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  1. More on Trump University
  2. One of the Koch Brothers Said Bernie is Righh on this critical issue
  3. The tangled webs we weave
  4. When selfies go too far: Rare baby dolphin dies after beach photos
  5. Killer Mike has my vote
  6. I always wondered who would would secure this voting bloc
  7. Ted Cruz embraces apocalyptic preachers and anti-gay militants
  8. Immigrants sue re college tuition
  9. Ted Cruz on why The Donald is scared of Megyn Kelly
  10. How Donald Trump is forcing Republicans to rethink poverty
  11. Doctor explains what is going on with Trump's hair
  12. Ted Cruz’s claim that JFK would be Republican today
  13. Palin's old tactics no longer working
  14. Let's Cut to the Chase: Sanders vs. Trump
  15. HRC Emails Face New Scrutiny
  16. I wonder if Trump is going to use this against Ted Cruz:
  17. Book burning in Russia
  18. Jeb!
  19. Have Trump voters been failed by GOP's Reagan-style economics?
  20. Higher Ed and the election
  21. Troubles in South Africa
  22. Man Who Allegedly Stockpiled Explosives to Use Against Muslims Says He's a Trump Supp
  23. Accounting and Accountants in Indigenous Societies
  24. Scottish Uni Strips Degree From Trump
  25. Anonymous v. ISIS
  26. Political Cartoons
  27. If it comes down to Clinton and Trump, who would you vote for?
  28. Congressional oversight
  29. Ted Cruz’s Surge
  30. Political Correctness
  31. Trump Open to Independent Bid
  32. Would you put a "Trump" bumper sticker on your car?
  33. Hillary’s political debt to Wall Street
  34. Wake Up, Mr. President
  35. LP Gary Johnson booted from GOP
  36. Another Hit: Court upholds injunction
  37. Vetting Ben Carson
  38. Sanders Contrasts His Record with Clinton's
  39. Prager University
  40. FBI Director James Comey
  41. Obama’s Education Report Card
  42. Trump’s first bad week
  43. Democratic Debate
  44. Possibly Running as an Independent
  45. Liberals win BIG!!!
  46. Democratic debate: re Jim Webb
  47. Conflict of Interest...?
  48. More Chicago sleaze
  49. Kevin McCarthy Drops Out
  50. Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her: Time to lawyer up
  51. A bit od a mess in Ohio
  52. More email woes for Clinton
  53. WSJ Opinion Journal: Could Carly Win the GOP Nomination?
  54. Trump University
  55. Carly Fiorina
  56. Rubio: Modernize Higher Education
  57. Clinton Insinuates DL Lacks Integrity
  58. The power of social media and the European Union
  59. Scot Walker
  60. Opinion Journal: What Else Is Hillary Hiding? WSJ 7/31/2015 4:24PM
  61. Rubio on "Higher Ed cartel"
  62. The role od government in education
  63. Let's Tax Wall Street
  64. Yemen
  65. I'm "Shocked"
  66. So happy that we have gridlock and that nothing seems to get done.
  67. Fellow Unitedstatesians! General Election Tuesday!
  68. Upset aboot Canada!!!
  69. Veterans Administration Healthcare- Sound off related to the latest developments.
  70. (Video) Idiot's Guide to Smart People: Politics
  71. Out of curiousity- What's your political affiliation here on DL Forums
  72. Bible Verse, (not cuts) draws ire of Lawmakers
  73. U.S. Drops to 46th Place in Freedom of the Press
  74. What Happened to this forum?
  75. A vote for so and so is a wasted vote...
  76. Gollin for Congress?!
  77. More Hereos! Hooah!
  78. Middle East Primer?
  79. The debate on Syria
  80. John Kerry
  81. Jesse Jackson Jr.
  82. Sign petition to DOJ
  83. The Sequester and Tuition Assistance
  84. American reactions to N. Korean nuclear threat
  85. sequester reductions
  86. Healt Care Provider Shortage
  87. Dark Money
  88. finally, a politician does something positive
  89. Five Myths About The Fiscal Cliff
  90. Happy Veterans Day!
  91. Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies: A For-Profit Entity?
  92. Has Karl Rove lost his touch?
  93. Are You a Democrat, Republican or Southern Republican?
  94. So I threw my vote to aviod the best of two evils . . .
  95. Lincoln (Movie)
  96. Mitt Romney speech at Catholic conference
  97. Why congress can't balance the U.S. budget.
  98. Propostions - Partisan or non partisan?
  99. Prediction: Utah Colleges will see huge drop in freshman enrollments!
  100. Obama-Romney debate
  101. "Questionable: Palm Beach voter registration
  102. House Kills Bill to Create More STEM Visas
  103. What do you think of Libertarianism?
  104. I am deeply concerned for our country.
  105. Telephone polling calls
  106. Judge strikes down Wis. law limiting union rights
  107. Film maker should be shipped to the Mideast
  108. Fox News & Paul Ryan
  109. This really should be non-political
  110. Fantasy Politics
  111. Do Degree Info Members Like Obamacare?
  112. Transcript of Obama Congratulations Phone Conversation with Michael Phelps
  113. Comments on Obama I recieved in an email
  114. John McCain blasts unjust attack on Huma Abedin
  115. Obama to small businesses "You didn't build that"
  116. Wango Tango Wango Tango Wango Tango.......Nugent Golf Cart incident
  117. Flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop
  118. Democrate Mark Leno on for-profit education
  119. Veteran not a hero? Try again, Joe Walsh.
  120. Do Americans like Obamacare?
  121. Which presidential candidate is better for education?
  122. Syria shoots down Turkish jet
  123. This is just wrong
  124. Candidate Quiz - ISideWith.com
  125. Merely an honest question, not looking to press any hot button issues.
  126. Romney Pledges to Simplify Federal Student Aid and Revive Bank-Based Lending
  127. How do I keep the delicious graduate student loan monies coming in?
  128. Dissertation editors help
  129. OK, can someone explain
  130. If this is true . . .
  131. US Income Tax Rates
  132. Socialist of the United States of America?
  133. Dr. Maddow schools Santorum
  134. Will soap & water make you conservative?
  135. Obama's a joke to the world
  136. Romney is like an etch a sketch
  137. Santorum on higher education
  138. Scott Walker has now lost the Republican majority in the Wisconsin state senate.
  139. George Clooney Arrested
  140. Iran cut off
  141. Postal cuts could force change in Calif. voting
  142. Republican VP Candidates
  143. Christie looks bad at a Rutgers U discussion
  144. Where did Congress go to college?
  145. How many agree with Malcom X?
  146. Don't have a job? California bill would keep employers from screening you out
  147. State higher education spending sees big decline
  148. Meet the Architect Behind SOPA and PIPA
  149. So have the powers that be at DI thought about SOPA and PIPA
  150. Perry: Turkey = Islamic Terrorists
  151. What the Right Gets Right
  152. Romney's Bain made millions as S.C. steelmaker went bankrupt
  153. Ron Paul doesn't remember what he wrote in his newletters?
  154. What the heck is a Santorum?
  155. Islamic Cleric and Sharia Law
  156. Gun Control…do you support it?
  157. Gingrich Virginia FAIL
  158. Help me out here - FEMA death camps, financial collapse next year, internment camps?
  159. Sucks for Rick Perry
  160. Can someone please explain corporate taxes to me?
  161. The GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco
  162. Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (Song)
  163. Ce n'est pas vrai!!! Jacques Chirac convicted
  164. Kim Jong IL, North Korea's Dictator Has Died
  165. Terminally ill woman to stay in foresclosed home until she dies
  166. Congress
  167. Affirmative action bake sale at Berkley - yeah I know its old
  168. $662 billion defense bill approved by Senate
  169. Cain's 999 plan
  170. Fast & Furious Media Coverage? **crickets**
  171. Occupy British embassy in Iran
  172. Barney Frank to Retire
  173. Cain: I dunno nothing.
  174. Scott Walker: The mechanics of a Wisconsin governor recall
  175. Pizza is a vegetable? Congress says yes
  176. OWS: Finance Committee and Spending
  177. Patriotic Millionaires for fiscal strength
  178. Rick Perry on the three agencies he would eliminate
  179. State Workers Outraged About Overspending
  180. Ohio voters overwhelmingly reject Issue 2, dealing a blow to Gov. John Kasich
  181. UC, CSU campuses to be site of economic-based protests
  182. Petition to the White House Everyone Can Sign On To
  183. Herman Cain: Viable Candidate?
  184. Could this man be elected president today?
  185. Candidate for Mayor in Hudson, OH Busted with Phony PhD
  186. Reagan said.............
  187. Credit check law has fans, foes
  188. Reagan on tax cuts for millionaires
  189. One of my Pet Peeves...
  190. Occupy Wall Street
  191. Guilty?
  192. SpongeBob Square Pants and the Tea Part - Oh Boy!
  193. GOP upset win in NY
  194. Romney wins last night's debate
  195. Help needed tracking down a direct email for Governor Brown
  196. Carter and Obama
  197. Michelle Bachmann is comedian?
  198. Mississippi makes history
  199. 42,xxx post count?
  200. WTF is happening in Congress . . .
  201. Stock Market Drop Not Caused By Credit Rating Downgrade?
  202. Rick Perry's College Transcript
  203. How sad this is
  204. Political Epithets
  205. how does the debt deal effect students?
  206. Glenn Beck: Young Norway victims like 'Hitler Youth'
  207. Union Republicans
  208. Applicants stampede for section 8 housing. Sign of the times?
  209. Balanced budget constitutional amendment
  210. Does Anybody Like My New Sig Line?
  211. The latest as the U.S. economy continues in decline …
  212. Liberalism...I think I like it!
  213. The Truth about the Economy in less than 2 minutes
  214. Flight Attendant with fake ID worked for Airline. Gubmint has no idea who he is? Nice
  215. Weiner will resign...Boehner will be happy.
  216. Weiner admits sending photos. Will he be forced to resign?
  217. The Obama administration's crackdown on for-profit colleges is drawing backlash
  218. Newt self destructs, Romney never started and now TPaw tosses his hat in the ring
  219. Anyone going to SA?
  220. Schwarzenegger fathered child with a staffer
  221. Lie Detector Politician
  222. Huckabee is out and Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Newt are idiots...(sigh)
  223. Meghan McCain fires back at Glenn Beck for body comment
  224. Newt is gonna run...
  225. bin Laden's family has suffered for his crimes.
  226. Osama Bin Laden Dead
  227. Obama gets some good digs in while being funny
  228. Food Stamp Soft Drink Ban?
  229. Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate
  230. Is anyone else tired of the "birther" issue?
  231. What is a good political issue to use for my assignment?
  232. Is anyone else disturbed by the S&P threatened downgrading of U.S. credit?
  233. More innumeracy from a govt official
  234. Are There Any GOP Presidential Hopefuls You Like?
  235. Glenn Beck gone from Fox News
  236. State elections officials dispatched to examine Waukesha County count
  237. GOP 2012 budget to make $4 trillion-plus in cuts
  238. US Budget & Pell Grants
  239. Trying to understand
  240. revolution
  241. It appears there will be no Health Care..........
  242. U.S. fast food caught in immigration crosshairs
  243. Where does all the anger and self-righteousness come from in political discussions?
  244. US Fake School Scamming Students from India
  245. Send your kids to the wrong school...go to jail
  246. How long have politics and government been a part of human society?
  247. The Gold Standard
  248. Ever get tired of political discussions where persons involved get angry and result t
  249. Which complex issues are radically oversimplified in political discussions these days
  250. Congresswoman Giffords, others shot in Ariz