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    I totally misread this.

    Sorry folks. I thought No Bachelors. Ooops. LOL


    Who is the Master of Computer Science degree for:

    This program is ideal for:

    Candidates with an undergraduate degree in computer science looking to advance their career

    Candidates without an undergraduate degree in computer science, but have a strong foundational understanding of computer science, looking to formalize their knowledge.
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    In UK, you can get master's degree in computer science without any bachelor's degree.

    Work experience entry route
    In order to satisfy the work experience entry route requirements for our MSc Computer Science, you must have at least three years’ relevant work experience.

    Its tuition is only £11,222 GBP. They allow you to pay monthly through 2 years (467GBP per month).

    University of Essex is one of the top schools in UK:

    In UK, it's completely possible to get Master's without Bachelor's ... but you'll be able to demonstrate proven work history in that field.
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    Thanks Nomaduser (love the user name btw). Yes, we've chatted about those Masters primarily in the UK and Australia which do not require a Bachelors. So I was super excited to actually see (or at least thought I saw) the same here in the US from a major research institution at that. Alas, my reading skills were very off today.
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    There's one coming from University of Colorado Boulder:

    Who this degree is for:
    Anyone interested in the field of data science, no matter your academic background. With performance-based admissions, there is no application process –– simply prove you can do the work and you can earn the degree. Stackable courses, pay-as-you-go tuition, and a flexible path through the curriculum make this degree ideal for those with little or extensive experience in the field of data science.

    I can't wait to see their tuition price... if it's under $15,000, I'll apply.
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    FWIW: ASU's tuition is $15,000
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    "No matter your academic background... so long as you have one."
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    Well, most of "performance-based" admissions won't require you to have a bachelor's degree.

    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaigne offer performance-based admission for their online MSc in Management program.

    They don't require you to have an undergrad degree before enroll into their program.
    However, if you fail to get GPA 3.0+ from the first three courses, you'll be dismissed.
    Also, it requires work experience to get in. You'll need reference letters from employers.
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    Not quite right. The Coursera page for University of Illinois iMSA ( says this:

    "Applicants for the degree program must have:
    A bachelor's degree in any academic discipline from an accredited institution in the United States, or the international equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree."

    I really, really, really don't believe you will find a mainstream institution in the US that will let you into a Masters program without a Bachelor's degree.
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    Oh, and the University of Illinois will require transcripts from all institutions attended. So you can still apply without completing your Bachelor's...but you'll need some transcripts and three employer reference letters to prove your work history in managerial role.
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    I'm not saying I think it is a bad thing. I started this thread out of excitement.
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    Do you have experience with the program? Yet again, on the link provided it mentions the program being a good fit if your undergrad GPA isn’t high enough for the normal program you might be a good fit for this program. But it specifically mentions an undergrad degree.
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    No, I'm talking about their iMSM program.

    Read carefully:
    1. Unofficial transcripts:
    This must include your name, institution name, and a transcript legend, grade scale, or grade criteria. If you've not yet completed your undergraduate degree at the time of application, Gies will review your application based on the in-progress unofficial transcripts you have uploaded. Official transcripts will need to be submitted if you are admitted into the program.

    So, they'll accept you even without a bachelor's degree! they require your transcript and three employer or academic reference letters.

    iMSM is their cheapest online master's degree program btw. It costs only 50% of their iMBA ($20K)
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    That reads to me for people that are applying early and get accepted but finish their degree and provide their transcripts prior to actually starting the graduate program. Many programs do this.

    Key terms: not yet completed, in-progress
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