A Sad Letter from St. Regis

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    I found this posting on the St. Regis website, and , although there may have been a similar posting, I thought it be worth wile to "cut and paste" what was said:


    Sadly, it has come to our attention that after an agreement made several years ago with the Jesuit Monks of Regis University of Colorado, and after many years of voluntarily posting at our website that St. Regis University is not connected in any way to any similarly named universities or colleges, that the Jesuit Monks of Regis University of Colorado are now making a complaint that St. Regis is infringing upon their name "Regis" University.

    While is true that this longstanding notice was inadvertently left out by a webmaster or designer after a recent remodel of our website, it is also true that at no time did any Regis University official, student, applicant, etc or any other individual from any other similarity named entity ever once complain to St. Regis University of the missing notice nor has there been even one complaint or report of any confusion in names made by Regis University of Colorado or by any individual. Had anyone contacted us with a complaint that the notice had been removed in the new design it would have been replaced on the index page without hesitation, as it had been placed as originally agreed upon several years ago and had remained for years afterward.

    It is also true that St. Regis University has never used any similar logo or trademark ever held by the Jesuit monks of Regis University or used their name or trademarks in any practices.

    At no time has St. Regis University held itself out to be any US entity, and in fact is a Liberian university.

    Contrary to their complaint, St. Regis University has never had any presence in Washington State, nor Colorado. St. Regis University, a non-US entity is located and incorporated in the Republic of Liberia. Our website has clearly states that in the case of ANY dispute the laws of Liberia shall prevail, as St. Regis University is a legally registered corporation in the Republic of Liberia.

    St. Regis University is also in the final stages of re-accreditation by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia and has always legally operated.

    If any entity using the name St. Regis University does indeed exist within the United States please notify us as St. Regis University and/or individuals named in the Regis complaint will take legal action against any such entity for infringement and damages against us. Any such entity (if one exists) has NO connection to St. Regis University of Liberia nor does St. Regis University and/or individuals named in the Colorado Regis complaint defend nor claim any responsibility or ownership in any university similarly named (if any exist).

    We are aware of only one instance where there was any confusion at all and this was when our school, St. Regis University of Liberia gave a donation of $1000 to a humanitarian cause and the acknowledgement of thanks was mistakenly given to Regis University of Colorado.

    No student or applicant has ever reported to us or claimed to be confused of any similarities in the school's names, even though there are many such similarly named schools throughout the world.

    St. Regis University is unique in that it is a Liberian online school, completely unlike Regis of Colorado which is a religious school of bricks and mortar located in the U.S..

    We believe this complaint (and others) are being instigated by a group of individuals including a University of Illinois professor, an Oregon government official known for his admittedly non-researched and controversial list of online schools he labels as "mills" and "substandard", and a two writers capitalizing on the sale of books about online degrees. This group is well-known to us for their apparent hatred toward many nontraditional online universities, particularity those located in the African country of Liberia.

    Contrary to the claims made by these cohorts and news story reporters (including one who admits publicly that he need not be truthful in his stories) St. Regis University has always been a legally operating entity and has never "sold" degrees or broken any laws. St. Regis University operates in full compliance with all laws and regulations of the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Liberia and is not a U.S. entity nor operating in the U.S.

    Out of respect for the feelings and wishes of the Jesuit Monks at Regis University of Colorado, St. Regis University Liberia is voluntarily discontinuing the use of our legally registered name and moving voluntarily all programs, curriculum and services to another University until this matter is completely resolved.

    We pray that the Jesuit Monks at Regis University of Colorado will remember our acts of sincerity, cooperation and respect of their wishes since our first contact with them years ago, and that again our immediate cooperation and willingness to end any conflict will help to bring this matter to closure.
  2. Fortunately, this shouldn't require more than a change in their registered domain name. :rolleyes:
  3. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    This is truly sad. Just imagine all the phony letterhead and fake diploma templates they'll have to throw out. Tisk Tisk....... :D
    (might even cost them $20 to convert their web site)
  4. Any guesses to the new name?

    Since "Regis" is now ruled out, perhaps they will come up with an equally absurb moniker as a replacement. Any ideas on what the "new name" might be?

    Here's a few of my own:

    "St. Idi Amin University"

    "St. Charles Taylor of the Holy AK47 University"

    "University of Liberia at Mead, WA"

    "Randock U"

    Any other guesses?

  5. roysavia

    roysavia New Member

    Re: Any guesses to the new name?

    St. Bogus of Sham University??
  6. galanga

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  7. Thoraldus Strivlyn

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    I wonder how any school (legitimate or not) can protect its name. My alma mater is York University (Toronto) but there is a University of York in England, sometimes referred to as York University. As far as I know they have not sued each other.

    There is a Regis College that is part of the University of Toronto.

    There are several Concordia Universities including one in Montreal.

    There are several Loyolas as well. I’m sure that there are others.
  8. tcnixon

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    The key is the "legitimate or not." St. Regis is a diploma mill, it quite easily can be proven to be a diploma mill, and would never want to go through the discovery process in a court case.

    They would lose.


    Tom Nixon
  9. tcnixon

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    We know who the University of Illinois professor and the Oregon official are, but the two writers? One, apparently, is John Bear, but anyone have a guess as to the other?

    As for the hatred of online universities, I find that just humorous in a pathetic sort of way.

    Tom Nixon
  10. Lerner

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    What got SRU in trouble is that they are trying to become legitimate - diploma mill.

    All other accusations are not of interest to me.

    But when a person sends a resume of his dog
    and the dog qualified for 2 Bachelors degrees , MBA, Masters in Management and Ph.D.

    What else needs to be told about SRU?

    All I needed to do is on behalf of the dog send the money?

    Yes, it was couple of year’s ego and now they do a little better job but still.

  11. roysavia

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    Funny thing.........just over a year ago I sent these folks a fake resume and used my dog's name - "Bernard Knuckles" and he qualified for a law degree.
    Without a doubt, this organization is nothing more than a scam. I wonder just how many dogs and cats on this planet are SRU alumni?

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