American Institute of Business: Another USA Today "Opportunity"

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Guest, Mar 18, 2002.

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    I especially like the statement under accreditation which reads: Regional accreditation is usually a concern only when transferring credits from one institution to another. :)
  2. This has got to be a joke. The degrees are awarded by CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, which is accredited by GAOLEE (Global Accreditation Organization for Life Experience and Education). I presume that the word "gaol" is understood in U.S. even if the usual spelling here is "jail"?

    Nice find Russell.
  3. Nicole-HUX

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    But you have to give them credit for Truth In Advertising:

    "Get what you deserve Today!!"

  4. I see that Cambridge International University is based in Cape Town, South Africa. A new haven for degree mills?
  5. Monkey

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    When there is sample diploma in the website, needless to say, it is a degree mill. Do you think people who are looking for genuine degree (serious learning) care the design of diploma ??:eek: :eek:

  6. Kane

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    OH PLEASE!!!

    Cambridge...what a joke funny that such an accredited school does not list the South African Ministry of Education or the SAQA as an accreditor or register...ahhh I guess that means they are not valid. These mills are becoming more brazen by the minute.
  7. Craig Hargis

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    Actually, this is kind of disturbing. Because of the very wide reputation of South Africa as a source of good distance degrees that are very afordable, I think that there are people who might actually fall for this place...what a shame. Also for people who are looking for a sham degree the SA connection will be quite attractive. A very bad place...but a nice looking diploma, that actually gives a physical location for the degree awarded... a rare detail in places of this ilk. I think we will see these degrees showing up in time bomb threads very soon.

  8. me again

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    But, it's accredited!!!

    Most people have no idea what "accreditation" is and they know less about who the regional accreditors are. Sadly, they know even less about the unscrupulous accreditors.

    As long as a college or university is "accredited," then the average person believes the school is good. What is a school worth if it is "accredited" by GNUB (the Global Network of Underwater Basket Weavers)?

    Forums such as this are helping to unmask unscrupulous “accreditors” for what they really are: Scam artists seeking money from those who don’t know the truth.
  9. List of universities "accredited" by GAOLEE at GAOLEE Accredited Institutions. As is typical, a nice mixture of legitimate universities (both Oxford and Cambridge) and diploma mills.
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    The domain registration admin details for Cambridge International University show its address as Mill Street in Cape Town.

    The address and, remarkably, the phone number match those of the Holiday Inn Garden Court Cape Town - De Waal.

    Following up on domain registration details for the other related entities would suggest that this enterprise is being conducted from the Miami area.
  11. Craig Hargis

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    Let's see...MILL Street at DIPSCAM Ave? I wonder if the South African government will crack down on mills. They will if they want to protect the reputation of SA distance degree programs.

    I suppose lots of people who WORK in South Africa LIVE in Miami--a long but pleasant comute.

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    Re: But, it's accredited!!!

    Are you implying that my Ph.D. in Weave Texture & Design from Trinity C&U is worthless? Not only is it GNUB and GAOLEE accredited, it is also SKNI approved (Sovereign Kingdom of Norfolk Island). :D

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