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  1. Five Dollars A Gallon For Gas!
  2. Three important world events
  3. interesting blog about katrina victims
  4. Gov's son arrested
  5. A Libertarian Society
  6. The President's speech
  7. Blanco: 'I take full responsibility'
  8. Congratulations President Bush...
  9. Judge Roberts confirmation hearings
  10. Patriot Act
  11. Colin Powell
  12. John Titor
  13. Suggestions for New Associate Justice ...
  14. Bush nominates John Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  15. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies
  16. World Trade
  17. Bush "leadership" in crisis....
  18. Iraq War Vets on Campus: loved or hated?
  19. Hurricane & Oil Prices?
  20. A Must Read!
  21. Double standard?
  22. Rice for President site
  23. Cindy Sheehan article
  24. Fuel Prices Weigh on Businesses
  25. Stupid question-
  26. Interesting Article!
  27. Corruption crosses party lines
  28. Roberts Objected to Michael Jackson Award
  29. Former MA gov. to seek NY gov'ship
  30. Judge Roberts receives "well qualified" rating from the American Bar Association
  31. Why It's Important to Listen Carefully
  32. Gotta love them...
  33. More barbarity in the Middle east
  34. Conservative (Neo-Cons which are really fake conservatives) booklist
  35. Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers
  36. Gas $3 a gallon by the end of year.
  37. Hillary gets serious opposition for Senate race
  38. LP Iraq exit strategy
  39. Great new site!
  40. Hillary: IRA called Ian's bluff
  41. More sabre rattling from a dying frankenstein?
  42. Still "Dancing in the Street"
  43. It's about freedom now
  44. Danegeld
  45. Loyalists: We Won't Disarm
  46. Small victory in the war against terrorism
  47. 2008 Hopefuls
  48. I hereby recant!
  49. Effort to take Justice Souter's property....
  50. Another Judge John Roberts Thread
  51. Ignorance and regional America...
  52. Justice John G. Roberts?
  53. Enron ordered to pay
  54. Chinese General Warns of Nuclear Conflict
  55. Myers Accuses Russia, China of Bullying
  56. Gaza mosque welcomes London attacks
  57. Suitcase Nukes
  58. Bin Laden developing nuclear plan to kill millions
  59. The Buzz: Karl Rove is Guilty
  60. O'Connor retires from US Supreme Court
  61. Interesting article
  62. dcv's reconciliation of the abortion issue
  63. Attorney General Gonzales shows dangerous liberal tendencies!!
  64. Iraq Insurgents Still strong
  65. This is one heck of a Supreme Court ruling!
  66. 'Exalted Cyclops' - Robert Byrd
  67. Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax?
  68. Penn & Tellar Bullshit
  69. Push for Pull Out of Iraq
  70. Downing Street Memo article
  71. Interesting Enron article
  72. Chirac is the sick man of Europe, say French
  73. Interesting article on Manufacturing jobs
  74. UN: Women's Rights Crucial to AIDS Fight
  75. War Often Fuels Hunger in Africa
  76. Man Without a Country?
  77. Tobacco Lawyers: Government Case in Disarray?
  78. Rape Victim Asks Government to Lift Travel Ban
  79. Dean Tells Dems: 'People Want Us to Fight'
  80. Interesting article
  81. Falwell on Howard Dean
  82. "Don't count on the European Union," ..."Look to the U.S.; they're our real friends.&
  83. It's appearance that matters at election time
  84. bush...more thoughts
  85. Will the Real Gulag Please Stand Up?
  86. Kerry's a Genius...NOT!!!
  87. Runaway Bride Pleads Guilty
  88. Missing Weapons in Iraq?
  89. Scooby Doo Meets George W.
  90. Interesting Eisenhower quote
  91. Deep Throat Revealed
  92. 10 Good Suggestions Back On County Building in Goshen, IN
  93. Slick Willy the Comeback Kid Remembers J2P2
  94. Mom Arrested for Hiring Stripper for Teen Son's B-Day
  95. Arrest Warrant Issued for AF Academy Cadet Rape Counselor
  96. Convicts Get Free Viagra
  97. How Does Osama Survive?
  98. Long, Pointy Knife Control
  99. Judge orders parents not to expose children to"non-mainstream religious beliefs"
  100. Back On The Chain Gang?
  101. Runaway Bride Faces Charges
  102. Tired of the Michael Jackson Case?
  103. Dean: Blacks Annoyed by Party's Outreach
  104. Newsweek Anti-American?
  105. What is Religious Tolerance?
  106. Dean Stands by DeLay Jail Remark
  107. Bush gets mixed reaction at Christian College
  108. Big Time Bigotry
  109. Black Rednecks and White Liberals
  110. Smokers and Democrats
  111. Top English teachers see value of teaching Bible as literature
  112. Left aims to smite 'theocracy' movement
  113. University Class Bars Student Over Poem
  114. Get Ready for the Parasites!!!
  115. Mississippi allows religious documents posted on public property
  116. Student gets 8 years for SUV vandalism
  117. Virginia prayer case is reversed / Wiccan in Chesterfield loses
  118. Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club
  119. Religion under a secular assault
  120. Sandy Berger's Slap on the Wrist
  121. Governor of Alaska's thoughts on ANWR
  122. Religious question on a Schiavo-like medical condition.
  123. Schiavo is dead...
  124. A Question Never Answered
  125. DeLay pulled plug on own father
  126. Litigation as Spiritual Practice
  127. best thing I've read on the Schiavo controversy
  128. Middlebury College: Giuliani = Hitler
  129. Why isn't Terri Shiavo's husband on trial?
  130. A 21st Century Contract with America
  131. Kin of Slain Protester Suing Caterpillar
  132. Scalia slams "Living Constitution" Theory
  133. Ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional
  134. Now Venezuela, other country with petroleum
  135. Rad Dems Target Lieberman
  136. King of Shame-A letter to the King of Swaziland in Southern Africa
  137. Was Bush right? - a growing chorus ponder, say "yes"
  138. Trial lawyers' case against Ward Churchill...
  139. PC at University of Colorado: Churchill protected for years, Christian persecuted!
  140. Rumblings of freedom in Arab world: is Syria next?
  141. What in the World is a 'Neo-con'?
  142. University of Colorado president resigns
  143. America Number One?
  144. Science, 'frauds' trigger a decline in atheism
  145. Patrick Henry College in the news
  146. Ann and Al
  147. Faith-based hiring
  148. [Moore culture war] Phi Beta Kappa Rejects GMU
  149. Senate Commerce Chmn: Decency Rules Should Apply To Cable
  150. O Canada!
  151. Step in the right direction
  152. On Confusing One's Self With God
  153. Terri Schiavo Update
  154. Larry Summers v Ward Churchill - why the disparate treatment?
  155. What do YOU think of Condoleezza Rice?
  156. Using Female Condoms for Bracelet What do you think ?
  157. Best Laugh of the Day!
  158. American Indian Movement on Ward Churchill
  159. Has PC gone too far in Canada
  160. Read into this what you will
  161. Bush approval rating--57%
  162. Bush: We must close the borders of Iraq. Hey George, what about ours??
  163. 2008 presidential campaign underway
  164. How USA Today spins, deceives on Social Security
  165. Max Schmeling - ubermensch
  166. Man of\0Honor, Integrity, and Decency
  167. WaPo corrects SocSec story
  168. Social Security Changes
  169. State of the Union
  170. CNN: US troops target and kill journalists in Iraq!
  171. Air America's Randi Rhoads: Iraq election as meaningful as the last!
  172. Prof Ward Churchill WILL be fired: why do these situation arise?
  173. Truth or Lies? James Dobson on SpongeBob Controversy...
  174. Democrats Lose 2nd Election in 3 Months
  175. Bad day for pessimists!
  176. Why are Democrats so anti-democratic?
  177. Bush's Sings about his second term
  178. Bush Administration Attacks a Gay Cartoon
  179. Great Day For America!
  180. WHY Dems need ideas-not gov't programs-to rise from the dead...
  181. KKK Robert Byrd Back to Suppressing Blacks
  182. Iraq leads the Arab Middle East?
  183. Education in Asia
  184. Old school conservative/modern times
  185. The 'smartest' prove dumbest: why Kerry appeared to win Nov. 2nd
  186. Dems need ideas and positive ideas
  187. Christians angered by Gay Spongebob
  188. Four More Years
  189. Inauguration Benediction Concludes in JESUS NAME!
  190. Jimmy Carter linked to oil-for-food scam
  191. NOAA hurricane researcher resigns IPCC-cites bias, political agendas...
  192. The Red and the Black, Indian-Style
  193. Unsettling report on Iraq
  194. Shoud US open its border to Canadian Beef
  195. what happened in Ohio
  196. CBS shows backbone
  197. Did media bias set Dems up for election losing hubris?
  198. Boxer Baby
  199. Does the US effort for Tsunami help the US image ?
  200. Montana Universities Must Offer Health Insurance to Gay Employees' Partners
  201. Shirley Chisholm dies
  202. Daniel Pipes-Enlightened Scholar? Or Counter-Jihadist?
  203. Negroes vs. Black Conservatives
  204. Which Party Best Represents Me?
  205. What's up with the Libertarians?
  206. Who poisoned Juscsenko?
  207. Is Bush Too Religious?
  208. EU membership for Turkey?
  209. Liberal bigotry in Academe....A first-hand acccount
  210. Crichton's "State of Fear" skewers conventionalized opinion on global warming...
  211. Finally, maybe justice for Chileans
  212. Peterson gets death sentence
  213. Why Universities tend to be liberal? II
  214. Islam grows through conquest: why is this truth ignored?
  215. Bush Appoints Most Diverse Cabinet in History
  216. The death of the Democratic Party as we know it?
  217. Al Sharpton
  218. Musharraf: World 'less safe'
  219. News from New Utopia
  220. PEST control
  221. Why Universities tend to be liberal
  222. Economists not so sure about globalization anymore
  223. Best Universities are Blue
  224. Bush supporter needed
  225. Even Odds for a Nuclear Attack
  226. Dan Rather is history
  227. The Separation of Church and State Confirmed!
  228. Apologies to the world
  229. Ahh - once again the Cons are showing their partisanship
  230. Founding Fathers Quote of the Day
  231. Explains it all...
  232. Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies
  233. Arafat with Allah
  234. Proud day to be Republican
  235. Political genius
  236. Do you think Michael Moore is bitter?
  237. Ibc
  238. The True Face Of Our Enemy
  239. Millions Of Iranians Celebrate A Bush Victory!
  240. Signing Off
  241. Predictors
  242. Nader's hypocrisy
  243. Much better county map
  244. The vitriol takes no respite!
  245. Reflections on Post-Election Rhetoric
  246. Great stuff! Get yours now!
  247. Secret Service code names
  248. Some united..... up to his old tricks
  249. They still just don't get it!
  250. At least he's got the right message. ;-)