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  1. Boy, I wish Pence was President
  2. Milos says sex between boys and men "coming of age"
  3. Student Conservatives post-Berkeley
  4. Bill pased to allow SERIOUSLY mentally ill person to buy guns?
  5. Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs
  6. The Obamas
  7. How is President Trump doing in his first 100 days?
  8. How American Colleges Became Bastions of Sex, Booze and Entitlement
  9. Did Russians successfully manipulate or change American votes?
  10. Fake News?
  11. Thin-skinned bullies at WLU
  12. What if the Electors Change their Vote on Monday? Could Hillary Reach 270?
  13. DegreeInfo to Collect Coloring Books & Play Dough for Distraught University Students
  14. Vladimir Putin
  15. Jerry Fallwell, Jr. says he was offered Secretary of Education post.
  16. Do students prefer Castro to Trump?
  17. How Stable Are Democracies
  18. Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’
  19. First Brexit, then Trump. Next, Italy?
  20. Several Schools Cancel Classes/Mid-Term Exams & Offer Counseling After Election
  21. Tammy Duckworth, PhD
  22. Let's start guessing Trump cabinet picks
  23. Predicting the Presidential Election
  24. Finally, everyone agrees on something.
  25. U.S. The downfall of Joe Arpaio
  26. Donald Trump cites global warming dangers in fight to build wall at his Ireland golf
  27. Move to Canada
  28. "You're the puppet!"
  29. Where in the world is
  30. Marijuana Legalization
  31. Pirates
  32. Brands come and go, but damage to Trump’s reputation will last
  33. Damn - Trump is a travieso
  34. POLL: Who is going to win the presidential election?
  35. Mainstream media Bias
  36. Trump's Lies
  37. Trump Foundation
  38. Trump Lost Nearly a Billion Dollars in 1995
  39. Trump and Castro
  40. The Debate
  41. Trump finally admits Obama was born in U.S - Says Clinton started the birther issue
  42. Gary Johnson and Aleppo
  43. Trump pinatas - a kid down the street had one! A little bit of silly humor
  44. Ousted Mayor Accused of Calling Successor the N-Word
  45. Unclear If Trump Knew About Past Domestic Violence Charges Against New Campaign CEO
  46. Assange Promises to Shake Up Hillary
  47. Donald Trump's US business empire holds at $650 million in debt
  48. Manafort resigns from Trump campaign
  49. The new, new, new, etc...Trump
  50. Green Party Town Hall Tomorrow
  51. It might be time for Republicans to start worrying about their House majority
  52. Man 'on neighborhood watch' kills 20-year-old outside home
  53. Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief
  54. Major Shakeup in Trump Campaign
  55. Wikileaks and the DNC
  56. Russian Aggression
  57. "You gay son of a whore"
  58. Why Donald Trump might not debate Hillary Clinton
  59. First Hastert, now this . . .
  60. Anti-Trump Republican Launches Presidential Bid as an Independent
  61. Hillary is sued
  62. Ivanka Trump's apparel company doesn't offer paid maternity leave
  63. Laureate and Clinton
  64. Hillbilly Hillary has 30$ tee shirts!
  65. Trump Crazy? - Der George! ‘Is Donald Trump plain crazy?’ Big-name writers now questi
  66. A whole new level of WTF?
  67. Clinton Gets Four Pinocchios
  68. What we know about Donald Trump and his taxes so far
  69. Khizr Khan: Trump has a 'black soul'
  70. Student voter turnout, by major
  71. Maybe I am preaching to the choir here but is Trump calling vets losers or what?
  72. Trump gripes about hotel hot air, says he might not pay bill
  73. Should Democrats bring back CETA, Best program ever for unemployed kids.
  74. Bad Lip Reading
  75. GOP Platform on Higher Ed
  76. Wasserman Schultz Resigns
  77. Americans are as skeptical of Black Lives Matter as they were of the Civil Rights Mov
  78. Pence's Record on Education
  79. Clinton's Free Tution Plan
  80. Trump's ghostwriter warns a Trump presidency would lead to 'end of civilization'
  81. David Duke for Senate
  82. Clinton has several VP options: Fiery liberals, Hispanics and white guys
  83. Melania Trump’s Claims She Graduated From College Are About As Credible As Her Speech
  84. New political mini-series
  85. Possibility Gary Johnson Could be Included in Debates
  86. Attempted Coup D'Etat in Turkey
  87. House Passes Higher Ed Bills
  88. College-Educated Whites Put Hole in Trump Coalition
  89. Sarah Palin: Black Lives Matter is a 'farce'
  90. FBI Recommends No Charges For Hillary
  91. Republicans Are Being Awfully Nice to Hillary Clinton These Days
  92. Final House Report on Benghazi
  93. What if they gave a party
  94. Voter Lists Leak
  95. Brexit Vote Today
  96. Donald Trump Swears to Christian Leaders, ‘I’m So on Your Side’
  97. Welcome to 1984 in 2016
  98. Finally a PAC I can support
  99. Senate leader McConnell says wants to deny guns to 'terrorists
  100. Democrats' surprising strategy to win the Senate: Be boring
  101. Former GOP senator and Ohio Gov. George Voinovich dies
  102. Carrying a baseball bat in your trunk
  103. for Neuhaus - Why major companies are getting rid of traditional job reviews
  104. Donald Trump’s Many Unpaid IOUs
  105. I think it is time for me stop telling my stories
  106. Shocking: High School Students Go on a Racist Rant About Bringing Back Slavery [Video
  107. Who is Gonzalo Curiel? The ‘Mexican’ judge denounced by Trump fought the drug cartels
  108. Hillary Clinton's evisceration of Donald Trump
  109. Bill Clinton Profits from World’s Largest For-Profit University
  110. Boston Herald Editorial
  111. Judge criticized by Trump unseals documents in Trump University case
  112. Early Lead Baylor not commenting on reports of President Kenneth Starr’s firing
  113. Obama drop-in for pork soup stuns Vietnam street shop owner
  114. Trump Wins In November
  115. Jane Sanders Kills A College
  116. The Secret Cabal
  117. Presidential Running Mates
  118. 12 Ways Hillary Could Lose
  119. Trump's Higher Ed Platform
  120. Trump 2.0 on Social Security
  121. John McCain broke his silence about Donald Trump's controversial comments on prisoner
  122. Trump goes from saying wages are too high
  123. The New Donald Trump
  124. The Clinton’s political & financial interests
  125. Donald Trump’s Hispanic delusion
  126. Charles Koch: Political System ‘Rigged’ But Not by Me
  127. Manafort in trouble?
  128. Protecting HRC/Obama Admn: State Dep. obstructing
  129. Charles Koch Suggests Clinton might be a better than GOP nominee
  130. Trump's Campaign Chief Explains Trump's Image
  131. Trump has a 7/11 problem - no not the liquor store
  132. Definitions
  133. Anger in Kansas over Spanish-language voting guide with wrong registration deadlines
  134. Paul Ryan Sorry for Calling Americans Takers, But Who Are the Real Takers?
  135. This is the best election ever
  136. Get used to it
  137. Hastert asks court to spare him prison; cites shame, health
  138. A top haven for tax cheats that may surprise you: the US
  139. Muslim family kicked off flight
  140. Sarah Palin: Mexicans are being seduced into the US with 'gift baskets/ soccer bal
  141. Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed
  142. Certainly This Is What Will Bring Down the Republican Party
  143. Cruz "rickrolls"
  144. Jailed Mich. lawmaker expected to resign Senate seat
  145. Pricey prostate cancer drug's makers targeted by Congress
  146. Mourners in Brussels Interrupted by Hundreds of 'Skinheads' Shouting
  147. Lindsay Graham at roast
  148. Political manipulation and self-enrichment
  149. Politics
  150. It's all over for Cruz
  151. NBC and FOX says - no more phone interviews (free airtime)
  152. Sacrificng the social security safety net for tax cuts
  153. Emory University Will Track Down Pro-Trump Chalk Artists
  154. Ted Cruz wants to nationalize an NYPD Muslim surveillance program that didn't work
  155. Cruz Ad Slut-Shames Trump’s Wife
  156. Trump’s Four-Pinocchio ratings all in one place
  157. Non-Trump University
  158. Anonymous declares war on Trump
  159. The lighter side of Trump - Funny
  160. Merirck Garland
  161. Freestyle rap with the President
  162. "I am not proposing..."
  163. A chance to act presidential
  164. new laws
  165. Marco University
  166. Mizzou's missing students
  167. Will Trump pay this supporters legal fees?
  168. Clinton's Email Staffer Gets Immunity
  169. Trump's Tax Returns
  170. How Bobby Jindal Wrecked Loiuisiana
  171. Catalan Independence
  172. More on Trump University
  173. One of the Koch Brothers Said Bernie is Righh on this critical issue
  174. The tangled webs we weave
  175. When selfies go too far: Rare baby dolphin dies after beach photos
  176. Killer Mike has my vote
  177. I always wondered who would would secure this voting bloc
  178. Ted Cruz embraces apocalyptic preachers and anti-gay militants
  179. Immigrants sue re college tuition
  180. Ted Cruz on why The Donald is scared of Megyn Kelly
  181. How Donald Trump is forcing Republicans to rethink poverty
  182. Doctor explains what is going on with Trump's hair
  183. Ted Cruz’s claim that JFK would be Republican today
  184. Palin's old tactics no longer working
  185. Let's Cut to the Chase: Sanders vs. Trump
  186. HRC Emails Face New Scrutiny
  187. I wonder if Trump is going to use this against Ted Cruz:
  188. Book burning in Russia
  189. Jeb!
  190. Have Trump voters been failed by GOP's Reagan-style economics?
  191. Higher Ed and the election
  192. Troubles in South Africa
  193. Man Who Allegedly Stockpiled Explosives to Use Against Muslims Says He's a Trump Supp
  194. Accounting and Accountants in Indigenous Societies
  195. Scottish Uni Strips Degree From Trump
  196. Anonymous v. ISIS
  197. Political Cartoons
  198. If it comes down to Clinton and Trump, who would you vote for?
  199. Congressional oversight
  200. Ted Cruz’s Surge
  201. Political Correctness
  202. Trump Open to Independent Bid
  203. Would you put a "Trump" bumper sticker on your car?
  204. Hillary’s political debt to Wall Street
  205. Wake Up, Mr. President
  206. LP Gary Johnson booted from GOP
  207. Another Hit: Court upholds injunction
  208. Vetting Ben Carson
  209. Sanders Contrasts His Record with Clinton's
  210. Prager University
  211. FBI Director James Comey
  212. Obama’s Education Report Card
  213. Trump’s first bad week
  214. Democratic Debate
  215. Possibly Running as an Independent
  216. Liberals win BIG!!!
  217. Democratic debate: re Jim Webb
  218. Conflict of Interest...?
  219. More Chicago sleaze
  220. Kevin McCarthy Drops Out
  221. Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her: Time to lawyer up
  222. A bit od a mess in Ohio
  223. More email woes for Clinton
  224. WSJ Opinion Journal: Could Carly Win the GOP Nomination?
  225. Trump University
  226. Carly Fiorina
  227. Rubio: Modernize Higher Education
  228. Clinton Insinuates DL Lacks Integrity
  229. The power of social media and the European Union
  230. Scot Walker
  231. Opinion Journal: What Else Is Hillary Hiding? WSJ 7/31/2015 4:24PM
  232. Rubio on "Higher Ed cartel"
  233. The role od government in education
  234. Let's Tax Wall Street
  235. Yemen
  236. I'm "Shocked"
  237. So happy that we have gridlock and that nothing seems to get done.
  238. Fellow Unitedstatesians! General Election Tuesday!
  239. Upset aboot Canada!!!
  240. Veterans Administration Healthcare- Sound off related to the latest developments.
  241. (Video) Idiot's Guide to Smart People: Politics
  242. Out of curiousity- What's your political affiliation here on DL Forums
  243. Bible Verse, (not cuts) draws ire of Lawmakers
  244. U.S. Drops to 46th Place in Freedom of the Press
  245. What Happened to this forum?
  246. A vote for so and so is a wasted vote...
  247. Gollin for Congress?!
  248. More Hereos! Hooah!
  249. Middle East Primer?
  250. The debate on Syria