Accreditor Puts American InterContinental U. on Probation

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  1. sulla

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    I just wanted to correct the above paragraph.
    What I meant to say is that the for-profit school required: two letters of recommendation, a professionally written goal statement, transcripts from a RA school (mailed by USF directly to them), and schedule an entrance interview with the chair of the doctoral program.
  2. Jack Tracey

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    Hi Tom - While I believe that I understand your question, I can only ask you to attend to the field of Philosophy (and maybe Law as well) where the standard technique is to test the principle at it's edges. The extremes define the norm. You do not understand the rule until you understand the boundaries of the rule and the boundaries exist at the extreme edges. Couts of law exist for the extremes. Appeals Courts do not judge average cases. The Sureme Court does not judge average cases. Pick up any respectable journal of philosohy and you will find people working at the edges of understanding. This is the way it works.
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    This might not be the case at AIC or UoP

    I think you mean "AIU" :) it's ok, I did work at UOP for a while and have posted extensively on them, so it's an understandable slip
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    Do you mean specifically Breyer State or the use of any unaccredited degree in CA? Certainly you don't mean that you would lobby to make degrees from schools approved by the BPPVE illegal for use in CA. I hope I misunderstood.

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