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Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by nomaduser, Aug 17, 2020.

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    This is on my up-and-coming list.

    My aim is to finish in 1 month. I'm waiting until my schedule clears up, and in the meantime, I'm pre-studying to shorten my enrollment time.

    With a Bachelor's degree and TESOL cert, there are many online English tutoring jobs available paying $20+ per hour. It's hard work, and the hours are often undesirable, but it can be a great starting gig, side gig and transition gig for some people.

    For me, I'm looking to get the certificate both to add another language to my repertoire (Somehow, I've only found myself teaching other languages, but have not ever taught my first language, English), and to add a little more low cost puff and fluff to my resume. :cool:
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    My eldest is finishing a Bachelor's in information systems this month. He's done tutoring before, and has always been interested in languages -- he's conversational and literate in Mandarin, his Japanese isn't bad, and he has a basic level of Korean. He's interested in relocating internationally, probably to Japan, and sees teaching English there as a way to do that. Would you recommend this program under those circumstances?
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  4. Maniac Craniac

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    Yes, absolutely. The gold standard for TESOL is a 120-hour certificate, and this is a 150 hour certificate. Also, ASU is a leading institution in applied linguistics, whereas most TESOL providers have little or no name recognition. It's a real winner, in my opinion.

    COVID-19 has thrown everything off, of course, but just a few months ago I was being hunted down for jobs by reputable companies in China and Thailand, even though I don't have any TESOL certificate at all and expressed no interest in relocating. They were even willing to pay for my training AND my travel expenses if I accepted a job with them and was willing to work overseas!

    That's at least anecdotal confirmation that the demand has been high, even for people with little no no credential other than a Bachelor's degree (in anything, from anywhere) which is often required for acquiring teacher's visas.

    The only caveat I can think of is that he'll likely be competing against people with certificate mill TESOL credentials and diploma mill degrees. I can foresee that being a point of frustration. Unfortunately, it's an insanely common problem. The government officials of most Asian countries aren't savvy enough to differentiate between real and fake credentials. Either that, or they don't care enough to check.
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    This course also caught my attention. Has anyone yet signed up? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

    Also, what are the fees? I didn't see any pricing information listed on the main info page.
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    I like this course but I'd still appreciate if ASU can award ACE credit for taking this course.
    Google IT Certificate awards 12 ACE credits. Then why not this one??
    This ASU certificate worth at least 6 ACE credits.
  8. SteveFoerster

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    ACE evaluations aren't cheap. And then they have to field questions about who would accept it in transfer, which may not interest them.
  9. nomaduser

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    This TESOL online course is already ACE credit eligible....
    Then I question why not ASU's TESOL course? ASU's TESOL course is apparently superior to Bridge TEFL course.
  10. nomaduser

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    If you want, please send them a request regarding ACE credit eligibility:

    [email protected]

    They may add ACE credits if many people request to them! ;)
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    I have been doing it. I am on the third module. Well designed and presented. I like it.
  12. Maniac Craniac

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    For anyone this thinking about this cert: it's self paced, the cost is $49/month and most of the course content is available for viewing even if you're not enrolled.

    You can study the material beforehand and finish in as few months as possible to save money.

    Just so long as they don't suddenly decide to increase the price before you get to start :emoji_hushed: but I see no indication of that in the works.
  13. Messdiener

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    That's awesome, JBjunior! Is everything going as expected? Do you find the course content is taking as long to complete as advertised? Did you do any preview of the materials (as Maniac Craniac suggested)?

    MC, I saw some course lists, but did you find the reading and video content somewhere else? That would, indeed, go a long way in expediting the process and saving on costs!
  14. JBjunior

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    I finished the first two modules in a day and most of module three a couple of days later and I am taking a break. The last module on each part (there are two parts) gets more difficult because you have to produce work to be reviewed (one lesson plan then a weeks worth of lesson plans, video recordings, etc.), not just learn it and answer questions.

    I didn't preview any of the materials. It is free for me so I just jumped in.
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    Yeah/same here, this TESOL Cert caught my attention too, I mean it's going to be double the price of the cheapest "Groupon 120hr basic tesol cert", but that wasn't the reason - the name recognition and because it is over 120 hours. I think paying $49 for 4-5 months (if it takes that long) is still worth it because of the return on investment, the value/ROI is good with this offering...
  16. Maniac Craniac

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    There are two ways that I am aware of where one can see the videos without enrolling. That is, to watch unlimited videos instead of the 3 (or so) they let you sample before they block you from watching more.

    First, you can find the names of the video lessons in the course outline, google the name verbatim (it helps to put it in quotes) and you will be able to find the matching page.

    Second, last I checked (about a month ago) if you logged into Coursera from a browser (NOT the mobile app), you could scroll through and watch the videos. I find this approach easier since the videos automatically play one after the other in order.

    Note that while you can not see any of the tests nor any of the readings, you can still research the content of each of the readings by finding other sources on the same subject. Also, some of the assignments for the course are described in the videos that you can watch, so it's even possible to get some of the work done before enrolling, and then just submit it when you are done.

    Lastly, I've seen a small handful of students post their video assignments to youtube. You can watch them to get an idea of the work that is expected from students during the course.
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    I expect it's because ACE evaluations aren't cheap and there just wasn't enough return on that particular investment.

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