Another Lawsuit Against Capella University

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by APerson, Oct 21, 2006.

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    Re: Come clean, Simon

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    I saw no reason to jump into this particular mud wrestling ring, but for what it's worth, just because someone get sued doesn't mean anything. In America, litigation is the national pastime.

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    I agree Steve and that is why when a poster presents such information as in this case it is important to allow the thread to flow and to be elucidated through discussion to enable posters to understand the issues involved.
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    Re: Another source of information

    This is a disabilities act lawsuit.

    from the above article:

    <<But the issue is one that may soon arise more often, and in which the legal standards are murky>>

    Heck, Capella might be in the wrong, who knows? The guidelines are murky.

    But if Capella's in the wong here, you can bet hundreds of other colleges are too.

    Usually these kinds of murky issues are decided when someone gets cheesed off enough to devote the considerable energy and huge chunks of their life to press thru the litigation process.

    That's just the way our system is designed.

    In my opinion, the payoffs for the actual litigant rarely compensate for energy and time and angst invested, but at least the regulations are sometimes clarified.


    BTW, as someone who has to upon occasion complete an accomodations agreement, I can assure you the guidelines are vague. One is asked to make 'reasonable' accomodations but to not sacrafice academic integrity. What seems reasonable can vary pretty widely between the person asking for the change and the person having to make the change.
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    Well......if the amount of private messages that I have received is any indication of who is lying flat on their back.......1,2,3 "your out." I am does one cut off another in this forum? At what time have I alligned myself with any school? Friend, it was fun but now it is boring and today is football Sunday. Maybe at halftime if the game isn't close I can come out and play with you some more but for now..........27, 32, 64 - hut, hut, hut!
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    "Raristud, I am confused how you could report on Mr. LaMarca's inappropriate behavior in the courseroom environment, state that you would not allow your own children to attend his music class, and then conclude "he appears to be a normal, intelligent, creative, contributing member of society.'"

    - I know it may create confusion. The post was not meant for you. It was created for one person.
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    No human is consistent across all environments, in my opinion.

    For myself, I do my best to appear calm and deliberative in my postings in this forum. I can assure you I am completely capable of pigheaded stupidity in other environments.


    Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)
    Walt Whitman,
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    You can choose to 'ignore' a particular member. At the bottom of one of a particular member's post, click on profile. On the bottom of the member's profile page, click the link entitled "Add member to your ignore list". Once a member is in your ignore list, you will be able to see when they posted in a thread, but their post will be replaced with "This person is on your Ignore List. To view this post click [here]".
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    Great quote by Walt Whitman.

    I believe that all humans strive for a sense of order and consistency. There is also an urge for disorder and inconsistency. Chaos vs Order. This balance is what makes us human.
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    Re: Another source of information

    Glad you posted this link. It certainly recaps the course of events nicely. After reading the same "some" people might conclude that APerson was removed from Capella by Capella for good cause (i.e. inappropriate student behavior.) After his removal he then sues Capella alleging discrimination. He seeks $$ and believe it or not readmission. The same then creates a website that is nearly slanderous. It compares/contrasts the administration of Capella to the Nazis. He then loses the suit yet he continues to attack Capella (this thread is a good example of that fact). Now I'm certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer but "some" people might wonder........APerson if CU is such a bad place then why are you seeking readmission?
  12. GME

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    Oh, and I'd be willing to bet that rarely a week goes by at my school without at least one person, unhappy about some policy or evaluation or admission decision, threatens to sue.
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    Re: Re: Another source of information

    Just a couple things glimeber.

    First, I don't think you should be stating person A is person B without some excellent proof. You consistently decry baseless attacks but appear to be engaging in one here.

    Second, although I like Capella and other for-profit schools very much, and I believe they fill a niche that more traditional schools have ignored, I agree with the essence of what Simon is saying. With your incessant over-reacting and delusions of persecution, you are doing much more harm to the reputations of these schools than any of your (imagined?) enemies could possibly do. You would be better served emulating some of the other posters on this thread.

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    Re: Re: Re: Another source of information

    Thanks for your coments. How do you know I don't have "excellent proof"? If you will read the post it said that "some people might think......" Has APerson denied it? Nope. As I have said before, I have not disclosed my attachment to any school so to think I have a dog in this fight is errorneous. The bottom line is that both of these schools (CU and UOP) are constantly and to a degree unfairly attacked on this forum. I have no problem with criticism of either one of them "if" the other "pet" institutions represented here receive equal treatment.

    As to the harm or help it does - I will simply have to respectfully disagree with you. If people like Simon or APerson have the right to incessantly attack CU or UOP I similarly have the right to incessantly defend CU or UOP and challenge Simon or APerson on their observations without pulling any punches. Likewise, there are a lot of newbies floating in and out. If I or other like minded people sat silently then these people would receive highly skewed and inaccurate information (on certain issues) about CU, UOP or others. Given the number of private (and supporting) posts that I have received regarding this issue I think you would be surprised how many people view it the same way I do. I am just drawing the line in the sand.
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    Re: Re: Re: Another source of information

    Tony, your perceptions are right on mark. Glimeber's history of misinterpreting others' motives as well as distorting facts is a known fact. It reminds me of Don Quixote who perceived all sorts of injustices around him (in this case that other posters are attacking his schools of preference) resulting in his haphazardly attacked imaginary adversaries (windmills). As an example of this phenomen, Glimeber continues to insist that I have attacked UOP and Capella when in fact I have not attacked either school. Have I presented my observations and perceptions regarding Capella? Yes, and this is the right of any poster to do as well as the purpose of this forum to present varied opinions. This does not amount to an "attack" but to the right of other posters to express their perspective.

    Another example, is his obsessive insistence that Capella is the only school being attacked when in fact this is obviously not the case. As I have mentioned and can readily be substantiated from a review of the forum archives, schools such as NCU, Touro and others have recieved extremely strong and at times negative feedback on par if not worse with Capella. However, Glimeber continues to rant about these alleged attacks against his schools of preference and exhibits crass language (ie, he will kick my ass, etc) to attempt to bully and manipulate others into submission.

    What this comes down to is that this is Glimeber's issue and no one elses. However, it needed to be brought to a head that such bullying ploys and antics are unacceptable and are pre-emptively derailing the topic in question. This is the real injustice that is being perpetuated against other posters' rights to freely engage in open disagreement without feeling the attack of Glimeber's lance as he attacks imaginary adversaries. In other words windmills.
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    For the years yet to arrive, NCU will be here, Capella will be here, Touro will be here, and APUS will be here. Distance education and dedicated members in degreeinfo keep the forum progressive and alive. I hate to see two people argue over something they have much in common. Distance Learning.

    Don't let one persons lawsuit crazy fiasco get in the way of fruitful discussions about education. All of your energies can be diverted to teaching and mentoring others about distance learning.

    Is this "APerson" Mr.Lamarca? Yea, I believe he is. The original post was a bait. His posts are identical in degreeboard ( capellastinks ), highereducation, and other forums across the internet. They follow the same format. No one across the internet posts about capella lawsuits but him and his attorney.

    All this arguing back and forth makes LaMarca look good. Simon and Glimebar are good contributers to the forum. Don't argue with each other guys.
  17. simon

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    Raristud, excellent advise as usual.

    Regards, Simon

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