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  1. SRU & Almeda College - the apparel connection
  2. UK prosecution
  3. Violation of Chapter 446E
  4. Knightsbridge University's Faculty
  6. Ks Dentist with MD degree from UHSA-Antigua loses appeal on use of MD title
  7. Donsbach University
  8. If Masters Divinity School is a Degree Mill, why...
  9. SRU recruits staff for its "new" schools?
  10. Columbia Southern University Tuition
  11. www.accreditnow.com
  12. Fake degrees get companies to look beyond resume??
  13. Need Advice
  14. Connecticut fights back
  15. Know anyone burned with an Unacredited degree
  16. Greenwich, IUPS and Akamai Universities
  17. M.S Southwest University
  18. "Principal With Fake PhD Removed"
  19. Bangalore Institute of Science, Technology, and Management
  20. Is Mr. Contreras going too far?
  21. degrees
  22. Rochville University
  23. International School of Management in the Economist
  24. Washington School of Law MS Taxation
  25. "St. Regis Donates to LTS"
  26. Greece will not recognize University of Lincoln degrees
  27. California Coast University
  28. Richard Hoyer's latest activities
  29. SRU Site down
  30. How good is Kennedy-Western?
  31. Mr. Contreras - This is what you should be fighting!!!!
  32. california pacific university - Need help!!!
  33. Comments on University of Braddord and its SoM PhD Program ...
  34. Breyer State Affiliates
  35. AACSB Accreditation
  36. Rushmore - for Mark Stringer
  37. "Diploma Mill Used Churches to Recruit Pupils"
  38. American Coastline business charter revoked??
  39. Can a State Approved Degree be Evaluated as equivelant to RA or NA by a Agency?
  40. Alleged New Zealand diploma mill sues The Australian
  41. Faculty Senate President has IUGS degree
  42. Saint Regis issues degree to soldier in Iraq
  43. California Pacific University
  44. Rushmore University
  45. Federal role in degree approvals
  46. UNISA-application process
  47. Oregon and foreign degree approvals
  48. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
  49. To Mr Alan Contreras
  50. Washington International University
  51. Bridgewater University?
  52. NBOE and Rubber Duck Design
  54. Kofi Annan University?
  55. San Antonio Public School Educators with Questionable Degrees
  56. Phillipine president orders closing of diploma mills
  57. Belford University
  58. SRU - Is this for Real?????
  59. From a Liberian Citizen about St. Regis University and Others.
  60. Indiana letter to Washington re. Saint Regis
  61. Robertstown University
  62. Saint Regis PhD earns $12,500 to $20,000 per presentation
  63. IUFS Legitimacy
  64. Saint Regis PhD is the new basketball coach
  65. KWU For the Media
  66. Who are these guys?
  67. Educational Elitism
  68. distinguishing between ducks
  69. Illinois Board of Higher Education closes private college
  70. Pontifical Greogrian University ?
  71. John Adams High School
  72. Canadian Institute of English CIE
  73. Saratoga University School of Law
  74. Barrington U in the news
  75. Degree recognition in Malaysia
  76. PWU graduate slips on a greasy potato and sues
  77. TV "health guru" with doctorate from Clayton College of Natural Health
  78. Negative Press for CCU, KWU, & PWU
  79. Calif. immigrant 'diploma mill' shut down
  80. Legitimate Institution distinctives
  81. Diploma Mill distinctives
  82. Hallmarks of non-U.S. degree legitimacy
  83. Schools accepting ACICS credits
  84. Fake Liberian embassy web sites zapped
  85. Saint Regis "acquired by acquired by Founders Mission Corporation of Liberia"
  86. Tulane dismisses instructor with Lacrosse degree
  87. Ccwu
  88. Kennedy-Western lawsuit
  89. employment worth of DETC grad schools
  90. Wyoming law; Hamilton suspends degree-granting
  91. It Had to Happen - St Regis Quack
  92. Transcipts for the "for-profit" colleges
  93. New Venture project
  94. Sheriff candidate with Southwest degree
  95. Regionally Accredited Schools without a Bricks & Mortar Campus?
  96. College approval in theory
  97. Columbia Commonwealth U evaluation
  98. Degrees for work experience
  99. SRU India tour (Pictures)
  100. Mba
  101. "Women are the ones who fake it the most in the workplace"
  102. Any Currrent News on or about Fairfax University?
  103. State Education Rankings
  104. Thanks to degree info !!!! KWU
  105. Annodated Responses From Warnborough - Monologue 2
  106. AACSB vs. RA
  107. CA State Approved Psy.D. For Only $42,000
  108. acacorp.org
  109. Annodated Resonses From Warnborough - Monologue 1
  110. Lambert University
  111. Adonai International Christian University
  112. Newburgh Seminary Upgrades Website
  113. Michael Jackson's spiritual advisor with PhD from Pacific Western U.
  114. Head Start nominee withdraws
  115. Cita
  116. unaccredited pharmacy schools
  117. Off to a great start
  118. recommendation: Georgia teachers should lose licenses
  119. "International Education Assessment" and Saint Regis
  120. Google Search on CCU
  121. Warnborough Offers Students Financial Assistance
  122. RA and GAAP, Which one is better?
  123. Accredited status validity
  124. Richard J. Hoyer and "International Association of Personal Protection Agents"
  125. medical schools
  126. Fake degrees in Britain
  127. Website offers fake degrees for 165
  128. Kennedy-Western is misunderstood
  129. Supplimenting a CA State Approved Degree With RA Coursework
  130. Report from the DETC Accrediting Commission
  131. Liberian embassy in Paris statement about Saint Regis
  132. International Commission of Open Postsecondary Education
  133. SCUPS restores doctoral programs, but...
  134. Ufrs
  135. Central Pacific University
  136. C-SPAN on diploma mills
  137. Kristiaan De Ley and Liberia
  138. Perfect Spokesman for St. Regis U.
  139. Concordia C&U
  140. LaSalle degree at Youngstown State
  141. The European Business Institute (EBI)
  142. St Regis accreditation in India
  143. Hamilton U. meets 60 Minutes
  144. State of California Is a Party to Fraud?
  145. Online discussion with Alan Contreras
  146. Associates at Ashworth
  147. Chronicle of Higher Ed diploma mill articles
  148. Oregon school definitions
  149. International University for graduate Studies, St Christopher and Nevis, BWI
  150. Internation University for Graduate Studies, St Christopher and Nevis
  151. Oregon ODA leads the nation
  152. You need a BA for this position
  153. List of diploma mills??
  154. NEASC - ok?
  155. DOD degree requirement for civilian job
  156. Kennedy Western
  157. Dentist with offshore MD sued by Kansas
  158. Accredit DL Master Degree
  159. Ashworth College MCJ
  160. Douglas Dissertation Proves Value of Unaccredited Degrees
  161. transamerican consultants
  162. Are ANY state approved degrees accepted? By whom?
  163. Fast Track Diploma Plan
  164. Got this today
  165. St. Clements University - Submission of Programs for Malaysian Accreditation
  166. Vision International College & University
  167. New DETC New Applicants
  168. American University of Hawaii ( AUH )
  169. South Carolina won't fall for St. Regis diplomas
  170. Preston University Campus
  171. UNESCO Directive-based Assessment Degree Program
  172. South Carolina news story
  173. Distance Learning - Psychology
  174. Automated education check
  175. London College of Business and Technology
  176. Detc
  177. Unkle Jacko Correction of your errors
  178. Scups
  179. Spokane news story: orthomolecular microbiologist does blood analysis
  180. News from DETC
  181. Two diploma mill news stories
  182. F A S T T R A C K D I P L O M A P L A N
  183. Warnborough and Eagle Group Update
  184. WASC accredits substandard school?
  185. Masters Divinity School now offering Doctor of Divinity degree
  186. ACCS gutted like a fish
  187. Another St. Kitts School...
  188. Kennedy Western -- Still in the news!
  189. Chrysler workers face St. Regis administrators
  190. 48-72 Hours: Will Cal Coast Become USDoE Recognized?
  191. Saint Regis weird domains
  192. Comprehensive Seminary List
  193. Saint Regis professor activities???
  194. Eckhart Theological Seminary
  195. Kornell University College "My diploma mill institution."
  196. Liberian Embassy DC Official Website
  197. American Central University, Wyoming
  198. NA grads go on to RA grad schools
  199. VAE Diploma
  200. Detc New Applicants
  201. A moral (and legal) dilemma
  202. NA vs RA
  203. Warnborough University
  204. California Coast University and SCUPS
  205. The Graduate Institute - mill or not?
  206. proctored exams
  207. Busa, Muhilly and Weston Reserve
  208. San Antonio firefighters and Lacrosse University, etc.
  209. LaSalle (Mandeville)
  210. American World University
  211. Robertstown Photoshop University
  212. AABC
  213. accredited vs unaccredited, etc., etc., etc.
  214. Comes now the Canadian School of Management Institute (of Iowa, Hawaii, and Manitoba)
  215. Accredited vs unaccredited degree programs
  216. Re: Outcome of the Diploma mill investigation
  217. Nasty article about California Coast and Corinthian
  218. Fake Liberian medical school
  219. Liberian enterprises going underground?
  220. Message to DegreeInfo from Alan Contreras in Oregon
  221. NBOE domain has become obscure.
  222. CPU@ American Institute Of Hypnotherapy
  223. KW responds to Collins circus
  224. more on fake degree's in India
  225. Anyone want the skinny on Newburgh Theological Seminary?
  226. Pacific Western University
  227. UC Irvine engineering lecturer with fake PhD
  228. Senator Collins op-ed piece
  229. Saint Regis and "Academic Credential Assessment Corporation"
  230. interesting university names
  231. Patriot University
  232. Rushmore University
  233. Where you should graduate from?
  234. Is it good to get two of the same level degrees?
  235. Diploma, Degree, or Certificate?
  236. Accredited Program
  237. CPU DBA: I finally enrolled in it
  238. barrington v barrington
  239. Doctors with "fake" degrees from countries of the former Soviet Union
  240. Official With Role in Student-Loan Policy Has Degrees From 'Diploma Mills'
  241. KWU $25 million in 2003!
  242. Kensington University and LaSalle University
  243. BBC article on Britain College of Management
  244. Florida State Representative with Kensington degree
  245. USA Today: 28 Top Officials Have Fake Degrees
  246. Ivoire marketing "Fast Track Diplomas"
  247. How unaccredited schools qualify for federal aid
  248. Western American University
  249. Curious About Evaluation Agencies
  250. GAO Report