B.S. in Electronics engineering online?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by malus, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. malus

    malus New Member

    I've been searching for weeks...

    Does anyone know where I can get a B.S. in Electronics Engineering from a regionally accredited or ABET accredited institution in Arkansas via distance learning?

    I've found some programs that are only avaliable to other states.
    I've found DETC or other accreditations.. but not regional or ABET.
    I've found some that were /almost/ fully distance ed. Those where you have to attend the school for lab time.
    I've found those that are still in development.

    But never a B.S. in Electronics Engineering from an ABET or regionally accredited institution that was avaliable entirely through distance ed. =-(

    I'm currently about to fold and go with Grantham University (DETC) for a "Electronics Engineering Technology" degree. Which is not really what I want to do, but something is better than nothing right?

    Help please :)

  2. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    You have reached the same conclusion as several others.

    Electronics Technology - yes

    Electronics Engineering, all DL, ABET, no Campus visits - no

    There are Electronics Technology programs that are ABET, but they usually require some on campus vists. But those are often only a few days at a time, once or twice a year.

    Note: ABET does not accredit electronics engineering or technology but does accredit electrical enginering and technology.
    see: http://www.abet.org/accredited_programs/engineering/EACWebsite.asp
    and: http://www.abet.org/accredited_programs/engineeringtechnology/TACWebsite.asp
  3. lelwell

    lelwell New Member

    I don't believe you will find a true EE degree entirely distance education, at least not ABET. ABET requires hands on labs and nobody has figured out how to do that online yet. I have put extensive research into this after wasting some time and money on Kennedy Western University. I am currently looking as Excelcior for EET. The Excelsior program is TAC/ABET accredited. The closest true EE I could find was at the University of North Dakota School of mines. UND only requires onsite labs and schedules the program so they can be completed in concentrated blocks.

  4. gmanmikey

    gmanmikey New Member

    One of the memebers of this board, Paul R. Clark, (Laser100) has compiled a list of schools offering BSEE and BSEET schools that are mostly distance ed. (There still seems to be no getting around showing up on campus for labs for an ABET degree... some days I spent more time commuting to and from school than actually in class.)

    Here's a copy of the list that I found using the search function; I have no idea if it is the latest and greatest.

    All the best,

  5. malus

    malus New Member

    /Nod, I've looked through the schools on his website but I had already seen most of those.

    I've always had an interest in electronics, as I've been in the computer industry for the past six years.

    I've only recently wanted to broaded my field, or switch, to electronics engineering.

    I'm not quite sure I know the difference in electronics/electrical engineering (technology).

    Kennedy-Western was the first school that I came across that looked like it fit what I was searching for.. but then that bubble was popped. Heh.

    From what I can see Grantham is currently my best bet, even though it doesn't fit my criteria.

    My main worry is getting PE cert and continuing my education past a B.S. with a school that is only accredited through DETC.

    I have ~50 hours or so of general ed / comp sci related courses that I took through a traditional school some years back. I am unable to go to a traditional school due to my family and job.

    Ahh well, off to continue my search till I give in to Grantham, decide to just go after a comp sci degree, or find something that fits me better.



    I am currently looking at the North Dakota degree.
    Has anyone ever taken any classes obtained a degree through them? If they are able to truely block together their labs in a manner that would allow me to go there on a "vacation" to complete my lab hours, that might work for me.
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  6. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    Of the options you've said you were interested in, this would be my first choice if you can schedule vacation around lab requirements. Good luck in getting your BSEE(T).
  7. malus

    malus New Member

    Do you think that there is an online ABET and/or regionally accredited graduate school that would accept the B.S. from Grantham to get a masters degree -> PhD?

    And if so would that then count towards your PE?

    For some reason I'm leaning towards Grantham over UND.
    Don't ask me why though =-) I can be indecisive.

  8. Mike Albrecht

    Mike Albrecht New Member

    Do you think that there is an online ABET and/or regionally accredited graduate school that would accept the B.S. from Grantham to get a masters degree -> PhD?...[/QUOTE]

    Yes, do I know of one? No. Will it be as easy as an RA degree, NO.

    ...And if so would that then count towards your PE?...

    The advanced degree, yes, but the time spent in calaender time would probably equal the time required without the advanced degree (i.e. 6+ years - PhD).
  9. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

  10. gmanmikey

    gmanmikey New Member

    Thanks for the link, Oxpecker.

  11. DRMarion

    DRMarion New Member


    I did the Grantham program--finished way back in 1984. I did everything from Ohm's law to differential equations. (I also did the CIE AAS program before Grantham)

    I've always been employed in a technical field, and never had issues grasping the technical side.

    So anyway, say what you want about DETC tech schools--it worked for me...
  12. malus

    malus New Member

    I'm now leaning towards UND. I have a while to decide, since it's really too late for me to get setup there for the fall semester.

    There are a few basics that I don't have yet as well.. and I can take them via correspondence study through UND, or someone else for cheaper.

    It seems like it might be possible for me to que up the labs for several classes and go there for a vaction a few times to get them taken care of.

  13. Laser100

    Laser100 New Member

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