Anyone use CodeNinja's?

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    Hey, I was looking up some sites for "coding" for the kids and came across CodeNinja. It's similar to those "Kumon/Eye Level" tutoring places where you need to go on-site and immerse in coding camps. Just wondering if these are recommended over the "freebies" out there, or the cheaper options. I am thinking having an instructor would be better than self learning for the kids...

    I can always get them one of those Kano or other Code or learning hardware such as a Pi and have them learn on them. Decisions, decisions... I think they may have been bought out last year or some company named Eagle Merchant Partners acquired a chunk of the company: Link 1: Link 2:
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    As a former CS teacher for young students (8-12), Code Monkey was the absolute best program I ever used. It starts out easy but gets more difficult as you go along and introduces lots of new concepts. It also gives you the option to click to have the code entered for you, or you can type it in yourself. There are just so many elements to it. There are parent plans for 3 kids for $12 per month. Worth its weight in gold. I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just a teacher who used their program and loved it, as did the students. I had to tear them away when the bell rang:
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