apply to grad school prior to official undergrad graduation, TESC WONT HELP ME

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  1. JC_USN

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    Im enrolled in my final four classes for my BA in Communications from Thomas Edison State College. These final four classes will be complete on December 20th, and they are the last classes needed to fulfill my degree requirements.

    I'm applying to the Integrated Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University. I figured TESC would write a letter on my behalf, along with a transcript, stating that I'm enrolled in my final four classes. I'm wanting to start my grad school classes in January. TESC refuses to write any letter stating this because its possible I may NOT complete the classes. They will ONLY send an official transcript (which doesnt even show my classes in progress), and a letter of good standing.

    TESC is all screwed up and I'm not even able to officially graduate until JUNE 2009 even though my classes end on December 20th, 2008!!

    I dont know what to do. I dont want to wait until June 2009 even be able to APPLY to grad school. What a joke TESC.

    Does anyone have any advice here? Will WVU accept me on conditional basis until I receive my diploma from TESC 6 MONTHS after I complete the classes?

    Is there anything I can do?
  2. Sowak777

    Sowak777 New Member

    How often does TESC offer graduation?
  3. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Many schools will let you take a certain number of units in advance of official enrollment, Check with WVU to see if that option is available.
    This is what I did for both my masters degrees.
    Or you could take a grad course elsewhere and transfer it to WVU later after you get accepted.
  4. JC_USN

    JC_USN New Member

    TESC offers graduation 4 times per year. However, the application deadlines are FAR in advance.

    For MARCH 2009 graduation, I have to apply by January 1st. However, I cannot apply until all OFFICIAL grades are posted. It takes about a month for FINAL grades to come in, which means I MISS the January 1st deadline for March graduation.

    How ridiculous is this?
  5. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    I would contact WVU and explain the situation. Be prepared to provide them with your schedule for your final four classes.

    I also would start "moving up the chain" at TESC. If you don't get the answer from TESC you need - a letter to the Provost may be in order. I'd ask to speak to a supervisor first though.

  6. -kevin-

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    I wouldn't let the graduation date bother you. Explain the situation to WVU and ask about conditional ENROLLMENT pending receipt of an official transcript. You don't need a diploma, just the transcript stating you met the requirements. A transcript shouldn't take more than a week or two after completion of your classes and verification of meeting the graduation requirements. Where is your advisor? Get them to step up on your behalf.

    It is not uncommon for a university to have you submit graduation intention several semesters prior to actual graduation. Both mine did.
  7. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    It this going to change your current standing in your work or your future endeavors? Perhaps, a six month break would not be a bad idea. Graduate school can be very challenging.

    One day at time, it is not the end of the world if you are not able to enter when you want. Sometimes, you don't get what you want.

    Why rush, concentrate in finish what you got on hand, God forbid and for any reason you are not able to finish your classes, then that would set you back more than six months. Best of luck! Keep focus.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Most of the school required a transcript, but not dilopma. Certain scholl allow you apply for conditional status until you graduate. Just do a search on the school that you intend to attend for graduate.
  9. Refugee

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    TUI let me begin before I had officially graduated from Excelsior. I had completed all my required courses and Excelsior sent them a letter stating I had completed all my requirements.
  10. cookderosa

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    Ohhhhh yessss. I feel your pain and I have been in your shoes. You might laugh at this. When I sent out my grad school applications, I requested official transcripts (like you know, it's all you can do) to show I was at 114 credits and enrolled in 6 (hoping to show = 120) but TESC sent out my associate degree transcript since that was my completed degree. Nice huh? (we are sorry, please pay an additional fee...) Problem part 2, your in progress courses are not on your transcript.

    No, TESC won't write you a letter. (Technically, TESC wouldn't write me a letter- I asked, begged)

    I had this problem, and I suspect nearly every TESC student caught in their insane graduation cycle does too. I have joked that they should just have you file your request for graduation with your admissions applications (only half kidding).

    Once you are an official candidate, you will get a letter in rainbow ink stating as much. Don't expect this to be far in advance of your real graduation date, I think mine came about 2 weeks before my grad date.

    My classes ended in July, and I didn't graduate until October- so I had all this down time. I found that some colleges will give you provisional admission to cover this lag time- I guess it can happen from time to time.

    You could sit on your hands and wait, try to have a meeting with a WVU advisor or program coordinator to see if they can make an exception/provisional acceptance, or start classes elsewhere (that's what I did).

    IF you can transfer classes into your WVU program, you could consider taking one elsewhere in the meantime that has an open enrollment and then put it toward your degree. I am sure there are a zillion schools that let you do this, but I can suggest 2 regionally accredited ones that I know for sure do it.

    Western New Mexico University allows you to take 6 grad credits (cheap) with no strings attached. No application fee, no transcripts to send in the first semester.

    Harvard Extension allows you to take any amount of grad credits (not cheap) with no strings attached- you don't even have to send transcripts- but they do make you prove you are a bachelor degree holder after the 3rd grad course which wouldn't apply to you anyway because you would be in your program by then.

    Sorry, welcome to the "college that makes up it's own rules" club.
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