Anyone seen any New Online UNIX/Linux Certicates?

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    Has anyone seen any new Online UNIX/Linux Certificates? Thanks...

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    For those, should stick with Industrial Certifications: UNIX: Solaris by Oracle/Sun MicroSystems. For Linux: LPC1,2,3 or RHC (Redhat).
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  4. atrox79

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    Here's one from California State University East Bay: CSU East Bay - LINUX/UNIX Online Cert

    One from UC Berkeley Extension that has 3 classes available online but reading the FAQ seems to indicate you can transfer courses towards the certificate. Sounds like it might be worth checking out: UC Berkeley Linux/UNIX FAQs

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    Frankly, in my own opinion...those certificates from the academic institutions do not add any value to your resume. You either get a college degree plus industrial certifications, or just stay with the certifications. I have Bachelor and Master degrees, and working my Ph.D; but DoD requires me to get my CISSP.
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    Thanks for your input. I'm pretty sure I got your opinion the first time.
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    I'm pretty sure he wasn't directing that comment towards you.

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