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  1. Texascot

    Texascot New Member

    I asked a question about Baker College Online in another thread, but as the thread in question originally related to Master of Healthcare Degrees, I wanted to ask about the Baker MBA in its own thread.

    I am interested in their MBA with healthcare concentration.

    I have been considering pursuing a Masters degree for over a year - and have been viewing these boards for some time to help me decide. I originally applied for a general MBA at Texas A&M Commerce - but since withdrew my application as I decided to look for something with a healthcare focus.

    I'm looking for a school which offers:

    1. a MBA with Healthcare concentration or Master of Healthcare Administration or MS in Health Management

    2. cost under 20K

    3. one class at a time = half time (for student loan purposes)

    4. Regionally Accredited

    5. Totally online or very little classroom attendance required

    6. a recognised B&M school which happens to offer online classes

    7. Can be completed in around 2 years or less

    8. Preferably no GMAT/GRE required for admission (this just seemed like a way to help narrow my options down)

    I had narrowed my earch down to 3:

    Touro International University


    St Joseph's College of Maine


    Universitry of Colorado - Colorado Springs

    Baker has come out of nowhere - someone who is at Baker Online (Iqugmire) responded to one of my posts. I started to look into Baker and discovered that they offer 6 week terms, are Regionallly Accredited, cost under $15k for total program and can be completed in 18 months.

    6 week terms seem kind of intense, but if I like the idea of completing the program in 18 months.

    For current/former Baker MBA students - how do you find the workload of 6 week classes?

    Also, if anyone has any comments on Universitry of Colorado - Colorado Springs I'd be pleased to hear your opinions. I've searched on here, but can't find much discussion.

  2. iquagmire

    iquagmire Member


    When I was looking for a BBA program in 2001 I reacted the same way - Baker College came out of nowhere. I never heard of it before. But it is a good RA school that's affordable.

    I found the 6 week classes intense but I also found it better than taking two classes at the same time for 12 weeks. It helped me focus on one subject and feel a sense of accomplishment in a quicker amount of time.

    Also, the admissions and financial aid process is fast and easy and the staff responds within a few hours (surprisingly).

    I believe when you're in the program you are considered Full-Time because, even though you are taking one class every 6 weeks, every semester is 12 weeks long. Therefore, you are taking two 4 quarter semester classes per semester.
  3. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    I have chosen St. Josephs College of Maine...but for very specific and personal reasons. Each of these programs has something unique to offer and St. Josephs is certainly the most "unique" of the bunch since it focuses more on Leadership and the people factor than just about any other MBA out there.

    What are you looking for? An intensive technical challenge? St. Joes may not be for you.

    Traditional MBA skills? St. Joes may not be for you.

    Perhaps you are looking to become a leader in your profession and see success in those who work for and with you? THEN St. Joes may be for you.

    There was another thread recently that linked to an article (sorry I don't have it) that talks about the severe short comings of the traditional MBA....I tend to agree. I think everybody needs leaders, but not everybody needs an MBA.....make sense?
  4. Texascot

    Texascot New Member


    St Joseph's MBA was one of my two preferred programs for a MBA. I untimately applied to Texas A&M Commerce, partly due to name recognition in my area. I withdrew my A&M application as I decided that I wanted something with a healthcare element.

    I've followed various threads on St Joseph's over a number of months, and I do like the leadership focus of their MBA.

    My own circumstances are that I've moved to Texas from the UK and have been working in healthcare administration for just over a year. Although I might go ahead with something like the St Joseph's MBA in future, I feel that to progress in my field my first priority should be to obtain a masters level degree with a significant healthcare element (as I have no previous work experience in this field and my undergrad degree is in an unrelated field - public administration and management).

    It's actually the St Joseph's Master in Health Services Administration that I'm now considering. Their MHA seems to have a more "regular" curriculum compared to other degrees of a similar type, but the ethos and values of St Joseph's - which attracted me in the first place - are still present.
  5. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    For your needs from what I have read, that sounds like a solid choice. If you work in really can't go wrong there. If you did decide to go with the MBA route, as I am, you can use certificates of completion such as:

    which THIS ONE may not be online, but I know there are more than a few schools that have similar offerings online.

    It would read something like "Masters of Business Administration in Quality Leadership from St. Josephs College of Maine with a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration from Your State University"....or the like. Gregg DesElms is really good at that sort of thing....perhaps he will chime in.

    Anyhow...let us know what you choose and post your results if you would....I'm dying to hear from St. Joes alumni.
  6. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    I agree. That St. Joseph's College of Maine Masters in Health Services Administration is top notch. And I like the way Texascot worded it: "...the ethos and values of St Joseph's." Yes. That captures what is attractive of it.

    The Sisters of Mercy own several healthcare facilities; and also have a not-insignificant elder care/assisted living/nursing home experience and expertise. St. Joseph's is, of course, owned by the Sisters of Mercy, as well as are several other colleges/universities (though few others of them have the kind of distance learning offerings as St. Joseph's). From my chats with them, they are always mindful, when developing any of their healthcare administration degrees, of the applicability of same to their own needs in their various healthcare entities. One would think that a degree partly designed by the very people who will ultimately employ those who obtain it would be a darned good one. After all, they know what's needed. It's yet another of the reasons I so like St. Joseph's College of Maine. There are many others.
  7. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    I got so distracted by commenting on St. Joseph's in the previous post that I forgot to add, in honor of the thread's subject, that I really am impressed with Baker's online MBA; and it seems priced right, too. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was dissing the subject of the thread, or hijacking said thread.

  8. mourningdove

    mourningdove New Member

    I am a graduate of St. Joesph's in Maine (many years ago) and was always pleased with the program. They require a summer residency which you must complete on campus in Maine (unless they have changed this). There are extra costs associated with the summer residency beside books and tuition.

    I have been teaching at Baker Online for 5 years and find that they are one of the most organized online program that I have been associated with.

    American Public University has an online MBA with a concentration in Health Care Adm. APU is accredited by DETC and a candidate for regional accreditation with the final visit by the team next month. They offer both 8 & 16 week semesters. I am full time faculty and am starting a graduate course tomorrow. Their program is very good and reasonable.

    Good luck.

  9. Texascot

    Texascot New Member

    Thanks to all for their advice on this Board over the past few months.

    I've decided to go for Baker College online for a MBA with Health Care Management concentration.

    Now I need to go apply before I change my mind AGAIN :( ;)

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