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    AFAIK no .. it isn't possible to finish in 8 months, but I think it is possible to finish in 11 or 12. (Are they advertising 8 now?)

    It is a VERY intensive fast paced program. Most folks will find it challenging. It has a lot of course work and team projects. (Every class is divided into teams.) Now: I'm guessing that the DL program has to do something different than this team approach. I will ask about the details of the DL program in the next day or two and get you that answer. (Please let me know if they are advertising 8 months now and I'll get the low-down on that as well.)

    I'm in the M.I.T. program which is more technology focused than the MBA, but the layout is similar. For on campus: You take one class at a time 4 hours a night, 2 or 3 days per week. (Not counting study time or the occasional "extra" day that they throw in.) Once again I'll find out the details on the DL program.

    Let me know if you don't hear anything in a day or two and I'll track down your request for you. I'm not sure what the credit cost is as I'm paying per semester. (The whole masters program is (I think) $35,000 start to finish over 24 months.) I can't wait to start paying THAT loan back. :-(

    I can only compare the Excelsior BS CIS to the AIU MIT (having not taken the undergrad at AIU). Just my opinion I found Excelsior to be more challenging in this respect: I had to track down the needed courses, I had to teach myself the material and I had to hold myself accountable to myself. (And I'm pretty hard on myself.) In AIU the fact that I had an instructor is a bonus. It makes things much easier. (I have a 4.0 GPA, but before you decide that it's too easy it should be noted that our class has already lost 50% of those who originally enrolled and we have a few just clutching the required GPA.)

    Anyway: I'll find out more about the DL program (hopefully tonight, but certainly by weeks end.)

    Hope this helps.

    - Ellis
    Ellis Z.
    B.S.CIS Regents College
    Master Information Tech - American Intercontinental Univ. (Cand.)
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    Hi Ellis.

    Yes, they do advertise with "8 months program" for their online MBA.

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    Thanks for the continued information. I have a phone appointment with AIU on Wednesday night. I'll post my comments and anything solid I get from the interview.amanda jane

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    I'll check out the details at my end too. (Thanks to an accident on GA 400 tonight I got here after the folks-in-the-know left. So .. I'll touch base with them on Wednesday night and get the scoop.

    If they are doing an 8 month MBA I can assure you that it is going to be a HEAVY work load with few (if any) breaks. It is doable, but it will be painful. (Heck, the 24 month part time Masters is painful!)

    Good luck!

    AIU is a decent school. I will be proud to be a graudate.

    There are some things that annoy me; such as the administration that can't seem to keep track of what's going on with the course schedules, and the financial aid office that can forget that you exist until there is a major crisis with your money. (But then again I have yet to see a school that DIDN'T have these issues.)
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    I am rather disappointed in AIU. I have twice emailed them requesting an electronic copy of their catalog and the cost per credit hour for classes. I did get one response from one of their salespersons wanting to call me. I didn't receive the requested information. Thanks to Trigger I do have the catalog but the fact that AIU does not openly post this on their web site or at least email it when requested reflects poorly on them. The only assumption I can make is they are similiar to U of Phoenix looking to make a sale on a rather expensive program but uninterested in answering questions of potential students. My experience may be the exception but I would definately check AIU out closely before committing to their University.

    Dave Hayden
    [email protected]
  6. amanda jane

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    Hello. I had to reschedule my phone appointment because of a work obligation. I was promised information via e-mail that hasn't come. It's time for me to register for my next class at Jones. I will decide in the next few days. Thanks for the input and suggestions. amanda jane

  7. amanda jane

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    Hello and Happy Holidays. Anything different on the American Intercontinental MBA program. I will be having my phone interview on Saturday and have growing concerns about the lack of e-mail or regular mail information. I'm surprised because I get constant e-mails, letters, and phone calls from every institution I have ever contacted. Thanks. amanda jane
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    I looked into these programs. If my memory is correct that 8 month MBA cost about 22k. The quick IT program is about 28k. This is the main reason I did not give them a second look. Too many more affordable options.
  9. EllisZ

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    The slow response is typical. They have been growing like crazy but really have not kept up with the customer service end of it (at least on the administration side.)

    When you have the counselor on the phone she SHOULD be very helpful. (I know a few of them over there and they are really busting their humps). E-Mail seems to get put on the "back burner" to phone calls and in-person visits however.

    Let me know how it goes. I am curious. (Since the online portion of the school didn't exist when I enrolled there.)

    Take care,
    - Ellis
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    Hello. I had my phone conversation with AIU and am a little frustrated. They will not take any graduate credits as a transfer student. My undergraduate GPA is not sterling but my graduate work has been good. Any other ideas? I can do some GPA repair if that will shortcut my process in any way to another institution. Thanks. amanda jane
  11. EllisZ

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    I think you will have a hard time finding any accredited school that will accept transfer credits at the graduate level. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.)

    They may consider your graduate work GPA in your admissions packet as a way of saying that you can perform at the grad school level. (Thus perhaps lessening the impact of your lower undergrad GPA).
  12. amanda jane

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    Good Morning, I am looking into the new program at Fort Hays, MLS with focus on Project Management. They will accept graduate credits. I reviewed my undergraduate transcript and found two classes were accepted for credit but no grade. When I alert the registrar about this I hope it is a factor. Thanks for the advice. This is a departure from a MBA but I don't think it will have that much impact on my future promotions. amanda jane

  13. slappy

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    Almost every RA Graduate school I've looked at will accept transfer credits if it is applicable to the program. Most of them up to 12 credits some only 6.

    I find it odd that they won't even consider it.

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