Advice on PhD Completion?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by pbocij, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Hi All,

    I'm about to leave the UK university I'm registered at because of problems with my supervisory team. These problems are so severe that I'm sure there's no way of salvaging our working relationship... This means I need to find a new university...

    I'm about 2 years into my programme and have completed my research training. I've already published lots of papers based on my work and have several new publications in the works. I also have a mature research proposal that's been approved in terms of methodology, ethics, etc. I'm about to start my data gathering which will only take a few months to complete. To cut a long story short, I should be ABD by early next year - maybe as early as January.

    Can anyone recommend a university that meets some or all of these conditions?

    1. Willing to accept ABD candidates.

    2. Very cheap! My budget has an absolute maximum of $5000 pa.

    3. Does not have residency requirements (I'm disabled and can't travel far).

    4. Will allow the oral exam to be completed via PC or telephone (as I'm told UNISA does).

    The reason I'm asking for advice is that I can't seem to find a university that offers supervision in the field I'm working in, which broadly concerns deviance and the Internet, especially areas like harassment, racism, etc.

    It may also be helpful if I point out that I'm not interested in using my PhD to teach - it would only be used to support my career/credentials as a writer. Would a state approved degree be good enough? If so, which one?

    As you can probably tell by the length of this message, I'm rapidly becoming desperate so any advice is very welcome.


  2. Guest

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    Wow! What's in the air? Seems as if a myriad of overseas DL problems have arisen these past few days. In spite of this I would suggest looking into a South African university. I have had really good luck. I am being updated almost weekly on the progress of my application.

  3. jcryan

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    Hello Paul,

    Sounds like you'd be a excellent candidate for Curtin University of Technology's (Australia) PhD in Internet Studies.

    Good luck! -John
  4. Leslie

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    Ditto that suggestion. My research topic was approved at Curtin and I am currently working on revisions to my initial dissertation proposal. Residency is not required and so far the enrollment process has been very smooth and well organized. My advisor responds to emails very quickly. The Curtin program is a research degree so your ABD status should be fine. I guess it will depend on whether there is someone to supervise your specific topic. Oh I almost forgot -- the price is within your budget :)

    Good luck --
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  5. pbocij

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I will certainly take a look at Curtin - seems a good prospect. Any other suggestions?



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