Any Liberty Students In The Building?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by lawrenceq, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. lawrenceq

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    Liberty University seems like a good school, and I wanted to ask the good folks at this form about them. Any current or ex-undergraduate students on degreeinfo? If so, how is Liberty University?

    I'm looking at the MIS program.
  2. telefax

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    Hi Lawrence,


    I was a DL student for a while in LU’s seminary, and I don’t recommend their online program. I realize with different fields, it’s a bit of comparing apples and oranges, but here goes.

    Liberty’s distance learning program has gone through three phases: 1) semester-long correspondence courses, mostly evaluated by multiple choice exams, 2) semester-long correspondence courses, mostly evaluated by proctored essay exams and 10-15 pp term papers 3) 8-week online courses, mostly evaluated by unproctored multiple choice exams and short 4-6 pp papers (and frequently taught by some slipshod adjunct faculty.) The third phase makes it hard for someone to fail unless they refuse to participate, which has drastically increased the number of graduates. Unfortunately, the quality of classes has declined proportionally. I recall seeing syllabi before and after the switch to 8-week online courses and in some cases they not only reduced the time allotted, they also reduced the requirements for the course.

    I realize you’re not a seminary student, but let me just mention for readers who are that this experience is part of why I suggest students shoot for the best school available to them (in theological circles, that means a school holding both regional and ATS accreditation.) Sacrifice the extra time for a little residency, perhaps through modulars, in one of the better programs I highlighted here. Having experienced courses from six different seminaries/grad schools of theology, in my opinion it’s absolutely worth it in the long run.

    Best wishes on your search, Lawrence!
  3. lawrenceq

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    Thanks for the info!
    My heart is telling me to slow down and attend a bigger D1 university, start with an IT or business related AA/AS degree program, and then complete my bachelor degree. I have a million options for a BA or BS degree, I just feel like I will have more with an AA or AS vs. AAS.

    I was so focused on completing a bachelor degree that I forgot what was important (learning things that interest me). No more shortcuts for me. No matter how much I fight it, Liberty and Troy always seem to pop up. Next semester I will be enrolled at one of these schools unless I find something I think is better. After that, who knows.
  4. graymatter

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    Can you clarify how long ago you were involved in Liberty's Distance Learning Program. I've been an adjunct for LU (and UOP). LU uses the Blackboard software to have an online classroom similar to other DL programs - including the seminary. All courses in the seminary are proctored by those with doctorates or in advanced standing in doctoral programs.

    You can view a sample course on LU's website:

    You can even view syllabi from the seminary:

    I'm not saying that there Lawrence's experience did have "slip-shod" components. If it did, then those components have been corrected. I would recommend LU's DL programs.
  5. telefax

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    I have no complaint whatsoever with Blackboard, which is only a tool. The problem is the appropriateness of what is done within the framework of Blackboard, i.e. unproctored online multiple-choice tests. I realy do not think that is an appropriate tool for measuring learning at the graduate level. The level of knowledge it can measure is rather low on Bloom's Taxonomy.

    I don’t want new members reading this to be confused. A proctor, sometimes elsewhere called an “invigilator,” is someone who guarantees the validity of the test-taking process, e.g. an employee of a testing center who verifies that no cheating is going on. The online tests are not proctored.

    Regarding adjunct quality, I’m sure that the school’s policy is and was to have only those a degree level above their students teaching them, and I have no doubt they communicated that to Graymatter when he (or she?) signed up as an adjunct. The problem was the enforcement of the policy by administration. I hope that the adjuncts are all now appropriately qualified as Graymatter says his (or her) adjunct position allows him (or her) to verify, but I think that what remains is significant. Beyond my subjective experience which people can take or leave as they choose, based on the testing issues alone I will continue to recommend other DL programs instead.

    N.B. Liberty’s M.A. in Religious Studies program is outside the scope of this board as it is resident-only, but it includes a thesis and is academically solid.
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  6. rtongue

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    I completed an MBA at Liberty University and was very pleased with the delivery of the courses. The assignments were very typical compared to other online program and varied from instructor to instructor. Examples included the following: problem sets, papers, discussion board postings, take home exams, timed online exams with multiple choice and/or short answer and group assignments. I found the professors to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, I have found the degree to be well received by employers. Liberty has a brick and mortar campus and division 1 sport teams which helps with recognition. During an interview a hiring manger recognized Liberty because he had just watched a Monday night game in which fullback Samkon Gado who is a Liberty graduate had a good performance.
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  7. lawrenceq

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    Liberty is looking like a go!
  8. graymatter

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    None of the LU courses I was ever involved in had a multiple-choice test.
  9. lawrenceq

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    I applied and should know something this week. I am looking forward to completing my studies at Liberty, but I will transfer if my expectations are not met.
  10. OnMyWay

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    Liberty is a really great school with great people. Please believe that Dave's experience as a seminary student isn't typical. The classes I've taken in business and counseling have been solid. Good luck with your studies.
  11. lawrenceq

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    Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to get started. I will keep you guys posted.

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