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    Some parts are. Other parts are interesting and fun, while still being affordable. I was there a month ago and had a great time.

    I hope that person is very wealthy, because he'll have to be to live in Silicon Valley. As for SVU, if you go ten thousand miles just to end up at an unremarkable school like that, that's crazy.
  2. I feel the same way about NO. Ugly city. Silicon Valley isn't that expensive if you don't expect to live in a 4,000 sf house. Milpitas and South San Jose are very reasonable and accessible. A lot of other places, too. SVU isn't MIT, but they have very good job placement and they cater to international students. If she's planning to STAY in Silicon Valley, it's a great choice. If she's heading back to S.A., she should just stay, go to Tuks and save her money.
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    I do at least agree with this part.

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