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    Is there a college that is nationally accredited or RA (it doesn't matter which) that awards a degree by transfer of credit without a requirement for courses to be taken at the university?

    The legitimacy of the award is important and it must be accredited. Whether it is accredited by of N/A or RA is irrelevant. I have a large amount of undergrad credit accumulated that I can transfer to a program. I know about Excelsior and Empire State, but I am curious to see if there are any others that may operate on a similar basis.

    The credits accumulated are largely in humanities area. I have a Masters Degree from an Australian University and I am doing a Doctorate. I am really tidying up the undergrad credit.
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    In addition to Excelsior College there is Thomas Edison State College and Charter Oak State College. In my humble opinion, Excelsior is the best of the three if you are transfering most of the needed credits for the degree. Excelsior's administrative fee covers the cost of advising, processing and all transfers. Thomas Edison charges based upon the number of credits one transfers. Both Charter Oak and Thomas Edison work better if you plan to take many more courses from those schools because they both participate in Title IV federal funding. They are all three legit and RA and in most cases deciding which of the three is the best is a matter of splitting hairs. Each of them is a solid choice.
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    second opinion

    BA in 4 Weeks is a good place to read up on this.
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    I received an updated degree audit from Thomas Edison State College this week and it says in the BA Free Electives section that there is an 'Exception: Over in Natural Science". Is there an maximum number of credit hours in one area that can be applied under Free Electives? There is no mention of a cap as far as I can tell from their publications. However, it is possible I missed something. Sure would hate to have to spend more money to tie up this degree.
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    Thanks for the advice. some very useful info has come out of the recommended website.

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