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  1. spmoran

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    Thanks to the folks on this forum, I've recently been introduced to Bellevue University. I see that Dr. Bear has an affinity for this school. I like that I can transfer in 80 junior college hours (like TESC), and just do the major with them (plus some Kaplan credits for diversity and such).

    Can anyone tell me if they have had experience with the "Corrections Administration and Management" degree? It looks a lot easier to put together than the criminal justice degree that I was trying to wrangle through a combination of Troy and Excelsior. And the focus is on corrections, which is good for my purposes.

    I'd be interested in knowing anyone's experiences with Bellevue University, no matter which program they pursued.

    Thanks much!

  2. twistone

    twistone New Member

    I'm enrolled now, but a different program

    I don't have any experience with the programs you listed, but I am currently enrolled in Bellevue's Business Information Systems program (I have been since february). I had never heard of them either until talking with a coworker that was stationed in Nebraska (Air Force) and started taking classes with them. Based on his positive review I included them in my list, and eventually chose them to pursue my Bachelors.

    I have enjoyed my experience so far, and I am just about to wrap up my 5th class. Along with the Excelsior crowd, I wish the name was different, but oh well, the classes more than meet my needs. For personal reasons I am also glad that they are a B&M school, and that D.L. isn't their only focus (I just wanted to attend a smaller school). My program is in the accelerated format, so new classes begin the day after the last one ended. The work has been challenging, but not too much of a burden in my opinion.

    One thing that's unique is their Capstone Project requirement. Basically it's the last class you take (in the major anyway), and it's a culmination of everything you have learned, in the form of a 20-25 page research paper.

    I often wonder why Bellevue isn't mentioned more often on this website. Bellevue is not quite as liberal with the exam credits as the most often mentioned schools, but they accept a ton of transer and exam credits in my opinion. Good luck in whatever you choose.

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  3. kobeb

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    MA in Leadership or MBA

    Does anyone have experience with their MBA or MA in Leadership programs?

    I too have heard nothing but good things about Bellevue. However, I tried calling them and I found it difficult to talk to a counselor. Does anyone have a POC they can direct me to?

    I'm still with University of Maryland-UC (2 classes into it), but I welcome other options if they make sense. Any inputs to UMUC's MBA program vs. Bellevue's?

  4. drewdarnell

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    I have been emailing back and forth with Bellevue and they have been very responsive. They have done an unofficial credit review and did it within 2 days. If you have an associates degree, they will waive your Gen Ed requriements.

    They have been really nice. At least so far.

  5. spmoran

    spmoran Member

    I have also had very positive responses. They answer the phone promptly, answer money questions with no hemming and hawing, they responded to my e-mails very quickly and were very clear about transfer credits. I have never had this kind of service from a school before. I am most pleased so far. :)

  6. spmoran

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    Twistone, did you finish?

    I also decided on the BSBIS as the way to finish my undergrad work. I am wondering whether you finished the program, Twistone? I am just beginning my fourth course now, and am going to double up on the Kirkpatrick series so I can graduate in October. If you finished, will you be attending the commencement ceremony?


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