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  1. Audit Procedures
  2. VAE encore and encore !
  3. Is cost enough to justify an unaccredited program?
  4. Need help checking University of Nebraska
  5. UDP History
  6. An 'honest' offer?
  7. West Coast School of Law (WCSL)
  8. berkeley international university
  9. Need Some Backgound Info
  10. Cat Gets MBA Degree From Online College
  11. Association for Biblical Higher Education's Updated List of "Affiliate" Institutions
  12. Carlos Albizu U: in Florida, but with Middle States accreditation.
  13. What about Bob?
  14. Here Come COU
  15. Ireland's Chief Science Advisor has bogus degree
  16. Wiki Wars
  17. Launch of Mediterranean Virtual University
  18. Dr Superman gets ICDE accreditation :-)
  19. another article on teachers busted in Miami
  20. Another Concordia doctoral grad "busted!"
  21. Katrina/Columbus
  22. Remember Sir, Dr. Egbert Phipps Duke of Minsk?
  23. degree of deception (St. Regis)
  24. Springfield College
  25. 'Accreditation' by Association?
  26. Indictments of St. Regis' alleged operators
  27. Fake WCU ????
  28. EX RA WCU ALUMNI site needs help
  29. nDr. Richard J. Hoyer accredits "medical schools"
  30. calling Dr Bear
  31. Poll on 'ratting.' Question 3 of 3
  32. Poll on 'ratting.' Question 2 of 3
  33. Poll on 'ratting' (Question 1 of 3)
  34. Florida Metropolitan University in the WSJ
  35. Almeda buddies up with St. Regis group
  36. To Lerner and Azad....
  37. American Accreditors Go Abroad
  38. Hospital ends clinicals for offshore unaccredited med students
  39. Attaboy Bruce!
  40. SCUPS news bites of interest
  41. Degree Mills: The Billion-dollar Industry That Has Sold Over A Million Fake Diplomas
  42. Ex-NHS Trust chief escapes jail
  43. Diploma in Dental Surgery from Foreign Credential Evaluator ???
  44. St. Regis group is still at it
  45. Slm/kwu
  46. Ranking South Africa's MBA Programs
  47. Why Accreditation Is Necessary (Nigeria)
  48. Credential evaluation with The name recognition afforded by the University of Miami
  49. TIU Mill sold
  50. policemen doing DL courses through University of South Pacific
  51. Be Careful What The Doctor Ordered
  52. Fraudulent degree story
  53. www.zoominfo.com
  54. Current Status of Adam Smith University - Liberia
  55. Echoe = Icdhe
  56. Rescue College
  57. C.U. question...
  58. Benefits of Unaccredited Learning in Malaysia
  59. The University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) UK
  60. 'Natural Healer' charged with fraud (online medical degree from Liberia)
  61. Irish International University Of Europa
  62. HEIR Database now closed
  63. I didn't forge the certificate!
  64. Wiltshire University
  65. Paramount Kolej Technology and Paramount Technology University
  66. Remember Nation University? IEMAA-accredited now.
  67. Need more info on American Capital University.
  68. I love to call someone's bluff
  69. Lighthouse Christian Seminary: Dr. John Scheel (ACI), President
  70. AdvancedU.org forum zapped by webmistress
  71. Beth University and Fredrick University
  72. Canbourne University
  73. Distance learning faces a hard lesson in economics
  74. Please help me confirm some facts
  75. Idaho Dept. of Ed recommends Sheila Danzig for foreign credential evaluations
  76. Newport University
  77. B.S. question...
  78. France now promotes private institutions
  79. Institutionalizing a Fraud
  80. DEGREES OF SUSPICION -From the issue dated June 25, 2004
  81. State of Hawaii sues Southwest International Univ
  82. Former St. Regis Professor Denies Holding Multiple PhDs from Unsavory Schools
  83. Bernelli Hall of Fame voting
  84. Should ODA midify the writeup for Universitas 21
  85. Board, teachers clash over online degrees
  86. Ansted University Faculty???
  87. University of Liberia internet domain
  88. Fun at IP
  89. Company Denies That It Operated A "University"
  90. James Monroe announces it has flushed itself down the you-know what
  91. Yuin University goes ballistic
  93. Malaysian Distance Learning Institutions
  94. Seattle candidate for sheriff with UDP degree
  95. Commission for Continuous Learning UK (CCL)
  96. Empresarial University
  97. Stricter control over e-learning
  98. Berne, that is Bernelli, now moving to Israel . . .
  99. West Haven University, School of Nursing
  100. SRU affidavit available online
  101. 106 teachers may be fired in Miami-Dade for buying fake credentials
  102. To the office of the President
  103. Warnborough College Receives Investor In People Award
  104. Berne University is now Bernelli University
  105. What Is Emba?
  106. interview with the French Minister of Education, Claude Allègre
  107. Contreras article
  108. Her Excellency Baroness Lady Dame Acad. Prof. Dr. Joy Beaudette Cripps N.H., DGC. DCM
  109. Pacific University
  110. The Center for Quality Assurance in International Education
  111. Lamberhurst and Cheshire goatbags
  112. ULC Unaccredited degrees
  113. Saba medical school
  114. Evaluating non-U.S. degrees
  115. International Technological University’s EDBA is not accredited by ACICS
  116. Neat
  117. Buy a degree - USDOE recognized??
  118. I didn't do it!!!!
  119. ACCSCT Issues Transfer of Credit Paper
  120. SRU sells degrees to USSS agent posing as highschool dropout
  121. Yahoo DL page
  122. "I Didn't Solicit Bribe" says Abdulah Dunbar
  123. More seized SRU material
  124. Ansted University
  125. Southern Pacific University
  126. Oregon law changes
  127. States as accreditors
  128. Crackdown on Unregistered Post-Secondary Education Planned (Malawi)
  129. IDETC?
  130. Liberia: "Bogus Degrees On Sale in the U.S."
  131. Liberian Embassy Official Tied to Diploma Mill Scam
  132. Vision International College & University (Religious)
  133. Computer Learning Ctr, Cherry Hill, NJ
  134. WAOE statement regarding diploma mills
  135. Is ITU A Diploma Mill?
  136. Free Curricula Center
  137. IUFS nokh amol: see para. 4:2 and 6, or, enough already, or, Soma Thero died for you
  138. Vae Establishments Of The Group Paris Graduate School Of Management
  139. Seborga goatbags, again, looking like Spokane products
  140. Search warrant return for 3127 E. River Glen Drive
  141. Translation of Franche code of education PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS HIGHER
  142. Athenaeum University International cops one from the Times Higher Education Supplemen
  143. Ccu
  144. One More Big DM Center
  145. Seattle Times Article on St Regis
  146. Information phone number for the SRU investigation
  147. Is it authorized?
  148. Federal affidavit to search Saint Regis sites now public
  149. Another medical university to open in St Kitts
  150. Another Large Operator of degree mill in Malaysia
  151. Virginia International University
  152. not all accreditations are equal
  153. Pro Akamai Vs. Akamai Critics
  154. Firefighers fight to keep bonus from bogus degrees
  155. Unlawful to Discriminate Against Unaccredited Degrees
  156. Oregon Standards - A Double Standard
  157. NZ students demand refund
  158. hawaii pharmacy/dental school problems
  159. Curses fooled again!
  160. Decision made
  161. Federal agents execute search warrants in Spokane, Idaho, and Arizona
  162. Russians are coming
  163. What do we know/think about NAPNSC?
  164. Happy 25th Kensington
  165. “Tough to weed out bogus varsities’
  166. Interesting article
  167. The Transfer of Credits
  168. Kalinga University now closed!
  169. New dental school faces state opposition
  170. uhhh...okayyyy
  171. official accrediting agency of the Uaxashaktun Ministry of Education.
  172. board,teachers clash over online PHD's from Cambridge
  173. Liberia to Become a Breeding Ground for Education Fraudsters?
  174. distance learning naturopath stands trial
  175. Aliant - accredited by the State of California Board of Education
  176. Universiteit Russell Hobbes
  177. Univ. of Southern Calif. says database hacked
  178. West Coast University (International)
  179. 2 teachers' degrees under fire
  180. When education becomes business
  181. Cost of education
  182. Clarification in resume
  183. Agents Vs. Pimps
  184. Akamai University NOT spurious
  185. American Central University
  186. US Dept of Labor - Accredited Degree Req
  187. Hawaii sues pharmacy college
  188. college hires attorney to figure out how they got involved with a diploma mill
  189. Reporting from inside mill
  190. ?
  191. Strayer University
  192. Oregon Bill on Degrees Disclaimer--UA Schools
  193. Whereabouts of Dr.Elmore Hammington IV?
  194. Malaysian Government Nail Akamai University
  195. University of Cambridgeshire
  196. help
  197. ABDA
  198. learner
  199. Has anyone here experienced professional limitations because of a DETC degree?
  200. Conspiracy: How Medical Students Buy Degree's
  201. Irish International University in New Sunday Times
  202. Real VAE
  203. Dublin Metropolitan university, Ireland
  204. Questions -Evaluated in detail by an external evaluator acceptable to ODA
  205. University Defies Government (Kenya)
  206. Inter American University, USA and Inter American University, Puerto Rico
  207. Why is Microsoft not recognizing NA degrees?
  208. Former Miami-Dade teachers indicted in certification scams
  209. State probes Hawaii College of Pharmacy
  210. St. Clements Univ. -- need info, please!
  211. diploma mill, yea or nay
  212. KC Star humor piece on diploma mills
  213. Another deception - The Open University of America
  214. Heritage University
  215. Global Online Academy
  216. Director of Public Safety Candidate--Time Bomb
  217. St. Chris School of Medicine-Luton UK and Dakar Senegal
  218. Liberian Recognition
  219. "Berkeley" still in the news
  220. Civil Service Commission rejected applicant
  221. Q's
  222. Counselor held for court in fraud
  223. http://www.ashwooduniversity.net/index.htm
  224. community accreditation Russia
  225. University of Pretoria allows cartoons in dissertations?
  226. State Approval - Which States are bogus?
  227. The Associated Press - Oregon clamps down on phony degrees
  228. Robertstown University's High School Diploma SELLING Branch
  229. what is this?
  230. Randocks fake documents on the internet
  231. Oxford Association of Management
  232. Latex University is stretching it a bit
  233. Regis University v. Lorhan et al. settlement
  234. The silence of Azad....
  235. Education And Skills Committee
  236. The CA-Approved Schools in the SF Bay Area
  237. Robertstown closes
  238. Pacific Western University - AACSB
  239. Seborga
  240. The Arithmetical Mr Azad
  241. For some REAL entertainment...
  242. glendale university
  243. European University Lahore
  244. James Monroe University Completely Relocated
  245. Dixie has gone mad
  246. British Qualifications official guide is quoted by US Department of Education ?
  247. Richard J. Hoyer's fake schools
  248. Professor George Gollin
  249. look @ this.
  250. Colony University started the sale of degrees