Atlantic National University

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  1. bgossett

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    Atlantic National University and Atlantic National University

    Or American Atlantic National University, referencing the honorary president's welcoming letter.

    One of the WAUC (and APICS) accredited 'schools' for which it has been difficult to find a site.

    ANU's contact address is a P.O. Box in Arcadia, CA but I do not find them listed in the BPPVE database.
  2. BigLie

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    I went to the second website for ANU and saw the pictures under "Accreditation's and Certifications." Then I saw the following picture and laughed my big fat ass off. In case it isn't obvious, Doc Mar is standing next to, with his arm around, a cardboard cut out. The caption under the photo reads, "Dr. Marlow Mar always supports President George Bush."


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