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Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by will6083, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. will6083

    will6083 New Member

    Does anyone know about ACT (Asean Colleague of Teachers). They are supposed to have branches in Thailand and Vietnam aside India.
    Are they degrees recognized as bachelor’s educational degrees in Asia?
  2. Messdiener

    Messdiener Active Member

    Interesting question. I've not heard of this institute.

    Do you have a website or other info you could share?
  3. SteveFoerster

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  4. will6083

    will6083 New Member

    Yes is that one

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think you should stay away from it. Their point of contact is [email protected]. It seems a bunch of ex-pats form a college together. :)
  6. Messdiener

    Messdiener Active Member

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