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  1. ACLU Sues Government for Spying
  2. This is sick and immoral, Gov. Arnie!!!!!!!!!
  3. Al Gore Attacks Bush Administration On Wiretapping
  4. Microsoft/Chinese Cooperation
  5. DNA confirms guilt in 1992 execution
  6. Hajj Tragedy in Saudi Arabia
  7. Alito confirmation hearings
  8. US media blackout: 3 arrested in Italy for 9/11-type plot against US
  9. Article Regarding Bush Spying
  10. Iraq=quagmire! What about Afghanistan, then?
  11. Sharon's imminent demise means Iran gets more dangerous!
  12. Florida Supreme Court says no to school vouchers
  13. Judge Alito received the ABA's "well qualified" rating
  14. buckfush.com
  15. He did not really say them, did he?
  16. Are partisan politics good for America?
  17. That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie brown.
  18. Jimmy come out and play...
  19. Chinook Diplomacy
  20. Florida lobbying reform
  21. Immigration Reform Bill
  22. "intelligent design" violated laws prohibiting the endorsement of religion
  23. Bush's Snoopgate
  24. Goodbye political board
  25. Merry Christmas Everybody
  26. Mike Wallace still fiesty at his age
  27. Has anyone read Dr. James H. Fetzer's paper or know about him?
  28. Did Bush Cross the Line?
  29. New democratic presidential contender
  30. Did the Pagans Steal Christmas
  31. Iraqi election
  32. Fonda's apology short-lived
  33. Romney will not seek reelection
  34. Spin awards survey
  35. "Go to Hell"
  36. Former President Ford admitted to Eisenhower Medical Center
  37. Bush calls Constitution just a piece of paper? and other news link
  38. Australia Sydney's racial unrest
  39. Gotta Love the "Nice" Dem's
  40. Genghis John
  41. Will the Terminator Terminate Tookie?
  42. Like father, like son--NOT!
  43. Eugene McCarthy dies
  44. The party of tolerance, open-mindedness, and liberal thinking, not!
  45. Bill O'Reilly calls UCONN students nazis for not allowing Ann Coulter to speak
  46. Satanist runs for MN governor
  47. Final Report 911 Comissions Recommendation. Dec 5th 2005
  48. Will Lieberman replace Rumsfeld?
  49. Immigration Reform
  50. Spoof(?) article
  51. Dem's due for a weather vane change...
  52. Bush vs. LBJ-----$$$$$$$$$
  53. Proof of a left-wing bias
  54. I knew there was some reason I like Australia...
  55. An Honorable Man
  56. Syriana
  57. Another one bites the dust
  58. Is Ramsey Clark a traitor or a patriot?
  59. Pinochet finally gets what's coming to him
  60. Nixon and Nuclear War
  61. Bush Issues Sanctions Against Mugabe
  62. East Asia allies doubt U.S. could win war with China
  63. Government efficiency at work
  64. CNN x's out Cheney
  65. JFK--will we ever know the truth?
  66. Will MA force people to purchase health insurance?
  67. Are American Jobs Gone Forever?
  68. Was Bush right after all
  69. Clocks
  70. Three Year Rule
  71. Odd Blog
  72. National Debt Reaches 8 Trillion Dollars!!!
  73. Uhhh - we can all dream, can't we?
  74. One Libertarian's View of the Democrats
  75. "Nobody was beheaded or killed"
  76. International media reported this week that dozens of small missiles believed to have
  77. GOP views on war in Iraq turning
  78. VP Cheney in cahoots with big oil?
  79. The EU is gonna spy on citizens from space?
  80. Operations Northwoods really existed! Could this really happen?
  81. Is this GOP memo true? Something more sinister? Or what...
  82. Does the media affect how we label one another "conspiracy kooks"?
  83. Physics professor argues against official version of 9/11
  84. Carter's Remarks
  85. Article regarding 2006 budget
  86. Bill O'Reilly: OK for terrorists to attack San Francisco
  87. Biiig Mistake?
  88. CIA Doubted Pre-war Administration's Claim
  89. This is becoming downright fun!
  90. Pat Robertson article
  91. Libertarian Reform Caucus
  92. 18-year-old write-in candidate elected Hillsdale mayor
  93. Let the torture begin!!!
  94. FBI Surveillance on Ordinary Americans
  95. Libertarian wins election
  96. Democrats Stick Fork In Own Heads
  97. Food for thought - Bush admin latest poll ratings...
  98. china shuts down democracy blog
  99. Bush nominates Samuel Alito
  100. GOOD NEWS-historic decline in war around the world!
  101. Wilson/Plame/CIA leak/Libby indictments: piercing the opacity! (Full version)
  102. Plame/CIA leak/Wilson/Libby: peircing the opacity! (short verision)
  103. Foster Brooks Award in Jurisprudence
  104. Iran's Ahmadinejad: Israel should be wiped off the map
  105. Miers is out! Who next?
  106. Condi Rice and "devil eyes" and USA Today
  107. NPR is biased !
  108. FBI Caught Again Monitoring Citizens Without Legal Right
  109. "Irishisation" of names to get elected
  110. Bush Assailed as Big Spender
  111. Life Without Rove?
  112. Arrest warrant for Congressman DeLay?
  113. Power corrupts-You'd better pay your tax bills in Ohio or else-this is crazy!
  114. About that "Katrina Blog" thread that was closed
  115. Bush Unites, Not Divides
  116. Economic malaise, NASCAR dads, & soccer moms...
  117. European vs. Islamic Technolgy
  118. Justice Miers?
  119. No Federal Leadership Wanted
  120. FBI Taps Wrong Number Using the Patriot Act
  121. Gas prices going up?
  122. US Control of the Internet Questioned
  123. Is USA Hated or Loved Around The World?
  124. Chief Justice Roberts!
  125. So...what is a liberal...what is a conservative?
  126. Warning - Bush bashing ahead!
  127. What a snivlin little weasel
  128. Buh Bye Delay...
  129. Interesting article regarding tax cuts
  130. IRA lay down arms
  131. Article on Bill Frist
  132. Interesting Far Left Take on Katrina
  133. Al Gore Airlifts Evacuees
  134. Hurricane Rita
  135. Another Futile War on Poverty....
  136. Five Dollars A Gallon For Gas!
  137. Three important world events
  138. interesting blog about katrina victims
  139. Gov's son arrested
  140. A Libertarian Society
  141. The President's speech
  142. Blanco: 'I take full responsibility'
  143. Congratulations President Bush...
  144. Judge Roberts confirmation hearings
  145. Patriot Act
  146. Colin Powell
  147. John Titor
  148. Suggestions for New Associate Justice ...
  149. Bush nominates John Roberts as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  150. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies
  151. World Trade
  152. Bush "leadership" in crisis....
  153. Iraq War Vets on Campus: loved or hated?
  154. Hurricane & Oil Prices?
  155. A Must Read!
  156. Double standard?
  157. Rice for President site
  158. Cindy Sheehan article
  159. Fuel Prices Weigh on Businesses
  160. Stupid question-
  161. Interesting Article!
  162. Corruption crosses party lines
  163. Roberts Objected to Michael Jackson Award
  164. Former MA gov. to seek NY gov'ship
  165. Judge Roberts receives "well qualified" rating from the American Bar Association
  166. Why It's Important to Listen Carefully
  167. Gotta love them...
  168. More barbarity in the Middle east
  169. Conservative (Neo-Cons which are really fake conservatives) booklist
  170. Air Force officer allegedly vandalized cars with pro-Bush bumper stickers
  171. Gas $3 a gallon by the end of year.
  172. Hillary gets serious opposition for Senate race
  173. LP Iraq exit strategy
  174. Great new site!
  175. Hillary: IRA called Ian's bluff
  176. More sabre rattling from a dying frankenstein?
  177. Still "Dancing in the Street"
  178. It's about freedom now
  179. Danegeld
  180. Loyalists: We Won't Disarm
  181. Small victory in the war against terrorism
  182. 2008 Hopefuls
  183. I hereby recant!
  184. Effort to take Justice Souter's property....
  185. Another Judge John Roberts Thread
  186. Ignorance and regional America...
  187. Justice John G. Roberts?
  188. Enron ordered to pay
  189. Chinese General Warns of Nuclear Conflict
  190. Myers Accuses Russia, China of Bullying
  191. Gaza mosque welcomes London attacks
  192. Suitcase Nukes
  193. Bin Laden developing nuclear plan to kill millions
  194. The Buzz: Karl Rove is Guilty
  195. O'Connor retires from US Supreme Court
  196. Interesting article
  197. dcv's reconciliation of the abortion issue
  198. Attorney General Gonzales shows dangerous liberal tendencies!!
  199. Iraq Insurgents Still strong
  200. This is one heck of a Supreme Court ruling!
  201. 'Exalted Cyclops' - Robert Byrd
  202. Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax?
  203. Penn & Tellar Bullshit
  204. Push for Pull Out of Iraq
  205. Downing Street Memo article
  206. Interesting Enron article
  207. Chirac is the sick man of Europe, say French
  208. Interesting article on Manufacturing jobs
  209. UN: Women's Rights Crucial to AIDS Fight
  210. War Often Fuels Hunger in Africa
  211. Man Without a Country?
  212. Tobacco Lawyers: Government Case in Disarray?
  213. Rape Victim Asks Government to Lift Travel Ban
  214. Dean Tells Dems: 'People Want Us to Fight'
  215. Interesting article
  216. Falwell on Howard Dean
  217. "Don't count on the European Union," ..."Look to the U.S.; they're our real friends.&
  218. It's appearance that matters at election time
  219. bush...more thoughts
  220. Will the Real Gulag Please Stand Up?
  221. Kerry's a Genius...NOT!!!
  222. Runaway Bride Pleads Guilty
  223. Missing Weapons in Iraq?
  224. Scooby Doo Meets George W.
  225. Interesting Eisenhower quote
  226. Deep Throat Revealed
  227. 10 Good Suggestions Back On County Building in Goshen, IN
  228. Slick Willy the Comeback Kid Remembers J2P2
  229. Mom Arrested for Hiring Stripper for Teen Son's B-Day
  230. Arrest Warrant Issued for AF Academy Cadet Rape Counselor
  231. Convicts Get Free Viagra
  232. How Does Osama Survive?
  233. Long, Pointy Knife Control
  234. Judge orders parents not to expose children to"non-mainstream religious beliefs"
  235. Back On The Chain Gang?
  236. Runaway Bride Faces Charges
  237. Tired of the Michael Jackson Case?
  238. Dean: Blacks Annoyed by Party's Outreach
  239. Newsweek Anti-American?
  240. What is Religious Tolerance?
  241. Dean Stands by DeLay Jail Remark
  242. Bush gets mixed reaction at Christian College
  243. Big Time Bigotry
  244. Black Rednecks and White Liberals
  245. Smokers and Democrats
  246. Top English teachers see value of teaching Bible as literature
  247. Left aims to smite 'theocracy' movement
  248. University Class Bars Student Over Poem
  249. Get Ready for the Parasites!!!
  250. Mississippi allows religious documents posted on public property