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    TEKMAN Mr Science
    Also, Purdue University offers Doctor of Information Technology online too...the price is the same with Nova Southeastern University's Ph.D program.
    TEKMAN Mr Science
    I saw a list of Ph.D, but when I spoke with the Department...they said those program are not online. I have no idea, since I move out of Dallas. SMU is too expensive.. If you can afford go for Southern Methodist University.
    Columbia University's Doctor of Engineering Science in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.
    TEKMAN Mr Science
    5) My experience was researching in the area of choice; as soon you start the program looking for the the topic of your dissertation and continue to work on it. You can even complete your dissertation before completing classes. SMU only offer Doctor of Engineering in Software Engineering.
    TEKMAN Mr Science
    3) The classes are more useful than University of the Cumberlands. They are teaching you become scholar...not learning new knowledge, but using existing knowledge for researches.
    4)They do offer finance and scholarship depends on your qualification.
    TEKMAN Mr Science
    1) I left Nova because entered a horrible divorce and became full-time professional and full-time single dad with two and three years old kids.
    2) Yes, you do...however, recently they change the campus visitation...only 1 from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday per semester
  10. Mr Science
    Mr Science TEKMAN
    Hello,I have some questions
    1) Why you left Nova? What problem with it?
    2) For online Ph.D, do you have to visit the campus 2 times/semester?
    3) classes Useful, or not? very hard or not?
    4) Do they offer financing?
    5) What is your experience and advice about Nova?
    6) What about Southern Methodist University? They offer online degrees, too.
    Can compare between Nova and Methodist University?
    Thanks and Regards
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  12. Lor Re Solinger
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    Europe Education Consultant
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    On the hunt for the elusive right Doctorate in Music/Music PhD....
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    farmboy Sowak777
    Just looking back at the unaccredited Master of Theology conversation. What did you decide?
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