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    ACE and the College Recommendation Service helps student's transfer but what relevence do they have? Is ACE or CRS credit programs equal to accreditation?
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    No, of course not. ACE is not a college, thus can't be accredited. They are not accreditors either. They are a third party that evaluates non-college work. Examples include AP exams, CLEP exams, Straighterline courses, PADI diving certifications, and even McDonald's Restuarant McU classes. They have a HUGE catalog of courses they've evaluated. Their relevance is that some colleges will take the ACE evaluation as valid/legitimate and thus award you college credit. If you already have a few of these under your belt, it might be enough of a carrot to entice you to return to college - knowing you already have some college credit. For others (like myself and my kids) we pursued courses and exams in their catalog because we could do so for a fraction of the cost of college-based courses (not all, but some) and I already knew of target colleges we would use to send those credits. In our case, each of us used ACE courses and exams to earn about 75% of our degrees. Not possible without ACE.
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