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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by friartuck, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. friartuck

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  2. macattack

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    The MBA and PhD acounting specializations are on the website as are 20 others.
  3. friartuck

    friartuck New Member

    You are correct sir. This is a heads up to folks with a graduate degree who might wish to add a certificate for teaching purposes...or possibly qualify for CPA exam. If you go to the CAGS portion of the website the accounting certificate is not listed as of yet.
  4. Vincey37

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    I'm a bit skeptical of a course called "Advanced Tax Strategies".

    Most MS Tax programs spend the majority of their time just covering the basics of tax compliance for various entity types, and barely get to touch planning issues or strategy. The tax code is that complex!
  5. friartuck

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    Yeah, I actually talked to a guy today on this. These aren't truly advanced accounting, tax and auditing courses. If you just take a course casually there are no prerequisites. If you're asking to get into their PhD, DBA, MBA or CAGS program they make you have a basic accounting course. So it's actually a pretty exciting thing for people who want to qualify in short order for community college teaching.
  6. macattack

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    Looks like it is a fancy course title for a basic introduction to taxation.

    "This course evaluates most aspects of the U.S. federal tax system to include coverage of the most important tax concepts and principles comprising of planning and compliance such as: individual income taxes, partnership, corporate, estate and gift taxation, trusts and estate taxation."
  7. foobar

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    Ditto. Note they label these courses as Post Graduate (whatever that means) instead of Graduate but the course descriptions are not much different than the respective undergraduate courses at LSU which have prerequisites.

    I wouldn't hire anybody to teach at even the comunity college level if these courses represented their entire background in accounting.
  8. Vincey37

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    wow, no prerequisites? A graduate from this certificate could quite possibly be less competent than someone with an associates degree in accounting.

    You have to wonder how someone can possibly learn about fraud, forensic, and international accounting without the knowledge gained in classic courses (but less marketable, I presume) such as Intermediate Accounting I, II, and even Advanced Financial Accounting!

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