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    I need some help here please. First of all, I'm living out side the US and I don't have any experience about the US Education System but I know it's the best. I will go for an Associate Degree in Applied Computer Science with Education Direct and i'm also Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator and Database Administrator.

    Can anybody tell me if I can find a university that will accpet credit transfer (of my Associate degree and Microsoft Certificates) so I can study as little as I can in this university?
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    Hello MichealJeo,

    Actually your question depends on s few things such as one does it have to be regionally accredited or is nationally accredited sufficient ( regionally accreddited is more widely accepted in higher learning institutions if you would to teach later, also if you would like to get your gradute degree it would help you out greatly with wider acceptance also!). Two is price a concern? and three does it have to be a computer science degree or will a Information technology degree fit you criterea also?

    well here is a list but if this is no what your looking for let me know !( no particular order)

    1. Touro University International Regionally accreditated

    should accept your certifications as credit and your degree

    2. Grantham University Nationally accredited

    should accept your certifications as credit and your degree

    3. university of Illinois regionally accredited

    Probably will not accept ceritifications as credit wont hurt to ask!

    4.Florida State University Regionally accredited

    For more information:

    If you would like a list of information technology programs email me !
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    many thanks for your help and I have a few issues to discuss.

    i'm living in Egypt and when I want a degree from USA i want it accredited degree from the education department. I mean I need some document from the US Embassy in Egypt that certify that I have a Bachelor degree from a recognized univeristy. so I think that NA or RA will give me this document.

    second, my salary is not like US salaries so price is the most important thing here. and Yes I'd like a bachelor Degree in Information Technology very much more than Computer Science. so what's the best for me?

    can you tell me what's the minimum amount of money I will be paying if I will study only 60 credits (because I will trasfer the other 60) in a NR cheap university?
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    hello agian

    well since it doesnt matter if it is national or regional accreditted and price is a an issue this is what I suggest either
    Grantham University

    Nationally accredited

    tuition includes books and you can finish at your own pace

    tuition : $3489.00 not bad at all and they have financial assistance and payment plan

    They also have a degree in information systems
    Baker college online

    regionally accredited

    This school is a little more expensive than grantham
    but I believe you would get a better educational experience

    165.00 per credit hour (not to bad most school are double or tripple this!)

    they have a bachelors degree in information systems and computer science

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    thanks again

    Hello again,

    Thanks for your help. Now I know that I will need around 16,000$ to take my Bachelor Degree.

    Have a nice day.

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