Anthropology/Sociology DL--Certificate?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by dcb1888, May 18, 2010.

  1. dcb1888

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    There is no way any school is going to admit me to go for an MA in either anthropology or sociology when I majored in philosophy (BA 1973) and got a JD in 1979. I have no training in either anthropology or sociology aside from one college course.
    Does anyone know of a certificate program in either of those subjects? I have been searching and cannot even find a course offered anywhere, much less a certificate. Thanks very much. I just joined yesterday and find the folks on this forum to be really helpful. Thank you in advance for any info you may have. I appreciate it.
  2. dcb1888

    dcb1888 New Member

    Maybe there is a school that will allow graduate study in either of those subjects even though my BA was not in either anthropology or sociology, via DL. Is this possible?
  3. mknehr

    mknehr New Member

    Maybe these would work?

    there is the on-lime MA in APplied ANthropology from the University of North Texas: Online Master's Program - UNT Anthropology
    I applied but was not accepted. They only admitted 7 out of 26 applicants for Fall 2010.

    There is also the on-line MA in SOciology at New Mexico State University: NMSU: Online Programs Home
    I have been admittted to the NMSU program and will be starting Fall 2010. They do not have much for financial assistance from the dept, except for 2nd year MA students.
  4. japhy4529

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    Good luck with NMSU sociology program. I've had my eye on this program for a while now. Do let us know how you're doing from time to time.


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