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  1. Charles Fout
    Charles Fout
    Riding this wave of miracles!
  2. isaacabrams
    Please delete my account. I’ve sent countless emails requesting this.
  3. Saanvi Patel
  4. Phoenix TS
    Phoenix TS
  5. anil kumar singh
    anil kumar singh
    hii myself Anil kumar singh , Python developer in tutorial and example in noida.this is a online platform to help programmer.
  6. Steve King
    Steve King
    After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to catch up on what’s new with online education.
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  7. Mac Juli
    Mac Juli
    Take a hiatus of indefinite length. I f I think the academic world is a world for me, I will come back.
  8. John Rogers
    John Rogers LearningAddict
    I don't know where you are, but I am on the east coast. I should be back in my office in about five hours.
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  9. John Rogers
    John Rogers LearningAddict
    I am deeply disappointed in the behavior and attitude of the members here. It is like a self-licking ice cream cone, only the ice-cream is their own backside (my apologies for the previous crudity. I stand by the sentiment).
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    2. LearningAddict
      Hahaha. Yes, at times they can be a handful. Just a heads up: when you post to a member profile everyone can see it on the sidebar of the front page (PC for certain), just something I noticed a little while back. So for things you want to keep private, PM is the way to go.
      Nov 18, 2021
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  10. John Rogers
    John Rogers LearningAddict
    Thank you. I'll give you both the documents I submitted and the accreditation report. After that, I think I am done with this site.
  11. John Rogers
    John Rogers LearningAddict
    Good morning, LA.
    When I get home from work I can scan the evaluation and send it to you via message if it will let me attach. If not, I'll ask you for an email. I am not comfortable posting it on the open forum because having the format out there invites forgery.
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    2. LearningAddict
      That's a really good point. I will never reveal the actual document to anyone either, no worries.
      Nov 18, 2021
  12. Phoenix TS
  13. Phoenix TS
  14. Amaia Smith
    Amaia Smith
  15. Technical Support
    Technical Support
    This social media platform is based on the most up-to-date algorithms.
  16. anil kumar singh
    anil kumar singh
    Hi I am anil programming developer in tutorial and example.i have get best knowledge from the tutorialandexample online portal .
  17. Trinetra tours
    Trinetra tours
  18. Send Wish Online
    Send Wish Online
  19. Math Academy Tutoring
    Math Academy Tutoring
    Looking for a Math Tutoring Website online? Math Academy provides creative and personalized educational solutions to any student anywhere.
  20. smithz Wills