Second-To-None!

    You should (must) visit the IC-Forums and take a look for yourself - .

    Other Sources of CLEP & DSST Study Material: REA Books, Comex Books, Pass Your Class Guides, Standard Deviants DVD's, Petersons Practice Exams, Dummies Books, Idiot's Guides.
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  7. Randell1234

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    Do it the old fashion way - TAKE A CHANCE and see what happens. I passed 51 credits in 6 weeks with little to no study. I only failed three out of 18 tests. I was able to take that route because I was in the Army Reserve and tests were free. I looked at the military passing rates and took almost any test that have a passing rate of greater then 50% and I know something about.

    Some days I would take three tests in three hours...not bad 9 credits in an afternoon! Here is a list of tests I took in that time frame:
    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Criminal Justice
    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement

    09-04-2002 DANTES Intro to Computing
    09-04-2002 DANTES Organizational Behav
    09-04-2002 DANTES Envir and Humanity
    09-09-2002 DANTES – HR Management
    09-09-2002 DANTES Tech Writing
    09-09-2002 DANTES Intro to Business
    09-12-2002 DANTES Here’s to you Health
    09-17-2002 CLEP History and Social Science
    09-19-2002 ECE Labor relations
    09-22-2002 DANTES Ethics
    09-22-2002 DANTES MIS
    09-26-2002 ECE Production/Operation Mgt
    09-30-2002 CLEP English w/essay
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    Perhaps I'm a skeptic, but is it possible this thread was originally started to promote the web site? The person who asked the original question about CLEP resources, and the person who responded and mentioned how great is, both joined the board this month.

    It's possible it's all just a coincidence, but still. I'm not sure how long has been around, but there is NO activity on their forum, and the OP of this thread is one of the few people who have posted to that forum.

    By the way, I don't mind somebody mentioning a great study resource if it actually works, but if you're promoting your own web site just be honest about it.
  9. Randell1234

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    Well, all three post by AFGUY0602 mention Maybe this person is just excited about the site...maybe not.

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