Any experience with Colorado Tech Doctoral programs???

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  1. Gbssurvivor1

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    Hello all,
    I am in the process of applying to the Doctor of MGT. Program at CTU Online and I was wondering if anyone here has any experiences with it? I realize that it is not most people's number 1 choice but I may have the option of attending at very reduced rates and, right now, finances are a primary concern. With that, I just wanted to know if anyone had any experiences there? Also, does anyone recommend any particular professors or recommend staying away from any particular professors? Thank you all in advance and also thank you all for all of the great information you provide in all of the other threads! I absolutely love this site!!!

    PhD BA/CJ Northcentral Univ. (Just withdrew after 7 courses):aargh4::aargh4::aargh4:
    MBA Pfeiffer University ( traditional )
    MA Leadership ( online )
    BA CJ Preiffer University ( traditional )
  2. makana793

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    Hi, sorry don't have any information on the CTU program but it does sound interesting. I'm curious as to why things didn't workout with NCU, hope it's not a trend.
  3. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    My issues with NCU were many. To sum them up though when I began, NCU was an awesome place where the employees appeared to truly care about the students. In the past year they appear to have become very consumed with raising tuition. My tuition lock ended and my tuition immediately increased nearly 200%. When I called them about it, they acted as though they could really care less. I send them numerous emails that went unanswered and, when they did finally respond, they completely ignored my questions about tuition. They are definitely moving in the wrong direction right now. I hate to see that since I really liked their format but I just can not afford to continue at this point...
  4. RBTullo

    RBTullo Member

    I don't want to be negative, but CTU doesn't offer the DM online, only through their Colorado Springs Campus.
  5. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    Actually, the DM is completely online. You are required to attend two long weekend residencies each year at the Colorado Springs campus.

    Doctor of Management - Homeland Security - CTU

    I believe it is a relatively new program... Started in 09...
  6. RBTullo

    RBTullo Member

    I may be mistaken, but I checked the CTU Online program offerings and they did not list the DM.

  7. RBTullo

    RBTullo Member

    It appears that you are correct. CTU does offer this program as online with the short residencies. I just found it a little confusing that their online school doesn't offer it or even mention that it is available.

  8. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    You are very correct in that Rich. I had to speak with someone at the school to verify it myself. They would probably have at least a few more applicants if there web site were clearer about that portion of the program... I will make sure to advise them of this as well.
  9. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    Just to follow up on this thread. I am slate to begin on April 1, 2011 in the DM/HLS program and I attend the first residency in Colorado Springs at the end of April. The residencies sound fairly intense. The firs class starts at 8 AM and the last class is at 8 PM... Sounds like they really pack a LOT into those 4 1/2 days. I will let you all know how they go. On a side note, I am also slated to begin my MLS at FHSU in June as well. I will add more to that thread as it gets closer?
    Thank you all again for your help and info.!
  10. Cyber

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    You said money is an issue. You also plan to attend two schools simultaneously...?

    Anyway, I must say that I like the name "Colorado Technical University." Did they accept (as transfer credits) the 7 classes from NCU? CTU is not cheaper than NCU, and it requires 96 credits. I looked at their Doctor of Computer Science; I like the 8wk class schedule, just can't do any residencies right now. Have fun with the DM program, and please keep us abreast of your progress, the program rigor, and the intensity of the residencies.
  11. boigalvestongirl

    boigalvestongirl New Member

    CTU Doctoral Degree program progress

    I wanted to find out how your experience is going with CTU DM. I am awaiting my symposium in October to begin my Doctoral Advantage program. I've had numerous problems with leaving the online CTU and transferring to the CTU online campus because apparently they are two entities and one doesn't know what the next is doing. However the CTU campus is very helpful and I am hoping that the treatment I've been getting so far is only an indication that things are looking up while gaining
    my degree with the online/campus facility in Colorado Springs.

    I would also like to find out how the classes are vs. your masters classes or if someone else can chime in to tell me the process and if it is any different then the online university.

  12. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    You are quite right about the differences in the Doctoral program platform and the Masters/Undergraduate level program that is used. With that, they are finally transferring the entire Doctoral program to the Masters/Undergraduate platform, which is exponentially better.
    As for my experiences...
    Overall, the leadership has been very helpful. I have had a few instructors that were less than absent. I had one that was actually in Cairo Egypt when the Arab Spring spread through Tahrir Square. He disappeared for a few weeks and we really thought he may have been killed... He did finally turn up though. My other complaints are just with the general mentality of some of the professors. With that, I should preface it with the fact that I have research each and every one of my professors extensively and they have actually been top notch from very reputable and, in some cases, Ivy League Institutions. I have had professors that graduated with their PhDs from Yale, Pepperdine and UCLA. I do, however, find that those are generally the professors that are least helpful, a bit arrogant and expect that you are to do absolutely everything you can and speak with everyone else and only go to them as a last resort... I am not high maintenance and I expect a good deal of autonomy in a Doctoral program but I also expect professors to be there when needed. Overall... I give them a B.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Good luck,
  13. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the update. I hope you enjoy the CTU program and staff more then you did at NCU.
  14. bigjimmy

    bigjimmy New Member

    Run away from ncu if you can they are fraud./

    I enrolled at NCU and was planning to complete the program ahead of time but they stopped me at the Comprehensive exam stage with failing the exam and other silly excuses. I conclusion with NCU is that they are fraud only interested in collecting your money. Run if you can there is a bad trend.
  15. Gbssurvivor1

    Gbssurvivor1 Member

    Hello all,
    I just wanted to update this thread. I am not into my final year at CTU and working on Chapter 1 of my dissertation. I have to say that my experience, overall, has been great. With the exception of 1 professor, all of them have been well credentialed and well involved. I have had professors with PhDs from UCLA, Pepperdine, Harvard and many other top notch institutions. The only bad professor I had was an individual that was actually in Egypt doing research when the Arab Spring kicked off and he was a little busy hiding and running for his life so I can give him a pass on that one... Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone. The residencies are a great opportunity to get to know your cohorts and I have been surprised by the individuals in my cohort. I have numerous top level individuals from various branches of government/military so it has been a great place to establish relationships for the future. With that, I hope everyone is out having a great Valentine's Day!!! LOL...
    Best regards,
  16. recentgrad

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    Quality Doctoral Program

    I agree with your point of view. I have recently graduated from the Doctor of Management program at CTU. At the beginning, my cohort was indoctrinated into the skills required to research and think critically. My cohort was then mentored into advanced research skills through “many” writing and actual research projects. We were give opportunities to publish papers and attend research conferences through the three year process. Each doctoral student was given the choice of a specialization (six specialty classes). The focus was on the research, even in the specialty classes. A three or four day doctoral symposium ending on Sunday was conducted near the beginning of every quarter. All doctoral students were allowed to attend each doctoral symposium. My cohort was required to attend at least five of 12 symposiums. I attended eight of the 12 doctoral symposiums; wanted to attend all 12, but had job requirements precluding some attendance. I found grading on tests, papers, and projects to be fair. The dissertation process seemed overwhelming at first, but we were given great mentorship and support. The result was a lot of confidence during the dissertation proposal and final defense. I did not see any classmates making maximum effort fail! I saw those that needed help get help. I found the program to be very rigorous and demanding. I had to study and research on average 25 to 30 hours per week. My mentors, faculty, and classmates were very helpful, friendly, and professional. By the end of the three year program, many cohort/classmates were like family. My cohort remains in contain even after graduation. Respectfully, Doctor of Management CTU Graduate
  17. Michigan68

    Michigan68 Active Member

    only issue I had . . .

    The only reason why I did not sign up for the CTU doctoral program, is that the first residency is within 10 days of start of the semester.

    If I could have started in March and did my residency in the summer . . . I would have jumped at it, because of some of my CTU MBA credits transferring into the program.

    My CTU MBA experience was excellent. My employer was very impressed with their program and the PMI-GAC credentials.

  18. Kbo

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    Can I do it? :)

    Can you explain what the coursework was like? 5-10 page paper every week, both classes? Im trying to determine if I will be able to handle the coursework.


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