Amberton MBA looks great, but one question

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by lurker, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. lurker

    lurker New Member

    Looks like exactly what I'm looking for...RA, online, very affordable, can even likely transfer in a few classes from my other Masters if I do the Management specialty.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out their online schedule though. How long does the program take to finish if you go one class at a time? Looks like their on-campus schedule is broken up into 4/3 month sessions each year, is online the same? While working full-time is only one class at a time suggested (have a family to consider)? Well...guess that's actually 3 questions.

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  2. makana793

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    Classes are normally 10 weeks long. I read somewhere in the catalog that they recommend busy full time working adults (which is pretty much everyone on this forum) to enroll in no more than 1 course at a time. But if you can handle more go for it. I thought Amberton has four 10 week sessions a year but I could be wrong. I think 2 courses per semester is doable if you can balance other things in your life out.
  3. lurker

    lurker New Member

    Thanks...a little longer than I was hoping for (almost 3 years going 1 class at a time), but the positives probably outweigh that one negative.
  4. makana793

    makana793 New Member

    It might take you less if you have transfer credits available. Amberton is pretty generous in terms in transferring credit.
  5. lurker

    lurker New Member

    My undergrad isn't Business, so I'd probably need a pre-req or two...with my transfers it would pretty much even out.
  6. Marylars

    Marylars New Member

    Recent Amberton MBA grad

    I just finished my MBA through Amberton. I did not have a business undergrad, so I had to take most of the business pre-reqs. (I was able to transfer an old statistics class, which helped a little bit.) You can also do a portfolio to try to get through the undergrad pre-reqs if you have good, solid experience from your job. I didn't do that, myself, but I do have a friend who did that and was quite successful at getting her portfolio approved.

    Amberton has 4 terms per year -- 3 of them are 10 week terms and the winter term is a few weeks shorter to allow for Christmas break. I took my sweet time and could have finished up faster than I did -- even with a full work schedule. I typically took one class per term (4 classes per year), with a few 2 class-terms in there.
    I know of a couple of folks who completed their Amberton MBAs in much shorter time than I did -- one in 18 months and one in 2 years -- without too much trouble. You just have to be more disciplined than I was at the time. Time management is the key to success in distance learning, in my opinion.

    Two courses per term is extremely doable. I tried to take 3 once and, while I know people who have done so successfully, I ended up dropping my third course because it was just too time consuming for me at that particular point in my life.
  7. you should look at mountain states strategic leadership program if you are looking for speed, it is 60 weeks long and you get a week off every now and then. it is fun and informative, this program is accepted in the business world similarly to an MBA.
  8. lurker

    lurker New Member

    Thanks...great info.

    Re: the pre-reqs...I've had Stats and Accounting in my undergrad, and my undergrad is in C.S. so I don't think they'd have a problem waiving the Info Systems course. Believe the only one I'd need is Market Structure/Competitive Analysis.

    My M.S. has a specialty in Project Management so that should fill the requirements for the 2 Management courses needed for the MBA. With the one pre-req and the MBA courses, I figure it should come out to 11 total.

    I'd probably start off with one course first semester just to gauge the workload, and how I personally handle online learning (my B.S. and M.S. were both done on campus/traditional). If 2 is "do-able" that would be great because it would get me done in about 18 months.

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