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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by AsianStew, Jun 4, 2021.

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    Aston University in the UK has four (4) fully online graduate programs available for a pretty affordable price point; It's interesting that they created sites for Canada, Germany, Middle East, US, and the UK of course. I guess that these are countries with the most international students studying there... or that's the target markets for the institution.
    Link: and Fees:

    1) MBA - Triple Accredited - 18,700 GBP
    2) MS - Business Analytics - 11,050 GBP
    3) MS - Business & Management - 9,500 GBP
    4) Executive Doctor of Business Administration - 39,000 GBP

    Accreditation & Rankings:
    Triple Accreditation:
    For a top 1% business program, it might be worth it if your company is paying partial tuition, for me, it's slightly out of my price range.
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  3. AsianStew

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    Aston isn't really "famous" or "fancy", it's just that their business school is one of a select few that holds Triple Accreditation. Most of the "Triple Accredited" MBA programs aren't really from the "famous" or "fancy/really expensive" schools. An example or two from Canada - HEC Montreal, Univ of Ottawa, I rarely hear anything about these and in the US: Hult International Business School.

    More over Aston from the UK reminds me of Deakin, except Deakin is in Australia and only has AACSB and EQUIS, they are similarly ranked globally - with Aston ranking slightly higher than Deakin. Their partnership programs with MOOCs and other degree offerings are inexpensive, compared to several similar programs from other universities. See links below for details...

    It's weird how Wiki ranking and the official rankings are different, change the year around.
    QS TopU:
    Aston University Wiki/Rankings:
    Deakin University Wiki/Rank:

    Wiki Triple A:
    FindMBA Triple A:
    MBA Today Triple A:
    U2B Triple A:

    I wonder who would want a Top 1% MBA and who would settle for a similarly priced or cheaper AACSB/EQUIS MBA program.
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    HEC Montréal and Hult are both well respected business schools.
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    Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School is Triple Accredited. They are a top university in the United States and the business school is consistently a Top 40 in the USA.
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    Those fees are quite generous. Way to go Aston.

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