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  1. Ashford gets a win
  2. Air Force PME changes
  3. Trident and Fort Irwin
  4. Survivors of Sexual Assault
  5. Air University
  6. Course 15 replaced
  7. UMUC wins award
  8. New Navy Contract
  9. Uniformed Services University
  10. Turning PME into a degree
  11. IT certification exams ... for free...GI Bill...
  12. Anyone have experience with state defense forces?
  13. Using GI Bill at two schools at same time for two different degrees.
  14. Straighterline Chemistry Lab and other Labs without the course (nuclear program)
  15. The Citadel
  16. New Marines Contract
  17. Ashford about to lose GI Bill
  18. Veterans deserve a chance in college
  19. Deceptive Colleges
  20. Western Kentucky University
  21. Assistance with Degree plan
  22. Southern Mississippi
  23. DeVry Suspended
  24. Fastest route to a bachelors degree
  25. Warrior-Scholar Project
  26. University of Pheonix
  27. Online MBA from most reputable school but flexible schedule...
  28. 10 signs you were or are clearly in the military
  29. New(ish) degree in Military History
  30. Three Things . . .
  31. Weber State University FREE TUITION for wounded vets! *Purple Heart*
  32. The Army Establishes The Army University
  33. Associate of Science in General Studies City U of seattle.
  34. Sonoran Desert Institute
  35. PME equires greater committment
  36. Best Programs For Vets
  37. Marine Corps University
  38. Post-911 GI Bill and Related Question
  39. Seeking a Phd, DBA, Prof or Executive Doctorate Veteran friendly
  40. Vocational Rehabilitation . . . anyone using it?
  41. Journal of Higher Learning For Today's Servicemember: Military Advanced Education
  42. Master's in Leadership/Organizational
  43. Free for credit (via ACE) Security Related Courses for Military and Fed employees
  44. Navy to cut benefits to tuition assistance
  45. Vets to pay in-state tuition in all 50 states starting Fall 2015
  46. Has anyone taken CMRJ698 at AMU - the Criminal Justice Comprehensive Exam class?
  47. MBA with Tuition Assistane
  48. Capella Military Advance 10K Doctoral Grant
  49. BAH payment
  50. Project Management Training
  51. Online degree question
  52. VCTP January 2014 Cohort Interview - Raw Interview Notes
  53. Schools that have long standing relationship with the military . . .
  54. Sallie Mae to be accused
  55. Happy Birthday
  56. Army War College graduates 348 DL students
  57. Distance education names top instructors
  58. DoD Live - The Virtual School
  59. Is it too late for me to recieve Student Loan Repayment? Please Help
  60. Will Navy Tuition Assistance pay for IT certifications?
  61. Lakenheath, UK GMAT testing
  62. An Accredited online phd degree at Pretoria University
  63. GI Bill Active Duty?
  64. What to do?! GI Bill or TA?
  65. Squadron Officer School through DL
  66. Pledge to hire vets BS!!
  67. Post-9/11 Tuition Assistance + Top-Up Help
  68. Military Participants Needed to complete Dissertation Survey
  69. USAJobs.com: not awarding veterans' pref points - wth?
  70. Survey for Recent Military Separatees (within last five years)
  71. Post 9/11 GI Bill if you used Loan Repayment Program during Active Duty?
  72. free graduate credits from CDSE (21 graduate, 11 LD, 3 UD)
  73. Veteran Aid & Assistance Retirement Program
  74. The GI Bill summed up in a single photograph . . .
  75. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for $9.95
  76. Help with Vocational Rehab & Graduate studies
  77. ACE credits through DAU online courses (possible 12 hours) free
  78. Lets talk veterans preference points . . .
  79. Feds Hire Vets
  80. Post-9/11 GI Bill and a 2nd Masters Degree
  81. Ace transcripts service
  82. Post 911 GI Bill and Student Loans?
  83. Vet Gold card? Anyone hear of this?
  84. Post 9/11 Gi bill online learning but getting the full BAH
  85. Schools taking advantage of military benefits?
  86. Community College of the Air Force Tuition
  87. The GI Bill and the Hire a Veteran Campaign on Memorial Day
  88. GI Bill total benefits
  89. ELearning Company Offers Free Training For Veterans
  90. SVA Names For-Profit Schools with Revoked Charters
  91. DL Doctorate W/ Residency Entitle to Full BAH From the VA
  92. Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding
  93. Post 9/11 GI Bill or MGIB for distance education?
  94. GI Bill and Foreign DL program
  95. Pending Free Online Courses for Veterans - Delaware Residents Only
  96. MS in CJ Leadership for Military Police: Military Only
  97. Educational opportunities for military wives
  98. Tuition Assistance for Doctorates?
  99. College Credit for Combat Arms MOS:
  100. VA pays for distance learning at oversea college?
  101. any info on New York VTA awards?
  102. Mediation Training
  103. VA accrediting foriegn programs?
  104. News on USMC TA
  105. American Sentinel University gets an award
  106. Senate Hearings Underway Regarding GI Bill and Military TA benefits at FPs
  107. Is it true that the DOD is planning to pull TA from all For-profit institutions
  108. Changes coming for military education benefits
  109. Hey Tekman!
  110. Military member seeking advice on an online masters in Psychology
  111. Post-9/11 GI-Bill - BAH for online students
  112. Sound off (Introduction Thread)
  113. what to do with the GI bill?
  114. Best MBA option for military
  115. DETC vs. RA for military
  116. The Military and a Doctorate Level Degree
  117. Veterans discount.
  118. Post 9/11 GI Bill?
  119. From UT-Dallas to Navy
  120. The Military, Education, & Financial Aid
  121. Nova Southeastern University - Discounted tuition for military - M.S. Health Law
  122. HPSP military scholarship would it cover online degrees?
  123. Military Friendly (NAVY) Video Game Design Degree
  124. Military senior level colleges
  125. A great resource for DOD employees, military personnel, and dependents
  126. What to Do?
  127. B.S. in CS/MIS/CIS for military member
  128. Military: Why not offer MGIB at 15-year CSB point?
  129. FEMA offer three additional courses
  130. Tuition for military spouses
  131. are you a military student in an online master's program?
  132. Now that American Military University is RA...
  133. Some interesting changes coming to AMU
  134. Military/ Non-Traditional needs help
  135. Military discount, but what country military?
  136. TUI - Tuition for military spouses
  137. Veterans discount?
  138. college credit for military service
  139. Great ACE resource for Army Personnel
  140. Is there money left over after using the MGIB with Touro University Int.
  141. CMU new degree & military discount
  142. Need Help Understanding GI Bill
  143. Heads Up: Tuition increase for TUI Undegrads.
  144. dcmilitary.com article on diploma mills
  145. Military and DETC
  146. How to portfolio - Military?
  147. How can one get a Ph.D in Military Science
  148. Civilan credits for ACE Military jobs
  149. Credit for military service
  150. GI Bill and Excelsior
  151. Military courses/ACE recommendations
  152. Military Info
  153. USAF question for Rich Douglas