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  1. stock

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    Pls. post your thoughts regarding online MBA from ASU or PSU.

    I am inclined towards ASU. Thanks.

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    It seems that you already answered your question. The both institutions are accredited by Regional and AACSB. Therefore, it depends where you live; and where you intend to use your degree. If you live more to the West coast area; then ASU is better than PSU. And if you live in the area closer to East coast, then go with Penn State.

    Good luck wiht your decission!!!
  3. stock

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    Thanks. I am on the east coast. However the only reason I am inclined towards ASU is becoz the MBA is from WP Carey school while the PSU online MBA is from their World Campus (and not regular MBA).
  4. Mr. Opinion

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    PSU vs. ASU

    There have been several discussions on this subject already. I think the bottom line is similar to what Tekman noted - you have to go to the school you think is right for your region of interest. Since reputation for an MBA program matters, I think you need to decide on where you want to establish your "sphere of influence".

    I just don't think that an employer will check whether or not your MBA program is affiliated with W.P. Carey or Smeal...I think (for the most part) that they will look at U.S. News & World Report and make up their own mind about your program.

    I don't mind admitting that I am a Penn State student and that I am a happy (overall) with their program. I'm sure you could receive a similar level of education at ASU's W.P. Carey School, but I made my decision in part because of the number of worldwide alumni PSU has.

    Best wishes to you as you continue your pursuit of higher education. I am hoping to obtain my PMP and perhaps my Six Sigma certification as soon as I move into my next job (hopefully a program management position).
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    I would go with PSU. However, keep in mind that a degree from a satellite campus will not be held in as high regard as a degree from the main campus. I work practically across the street from one of Penn State’s satellite campuses, and the company that I work for does not hire recent IT graduates from that campus. However, they do hire recent IT graduates from the main campus. Individuals like you with multiple degrees, certs and experience would have no problem being hired, however, a degree from a satellite campus may not set you apart from the crowd.
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    The big difference I saw between ASU and PSU is the format of the program.

    On the ASU website, it says: "The W. P. Carey MBA – Online Program requires students to complete 12 courses in two years. You take one course at a time. Each individual course is six weeks from beginning to end, followed by a one-week break between courses." If you prefer one course at a time then ASU is probably your best bet. At PSU, you will need to complete 20 courses and will study 2-3 courses at the same time during a term!!

    Also, check out the comparison on the ASU website:

    Another difference is that PSU requires proctored final exams while I am pretty sure that ASU has online final exams.

    They are both great programs. The choice will come down to personal preference and perhaps which one is more practical in terms of residency requirements (two weeks at PSU versus one week at ASU) and program structure.
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  7. Mr. Opinion

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    Penn State iMBA


    As a Penn State MBA student, I wanted to dispel any myth about proctored exams for the WorldCampus program. There are none. Exams are conducted online according to the standards of the AACSB (they are definitely tough).

    Rabbuhl is correct when he states there are generally 2-3 courses per term (usually the credit load is 3/3 or 3/2/1). It is a lockstep curriculum that generates 6 credits per quarter. I've often wondered how I can be considered half-time when I'm taking the equivalent of 12 credits a semester (which was full time when I was an undergrad).

    I'm more than happy to share any further insights in the program...It's true that it is expensive, though. I'm lucky to be leaving the military and using the separation pay to fund the damn thing :)

    Best wishes to all distance learners!

    Mr. Opinion
  8. fortiterinre

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    Re: PSU vs. ASU

    I think lots of employers hiring a Penn State MBA absolutely will check what school it is from. There a big differences between individual schools in state systems, and employers are increasingly savvy about this. Especially for MBA grads where employers already check things like whether part-time grads did the same program with the same faculty as the full-time grads. There are simply too many MBA programs now, and employers seeking to hire MBA's specifcially do check these things.
  9. Mr. Opinion

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    You bring up a valid point, and so I feel fortunate that my professors are the same used in Penn State's full time programs, including Smeal. There are definitely too many MBA programs out there, and you need to differentiate yourself somehow.

  10. CargoJon

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    I looked at the two programs myself, I'm doing the graduate cert. at PSU before I start the MBA (they xfer most of the credits) - but the bottom line is that I feel you want to stick with the school with the most recognition in your region - around here Penn State is obviously quite well reputed.
  11. stock

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    Hello CargoJon,

    Is your Grad cert online ? Can you post the link ? Thanks.
  12. aic712

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but I don't think your transcript or your degree says "satellite campus" or "world campus" on it. That's just as stupid as Penn State not accepting transfer credits from classes taken online (even though they offer online courses) vs. on-ground classes. How would they know unless the student told them?
  13. CargoJon

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  14. fiveninerzero

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    All Penn State degrees look the same. They don't say XXX Campus on them.
  15. stock

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments.

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