Anyone Done Aspen Universities MA Substance Abuse Counseling

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  1. jimwe

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    I've been working in the substance abuse counseling field for about 5 years and am hampered by the fact I don't have an advanced degree is Psychology. I want to get the Independent License in Ohio (LICDC) and the state accepts their credit, but does not endorse the degree. It looks like a very well designed program to meet Ohio requirements for the license. So, I'm just wondering if anyone has complete this program and if they recommend it?
  2. chrisjm18

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    You may be able to complete a regionally accredited program for a similar or lesser cost.
  3. LearningAddict

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    Can you elaborate on that? Is it because the program may lack some state required in-person contact hours?

    I looked at this:
  4. copper

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    Since you already have a solid background in addictions counseling, why don't you pursue the broader scope MA in mental health counseling instead of limiting yourself to addictions?

    I also noticed Liberty offers a 30 credit MA but not sure if it meets the requirements for Ohio:

    With that said, I'm simply a mid level PA that deals with a lot of psych and addiction patients in family medicine so I am not conversant with all the pathways.
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  5. jimwe

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    The State of Ohio does not accept their degree for licensure in substance abuse counseling. They have education requirements for the different levels of licenses. I have a lesser license (LCDCII), which limits what you can do. The state takes the credit, which you must turn in on a grid format, showing their requirements for the license, and showing where and how you took them. Provided you meet them and your current license is in good standing, once you meet the requirements, you can get bumped up without having to retake the license exam, etc... You just pay the fee and they raise your license.
  6. jimwe

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    From what I gather, Aspen is considered a good program for SAC, but I was hoping to get some input from someone who has completed this program.
  7. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    Yes, I got all of that, but the question still is why don't they accept them? Is it because the program may lack some state required in-person contact hours? Any concrete reason you can point to that specifically details exactly why Aspen's degree is not acceptable? Because the link to Ohio's own information on this doesn't appear to indicate anything that would make Aspen's degree unacceptable:

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