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    I am considering to attend a computer course at Curtin unversity of Australia. at first I plan to attend BS in CS but after browse through the course offered I have found Bachelor of Technology in Computer system and netwoking which i think it is more focus on network.

    I am really want to do course which is more focus then general course( I assume that CS is more general). So do you think CS will build a solid background for postgraduate degree in US University (i plan to do Master in CS or IT in US in the future)? and is Bachelor of technolgy is a good offered or I may attend CS and choose some network course for elective(for CS there is 3 elective courses available)

    Althoug i am intersing about Computer but i am not sure which course give benefit to future career so I think most people in this forum may give me some advice coz i think most of u have a broad knowledge and great experience about IT and Computer.

    here is the link of each course:

    BS in CS:

    BT in Computer system and Networking:
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    I am a personal believer that one should always strive to maximize their opportunities. If you are ultimately looking to complete a graduate degree in some area of computer technology, then a BS in Computer Science will open up more opportunities than a BS in Information Technology. Computer Science is in general more math focused than IT and as such it is much better preparation for grad school. In addition, from my investigation of graduate programs, a BSCS will satisfy the entrance requirements of more grad programs than will a BSIT. Between the two degrees, I would dare say that because of its math emphasis, that a BSCS is considered the more academically challenging of the two degrees and as a result (at least in the USA) you see this degree listed as a job requirement much more than a BSIT. FWIW, I firmly believe that as long as you are sure that you are going on to do a graduate degree in some area of computer technology, the BSCS is the better degree. Of course, if you are going on to get an MBA or business oriented degree, then I would say that either degree is okay, but as rounding out a future manager of IT, a BSIT might be the better degree.
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    I agree with JoAnnP
  4. nitalice

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    thank JoAnnP38 for your great advice.

    So do you think that BSCS will be provide a good foundation for Master?

    At the first sign , i planned to do BSIT and choose some elective courses from CS to build my background. but with your advice i will recondiser my decision.

    the big reason than i prefer for IT in network coz I think that network speciallist in my country is limited (coz lacking of book and equipment while if talking about programming there are many people in this field righ now)

    however i have never though that math focus is important for postgraduate( I may not good at math).

    so what do u think about the course of CS offer by Curtin, is it good offer coz AU system seem to be more specific then US sytem which student have to do liberal art for their 1st or 2nd year?


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