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Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 28)

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Well-Known Member, Female, 28

Admitted to post-master's from NYU. Starting my second post-master's in Jan 23'. Advanced assessment & diagnosis with Silver School SW, NYU. Dec 20, 2022

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Jan 2, 2023
    1. TeacherBelgium
      Admitted to post-master's from NYU. Starting my second post-master's in Jan 23'. Advanced assessment & diagnosis with Silver School SW, NYU.
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    2. TeacherBelgium
      Good grades on all submitted projects for this term, for my Master of Science in Psychology and graduated with post-master from WUSTL. SEE 2
    3. TeacherBelgium
      Been absent for a little while. Very busy! Everything is going great. All my degree and cert programs are going smoothly + bought a house :)
    4. rdl1051
      Beste, mijn naam is ramon, ik wil graag meer informatie over de eneb business school. ik wil graag weten hoe uw master degree is erkend door het naric. is uw mba ook erkend als master of alleen de master in big data? denkt u dat een master in hrm ook erkend zal worden door het naric? mijn email is [email protected]
    5. TeacherBelgium
      If you can't add days to your life, then you should add life to your days.
    6. TeacherBelgium
      otium sine litteris mors est.
    7. TeacherBelgium
      There are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes I crave more of them, to accomplish all the plans and ambitions that I have!
    8. TeacherBelgium
      If you are reading this, I assume you are visiting my profile page. I'm not posting / reading here anymore. Account is inactive, 4/08/2021.
    9. TeacherBelgium
      Sorry that I didn't post in a long while. I contracted the British variant of the Covid-19 virus and was very ill from it. I'm back :)
    10. CalculusDestroyer
      Hey a fellow Belgian that wishes you all the best in all your endeavors!
    11. TeacherBelgium
      Admitted to university of Washington, yay! :)
    12. TeacherBelgium
      Merry Christmas to all of you. May all your dreams come true <3
    13. TeacherBelgium
      I'm going to roll up in a ball & cry. I just heard that the 2nd round @ PWC didn't go well. The 1st round went so well. Bye dream job @ PWC.
    14. TeacherBelgium
      Studying like there's no tomorrow.Have my first exam on 5th of January for my postgraduate diploma in fiscality and tax law.Lots of work :)
    15. TeacherBelgium
      If you must use pronouns for me, then use they / them / theirs. I prefer gender neutral pronouns rather than male ones.
    16. TeacherBelgium
      Breaking my head over whether to buy a discounted '' bachelor - like '' course or not. It's only 345.45 GBP. That's a steal. Yay? Nay? :-)
      1. Mac Juli
        Mac Juli
        Sep 15, 2020
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    Mar 15, 1996 (Age: 28)
    Education :

    Law graduate (associate's degree (Belgium), bachelor's degree (Czech), master's degree (Mexico, titulo oficial), state-authorized doctoral degree (USA)).

    Healthcare graduate (higher education diploma in public health (Mexico), bachelor in theoretical nursing and widwifery (Haiti), master's degree in nutrition (Spain, titulo homologado = oficial).

    Business graduate (MBA (Spain), Bachelor's degree (Swiss, école cantonale), DBA-in-progress (Czech)

    Data (data-related) programs in progress:
    Micromaster's in business analytics (USA)
    Micromaster's in information systems (USA)
    Post-master's in program evaluation (USA)

    XAMK path studies Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering


    Healthcare industry, clinical researcher


    Trans woman (MtF)
    26 years old.
    In transition since 20 years old.
    Straight woman (F4M)

    Loves cooking, traveling, studying, Netflix (horror movies, thrillers and romantic movies)
    Loves Mojito.
    Favorite wine is Moscato.

    Celebrity crushes:
    Ashton Kutcher, Brian Hallisay, John Krasinski, Alex Pettifyer, Leonardo DiCaprio.

    You can always wake me up for:
    sitting in the wet grass after a thunder outburst. I love the smell of ozon.


    Associate's Degree in Legal Studies (Belgium)
    Bachelor's in Legal Studies (with 120 ECTS exemptions from prior learning) (Czech Republic)
    Master's Degree in Legal Sciences, concentration in Human Rights (Mexico, titulo oficial)
    State-authorized professional doctorate in human rights (USA)

    Higher Education Diploma in Public Health (Mexico, titulo oficial)
    Bachelor's Degree in theoretical nursing and midwifery (Haiti)
    Master's Degree in Nutrition (Spain, titulo homologado)
    State-authorized doctorate in Healthcare Administration (USA) (in progress)


    Bachelor of Business Studies (Switzerland)
    Master of Business Administration (Spain, titulo propio)
    Master of Corporate Communication (Spain, titulo propio)
    Master of Human Resources Management (Spain, titulo propio)
    Master in Team Management (Spain, titulo propio)
    Doctor of Business Administration (Mexico and Spain, dual degree) (in progress)


    Master of Data Science (Spain, titulo propio)
    MicroMaster of Business Analytics (USA) (in progress)
    MicroMaster in Information Systems (USA) (in progress)
    Data-focussed program evaluation Post-Master's (USA) (in progress)


    Path studies Bachelor's of Engineering (Finland) (in progress)
    Master in Environmental Engineering (Spain, titulo propio) (in progress)

    Age: 26
    Location: Belgium
    Profession: Clinical Researcher
    Pronouns: She/Her