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  1. New federal degree rules
  2. weston reserve University !!
  3. KW Help
  4. List of recognised providers in the UK
  5. Scottish article on degree mills
  6. Validity of non-U.S. degrees in Oregon
  7. Madison & Lacrosse Univ busted!
  8. Buxton University (UK)
  9. St George('s) University?
  10. Degreeboard Playing Games
  11. Saint Regis and the Saint Regis Owner's New Schools
  12. Madison Univ. Eliminates the PhD Programs
  13. university of america and theological university of america
  14. Accrediting Agency
  15. Mississippi Considering Kicking Out Unaccredited Schools
  16. Ufps
  17. International University for Graduate Studies
  18. Commonwealth Open University
  19. Issues of Legitimacy @ Florida State University
  20. Hawaii Litigation Update: Washington American Open
  21. King's International University
  22. which one of you put up this satire site?
  23. Joining the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
  24. America City University
  25. Bangalore Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
  26. Minimum graduate hours to teach NCA accredited schools
  27. Fulbright University
  28. CCU course work
  29. Brand new US News article on degree mills
  30. Saint Regis names new co-director; Robertstown goes under
  31. Ranking of Accreditation
  32. Acceptability of unaccredited J.D. degrees
  33. The Less Accs
  34. CCU removed from ODA Unaccredited Colleges List
  35. Mississippi College Board wants state to address problem of diploma mills
  36. Accreditation group
  37. Any other Institutions got DETC accreditation in this meeting?
  38. CCU did it!
  39. Pebble Hills University is blessed by ICfHE and ACAC
  40. Allen Ezell interview: U.S. News & World Report story
  41. To Oregon and Michigan droll lists.
  42. Update on Knightsbridge University
  43. International University
  44. Good job, Folks
  45. University of the Holy Land??
  46. CCU and DETC accreditation
  47. Preston University
  48. Education Directs Accreditation
  49. Wyoming panel rejects "diploma mill" bill
  50. A facelift for "University Services"
  51. WTHR-TV "New lawsuit targets St. Regis"
  52. Question regarding federal financial aid
  53. Central State University, also, from mill to unaccredited
  54. cat with MBA
  55. "Everything SRU has become James Monroe"
  56. Trinity college and university, The university college
  57. University Online!
  58. Breyer State opens up in B.W.I
  59. Saint Regis fora have disappeared
  60. James Monroe goes multicultural
  61. Dyson and Atworth
  62. Mills will be "resigning from Berne University"
  63. Ashington advertising in The Guardian online
  64. ICDE dropping unaccredited schools
  65. Robertstown and James Monroe are becoming alike
  66. St. Regis Law Suit Hitting papers
  67. Legal to use unaccredited degree in OR In some circumstances?
  68. how to tell if a school is really state approved?
  69. Louisiana Baptist University
  70. What is “May be a diploma mill”?
  71. Breyer State wants to teach premed courses
  72. About Diploma Mill
  73. Letter in New Scientist
  74. SRU Dean of Studies recommends dropping name "Saint Regis University"
  75. Fake dental qualifications in Italy
  76. Funny story by Dr. C. and ODA
  78. Guardian newspaper issues Award for outstanding innovatio use of the title 'Dr"
  79. Will Thomas Edison accept DETC credits...?
  80. KWU, From Diploma Mill to unaccredited
  81. Dr. Mills and Berne are not "acting together"
  82. Saint Regis morphs into James Monroe
  83. Another Law School Closed??
  84. Regis University sues Saint Regis
  85. Thrilling Information of Oregon Thing
  86. State of Hawaii Sues Washington American open Univ
  87. NAFSA lead story on credential fraud
  88. "The Virtual University" query
  89. Weston Reserve grad mover and shaker
  90. Capitol Network for Distance Learning Programs
  91. News story re. hospital administrator with K-W degree
  92. Louisville Bible College
  93. Berne University is not accredited in St. Kitts?
  94. Response from the ENIC-NARIC-CIEP
  95. Trinity International University?
  96. what is Bircham International University ?
  97. Pakistani diploma mill hunter is fired
  98. NBC diploma mills story, Raleigh, NC
  99. Trinity Southern PhD for me!
  100. comes PanAmerica University, and two others in the Saint Regis group
  101. Legal Recourse against Kennedy Western University
  102. Wyoming Bill Seems Fair to Me
  103. Some thoughts on CalBar J.D. programs
  104. Georgia teachers SRU story update
  105. Education Direct
  106. American School
  107. Is this a REAL High School???
  108. DETC usurps CalBar's wishes and intent!
  109. comes "Ameritech University"
  110. "Fort Young University," another "Liberian" entity
  111. Executive Development Assessment MBA or International MBA Institute Spokane/Panama
  112. American National University
  113. St. George University International
  114. American Capital University
  115. call 800-758-1668 for a fast degree
  116. SRU decoupling from India?
  117. Please Help!
  118. Goverment Officer obtaining degree from the fake university, how to unmask?
  119. Hawaii Litigation Update: American Univ of Hawaii
  120. Nobel University in LA, supposedly
  121. Drakefield University
  122. Questionable Degree ...
  123. Proposed Wyoming legislation to reguire accreditation
  124. Saint Regis School of Apologetics
  125. Tucson NBC story on Pacific Western U
  126. Dubious degrees on the TV news
  127. FTA agreement. Australia-US
  128. Berne University has no GI BIll loans
  129. Accreditation Survey
  130. Kennedy Western
  131. Saint Regis University School of Natural and Health Sciences
  132. Saint Regis (QIS) dance school
  133. Professionalism in Academic Counseling!
  134. UK Prosecution II
  135. George Washington University Inc
  136. Nice work, Dr. Bear
  137. What is "VAE"?
  138. coming soon! Independentstudies.org
  139. Washington State Slams A Berne Grad
  140. Saint Regis martial arts distance learning program
  141. Professional School of Psychology
  142. International American University?
  143. Hawaii Litigation Update: Univ of Advanced Research
  144. Washington teachers with dubious degrees (Berne, LaSalle)
  145. American University of Asturias
  146. State-approved degrees in the world
  147. australian distance ed for foriegn students
  148. Question on accreditation for university of evansville
  149. Honorary Doctorate
  150. Earl Marshall of Hutt River Province
  151. Discovering the truth
  152. Kigezi Med students left high and dry in Cambridge UK
  153. City Council candidate with 1956 LaSalle degree
  154. NO F's AT THIS SCHOOL! :)
  155. Liberia was never a U.S. Colony. St. Regis and JF S Marketing will be embarassed.
  156. Become a Lawyer
  157. Cosmopolitan University
  158. St James University Info
  159. Almeda eventually attempting to go legit?
  160. "Trinity College & University" required to change name
  161. Fairbanks, Alaska time bomb update
  162. Saint Regis reopens
  163. International framework on quality assurance and accreditation
  164. St. Petersburg University degrees in Israel
  165. Masters Divinity School Implements ThD Program
  166. Is anyone here in an online law program?
  167. Is this Political, or Just Plain Degree Mill Sleaze?
  168. RA Schools
  169. CPU recognition in Europe
  170. Difference between CPU and PWU
  171. Frederick Taylor University
  172. California BPPVE Lists
  173. California American University
  174. Californis American University
  175. Center College of Executive & Professional Development (CCEPD)
  176. Canterbury University
  177. UMUC accreditation
  178. Nigerian sells honorary degrees to politicians
  179. Buy yourself a degree...
  180. Alabama Pacific University?!
  181. "legitimate" non accrediting body?
  182. nationally accredited - state approved
  183. World Chapel and Rubber Stamp Company
  184. Hong Kong politician under pressure for Cal Coast degree
  185. Golden State University and University of Honolulu
  186. American Central University, the I-DETC, and Mark Wilson
  187. accredited, recognized or approved university
  188. International Bible University?
  189. Thought About RA and National Rankings
  190. Pacific Western University
  191. Why I salute the State of Oregon
  192. (ODA) Oregon being sued by Kennedy Western University
  193. Apostille
  194. Finish law studies...
  195. Liberian Government statement about Robertstown
  196. ama article on oral surgeons using unlicensed distance learning MD degrees
  197. Something you all should know....
  198. interfaith education Ministries
  199. Baker College Online HELP!!
  200. Former SRU professor threatens "class action suit" against Liberia
  201. University of Midwest Missouri, USA
  202. Oregon Update
  203. Amazing CV
  204. Col. Dr. Dr. Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart...
  205. Masters Divinity School Authorized by Colorado Commission on Higher Education
  206. State of Hawaii Sues Earthnet Institute
  207. DETC and ACICS
  208. Saint Regis bounces back
  209. Dennis Chandler and SRU Connection - GONE!
  210. They can't be serious!
  211. This is how St. Regis got her license to operate in Liberia. What a scam!
  212. This is how St. Regis got her license to operate in Liberia. What a scam!
  213. Almeda University
  214. St. Luke and St. Regis illegal in Liberia. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
  215. Liberian Government announcement about St. Regis tomorrow.
  216. Should we accept the French VAE procedure ?
  217. 'Nat'l Assoc. for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools' - anyone heard of it?
  218. University of Northern Washington and Central Pacific University
  219. Department of Energy and mills
  220. Daily Nebraskan on mills
  221. La Verne's branch in Athens, Greece goes bust withouth warning
  222. "Diploma mills offer degrees for a price..."
  223. Hawaii Litigation Update: Cambridge State
  224. Vetting Those Foreign College Applications: NY Times
  225. Ezell's House testimony includes Saint Regis info
  226. Senior University International
  227. Bogus degrees in Michigan
  228. Candidate for Louisiana's 1st Congressional District seat has two LaSalle degrees
  229. Talbot, Central, Collinswood, Dyson, Memorial Online "High Schools"
  230. "American University of Hawaii" operating in Iran
  231. Viet Mill Shills Attacking Akamai Exposed
  232. st luke school of medicine
  233. Questionable medicine Criminal charges focus spotlight on alternative healing
  234. London Institute of Technology and Research
  235. Even more income than the Romanians!
  236. Legitimate Cameroon Universities
  237. Saint Regis requires R/A degrees!!!
  238. Saint Regis and Stanton offer the same degrees
  239. Story about some online medical students legal problems
  240. SRU & Almeda College - the apparel connection
  241. UK prosecution
  242. Violation of Chapter 446E
  243. Knightsbridge University's Faculty
  245. Ks Dentist with MD degree from UHSA-Antigua loses appeal on use of MD title
  246. Donsbach University
  247. If Masters Divinity School is a Degree Mill, why...
  248. SRU recruits staff for its "new" schools?
  249. Columbia Southern University Tuition
  250. www.accreditnow.com