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  1. IUFS application to Ministry of Health
  2. Please suggest
  3. Acceptability of Unaccredited Degrees
  4. "National Academic Archive Registrar" fake building
  5. Pebble Hills University
  6. Coming soon: New Seborga Mills
  7. http://www.newcredentials.com/
  8. Pillsbury College and Seminary
  9. Postsecondary Educational Institutions and Programs Accredited by Accrediting Agencie
  10. Wudses
  11. ?
  12. Digital Diplomas!!!
  13. Heritage University???
  14. IUFS makes changes
  15. U. of Alaska Uses ODA List
  16. Warden Demoted Over Fake Degree
  17. Everglades University
  18. Bible Medicine institute
  19. Swedish government report on diploma mills
  20. No Degree Offered to Liberian Students St. Luke Says It's Operating Legally
  21. Revans University - Vila, Vanuatu
  22. James Monroe declares Oregon a "disqualified state."
  23. Reid's classification of higher education in the USA
  24. Columbus University
  25. Does John Bear Rock? You can vote your choice.
  26. Cut price for Chinese students PhD Auckland University New Zealand
  27. Knightsbridge University's Military Studies Program Telling Lies
  28. Pacrao - Aacrao
  29. Accreditation of Evaluation Services
  30. James monroe, Principality National University, and many more
  31. No! Never!
  32. Is John Bear inane? Your chance to vote!
  33. Wyoming may demand accreditation...
  34. Century Targeted Potential Students
  35. James Monroe name change
  36. Saint Regis implodes
  37. Middleham University goatbag
  38. Cook's Institute Of Electronics Engineering
  39. Online resource
  40. Banasthali Vidyapith
  41. Glendale University goatbag
  42. The term 'diploma mill'
  43. Unaccredited Degrees Before Accreditation
  44. St. Regis University "Faculty" ...
  45. Association of International Education Assessors (of the Saint Regis group)
  46. An astonishing statement by a high US official
  47. stevekurdzin --- Reporter for Sale In Vietnam
  48. Why there was no reply???
  49. Then Where is Dr. Thomas Carper
  50. École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith™
  51. ACAC zapped by ISP
  52. Kennedy-Western Faculty to Present at DL Conference
  53. Paramount University of Technology exposed by Vietnam newspaper
  54. State approved for specialty schools
  55. UNESCO World publication used by NACES
  56. The Future of the University of Bridgeport
  57. New MA Doctorate
  58. Comes now Pebble Hills University, New Zealand
  59. RA Mexican Universities
  60. Choices
  61. "Law on inspections leads to overseas visits" article
  62. Panama goatbags, thanks to a remailer
  63. Moved question regarding associates of "applied" arts N science degrees
  64. Usdla
  65. Bridgegate Advance University
  66. The Return of Dr. Evans
  67. Accreditation Question
  68. As to the rampant BS in the MA...
  69. Thriving market for fakes and shills?
  70. When RA Universities become Diploma Mills
  71. Joined at the hip?
  72. Panama Canal University updates
  73. College University Buktronix Dot Com (CUBDC)
  74. Westfeld "University" goatbag
  75. French Government Hoax
  76. South Africa's war against forged education certificates
  77. DeRhodes University goatbag
  78. Richmond - The American International University in London - a real one, or phony?
  79. James Monroe changes its name to Monroe
  80. Gulf Coast Bible College and Seminary
  81. Madison "University" has moved again.
  82. Re: Help
  83. Sister Concern of St Regis Group???
  84. Can anyone help?
  85. Liberia Health Minister Confesses, NO ST.LUKE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
  86. Opinions re. Unaccredited Doctorate From Accredited School
  87. Unaccredited Degrees Are Legal
  88. Liberian presidential aspirant duped Into Bogus Diploma Scam
  89. Setting UA University Standards
  90. Instituto De EducaciÓn A Distancia
  91. Clinical Social Work Institute, Washington, D.C.
  92. Recognized by UKAS?
  93. Concordia C&U Query
  94. Panama and Middle States
  95. Hamilton University closes and somehow reopens at the same time?!?
  96. Roll your own school for $35,000
  97. AMU question
  98. worth it ?
  99. Another Berne Doctorate Bites the Dust
  100. Goatbags abducted by Space Aliens
  101. HR requests accreditation updates
  102. what happens when people think they are doctors from online schools
  103. An unaccredited entity paired with a "medical school"
  104. Hamilton University still open for business
  105. Proposal for a blindfold test of accredited vs. unaccredited dissertations
  106. Hawaii Litigation Update: Empire Univ
  107. St. Luke-Liberia (Fake Medical College Boss Flees)
  108. DL Law Questions and thoughts.
  109. Sweden rejects Sorbon degrees
  110. The Institution of British Engineers ?
  111. Journal of the Association of Online Universities
  113. Who is Samuel Chong
  114. Who is Peter Chin
  115. Is this recognized accreditation body ?
  116. Florida Green Univepsity?
  117. FTMS-De Montfort
  118. Colony University replaces International MBA Institute
  119. Florida Atlantic University
  120. Esquire's Academic Counseling"
  121. St. Luke School of Medicine
  122. State of Hawaii Sues Pacific Western Univ. (Hawaii)
  123. Should degree have experation date?
  124. KWU sued for spamming
  125. Vocational Qualifications UK
  126. Is there room today for unaccredited schools
  127. Italian degrees
  128. UK college information
  129. Learning Spanish by Distance Learning
  130. accredited ? check it out
  131. Hawaii Litigation Update: Earthnet Institute
  132. The first private faith-based liberal arts university to be accredited in Russia
  133. New York law
  134. Reviewing the Review of the Evaluator: Efficacy of Substandard Education Supporters
  135. New Owner of PWU
  136. Aci
  137. Pacific Western University
  139. Mandatory: Put this on ALL schools' application forms
  140. experienced hands with prepping for RA process?
  141. Is this acceptable norm for a US accredited university?
  142. Reviewing the Evaluator: The Efficacy of the ODA
  143. New Diploma Mill In Town, Cameden University
  144. What is the Link Between Liccoln University, California and Midwest Missouri Univ.
  145. Trinity Southern operators fined by court
  146. American Pacific University
  147. Egalitarianism in Education
  148. Two levels of recognition in France
  149. university health science antigua alan contreras
  150. General Inspectorate of Education and Research - QA France
  151. New Kid on the block?
  152. United States International University/ Edward Reddeck
  153. Wyoming licenses "school" whose owner sells fake MD's at his other "school"
  154. AAHE (america association for higher education)
  155. Quality Assurance in France
  156. Bologna bachelor's
  157. Former Morris Brown College Officials Charged with Fraud
  158. Caribbean medical schools
  159. Online Learning Directory meltdown
  160. columbia commonwelth university
  161. Examination for California Bureau Education Administrator
  162. New domains for Robertstown etc.
  163. Mr. Contreras -Oregon and MUA
  164. DETC 50% compared to what?
  165. Saint Regis domain registration has been cancelled
  166. Cornerstone University
  167. Honor (UK system) vs 4.0 (US system)
  168. Solsbury U?
  169. Federal list goes sour
  170. Triple accreditation of Moscow economic school
  171. Program Revision
  172. Fraudulent clone of Contreras
  173. US versus European diploma mills
  174. Robert de Sorbon evaluation
  175. Università delle Scienze Gastronomiche
  176. State-licensed or state-approved (as in California) university
  177. ACICS vs DETC... a hypothetical (Seeking really good commentary and advice)
  178. State of Hawaii Sues Empire University
  179. Sports v Quality ? -University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman resigned
  180. Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture - Re-Accreditation Inspections
  181. Unaccredited Attorneys
  182. Equivalency question
  183. Swift Eagle's Western Federation and Tribe owns the moon and Mars
  184. Shepherd Bible College and "Dr." Jason Gastrich T.h.D.
  185. Tulane Certificates
  186. International MBA Institute, an SRU product
  187. Southern Pacific University and NBOE
  188. Swift Eagle and Hoyer: are they the same person?
  189. Washington State Senate drops the ball
  190. Is Century trying again?
  191. Question regarding CA approved law school
  192. Masters Divinity School & Columbia Southern form Historic Institutional Partnership
  193. Professional Accreditation in Russia of State Licensed Institutions
  194. Dr. Swift Eagle
  195. Easiest way to see if college is mill
  196. Oregon and Kennedy-Western
  197. New Panama University, or old SRU connection
  198. First Four Regionals, Then DETC
  199. Robert Kennedy U
  200. Warnborough College
  201. Trying to answer one common objection
  202. Spokane TV news diploma mill story
  203. California University Foreign Credential Evaluations
  204. V.A.E. Validation des aquis de l'expérience
  205. National Board Of Accreditation
  206. Wyoming New Haven For Online Diploma Mills
  207. The Akamai Mystery
  208. Another Time Bomb
  209. KW"E" Called a "Diploma Mill" and a "Sham"
  210. In Texas, a battle that pits consumer protection
  211. Forgery of an academic degree a Class D felony- Kentucky
  212. Western State University and the ABA
  213. PebbleHills University
  214. Less "Diploma Mills" in the ODA list !
  215. AACSB Says Best Accreditation
  216. CalCampus - Unaccredited but recognized ?
  217. Another head transplant, and you can control it yourself!
  218. Saint Regis demotes Jallah Faciann
  219. Is there a list?
  220. non accredited and own up to it
  221. Regionals vs. DETC - A Real Turf War
  222. The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences is a Russian-British postgraduate u
  223. Reginal Accreditation of Central European University
  224. question for Russ "without horns or teeth"
  225. Buxton U and the UK gov.
  226. State Schools Drop Accreditation
  227. Detc ?
  228. Degree Acceptance Question
  229. The European University at St Petersburg - Unaccredited / State Licensed
  230. H1 Visa to USA
  231. Creationism Involved the State Closure of Columbia Pacific University
  232. UNESCO recogintion of degrees
  233. KWU and programs
  234. Recognition given to the U.S. bachelor's degree varies among European nations
  235. Buxton U - bioethics treaty organization
  236. Regional Accredited Degree in 4 Weeks
  237. U.S. General Definition Of Institution Of Higher Education
  238. US states with easy degree granting laws
  239. UNESCO - recognition
  240. online medical degrees from Rochville
  241. Oregon Limits Educational Choice
  242. The process for finding mills as a PDF
  243. DegreeAdvice.com
  244. Wyoming Legislator Slams Accreditation
  245. ICDE - value of their accreditation ?
  246. Regional Accreditation Lacks Quality
  247. Cannot access other forums
  248. Panama Canal University
  249. Amstead University sells BBM to dog
  250. European Business School- is it legit