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    Being a military veteran, you're eligible to apply for CompTIA's "Creating Futures" program. CompTIA will provide you free training and certification in A+, Security+, Network+, and Server+. However, acceptance is not guaranteed because slots are limited.

    See the links below to learn more:


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    Thanks, Tech Guy! Someone posted this before and I shot off my interest/registration. I am waiting to hear if I garnered a slot.

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    ExamGuru net offers free practice tests, exam notes, real exam questions and braindumps for Microsoft, comptia A+, server+, linux+, Oracle 10g, Java scjp, and free online test prep and cheat sheets. Also offers free certification exams download, training resources, study guides, tutorials, mock exams, torrents, exam simulators and blogs for major certifications.
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    Three months is a good time frame if you're familiar with project management methodologies (and for the PMP, you really should be).

    I took a year to study for the exam, and that was probably overkill. As with many other certifications out there; there's the "real world" way of doing things, and then the way that the certifying body wants you to do it. You need to drink the PMI cool-aid before you take the test, and don't try to apply a real world solution.
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    When I'd studied for my certs, this site mcmcse was a tremendous help. Check it out. Incidentally, I am taking a project management class in the upcoming semester.
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    for the CompTIA exams, it helps if you have experience in whatever the exam is about, but I have A+, Server+, and Project+ // I always just get a sybex or oreilly text that is for the certification, study it completely, then use actualtests.com for a practice exam, seems to work pretty good for me.

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