B.S. in University Studies

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    These kinds of degrees can actually work for people who have a lot of transfer credits from bouncing around and just need to finish a degree. Also, if you work somewhere that requires a degree but doesn't really care what it's in as long as you have one, this would also be a great choice.
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    Generalized degrees can be great for some people, true. But I still think that Liberal Studies or General Studies makes more sense as a "major" than the confusingly named University Studies.
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    Agreed. university Studies just sounds weird. Kind of like Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies from Harvard Extension School. Their Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees are all the same. They're all Liberal Arts in Extension Studies. Talk about making it as obvious as possible it's an online school lol Even if it said Professional Studies, that would be better. Or Bachelor of Professional Studies in xxx (insert concentration or specialization here). That would even sound better. Sometimes I think these schools don't pay attention or care about how these degrees will look on resumes.
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    In this case I think it's more about Harvard not wanting to upset the people who pay the bills and tend to be a bit snobby on mattes of pedigree. If Harvard went to greater lengths to make the degree title look more like the other degrees in the Harvard family, they'd get grief from people who attended Harvard College, Harvard Business School or Harvard Law School.
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    And yet they want HES students to fel like they're part of the "family" lol "You get all the perks of every other Harvard alum because you're a HARVARD graduate" but ask anyone from any of the other Harvard colleges how they see HES students and you'll find out REAL quick you're not part of the "family". More like the red headed step child.
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