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  1. Online colleges RA that accept credits from ITT Tech
  2. article on degrees from Columbus University
  3. ACCIS vs Grantham vs Strayer
  4. Wanting to start a small online Associate Degree College
  5. Diploma mill webmaster indicted on child-porn charges
  6. BSc - COSC Guidance
  7. Valde University: accredited by Ebay
  8. from hs to doctor in 3 years
  9. Two articles on students in Malaysia who went to unrecognized medical schools
  10. Unaccredited Degrees
  11. ABA equivalence and the Nevada Bar exam
  12. I need some advise about enrolling in Grantham College of engineering
  13. Scups
  14. University of Northern Washington
  15. Breyer State grads getting into Medical Schools?
  16. Whole Degrees By Resume Evaluation
  17. Pacific Western drops their doctorate program - moving to SD, CA
  18. ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training
  19. DETC Accrediting Commission Meeting (January 13-14)
  20. Washington, D.C. Area Education Grad Schools
  21. customdegrees.com
  22. instantdegrees.com
  23. Question for non-US degree holders applying in the US
  24. Acceptability of National Accreditation
  25. Has Trinity College and University Joined Forces With Adam Smith University?
  27. Landsfield University and Chase University: two new fakes?
  28. Warnborough University
  29. missouri baptist university -accredited?
  30. The American University IN London
  31. Montana Teachers in Trouble with Columbus U. Master's Degrees
  32. www.columbus.edu ?? Is this the old Mississippi Columbus U?
  33. Research
  34. Wyoming private school licensing-amendments.
  35. Need some quick advice....
  36. International Diploma Council.
  37. Fast Degree
  38. U21 Global
  39. Naming a university after Robert Welch
  40. Teaching with a non-accredited degree???
  41. DETC Degree transfer to RA School?
  42. Ready to Pop? The University of Australasia
  43. St. Regis story includes Dunbar interview (WTHR)
  44. Boston Business Institute of Technology
  45. Comes now my response
  46. Reputable & Recognized Unaccredited D/L
  47. Searching a reputable & recognized unaccredited D/L uni
  48. Robert Welch University
  49. Kenya - credentials from unaccredited institutions will not be recognized
  50. Ccanadian Athabasca University in Edmonton is US RA
  51. Master's Divinity School / Olford Institute Combined Degree Program
  52. new old mill
  53. Looking for a Mentor to help to complete my Bachelors in 3-6 months
  54. ADLP Accreditation??
  55. Institutions of 'doubtful standing' listed by the University of Wales
  56. Universities hit by boom in bogus degrees online
  57. Luther Rice Seminary's SACS candidacy faces some obstacles
  58. Looking at Wyoming-licensed schools
  59. Honoris Causa - or call me doctor
  60. Expanded English Language Offerings at Stellenbosch
  61. 51-55 Waterloo Road
  62. The officers had made undercover purchases of diplomas and transcripts in Buffalo, N.
  63. Doctor Named 'Physician of the Year' -- for a Fee
  64. The college of Central London
  65. Ask Rabbi Lerner - how to becoome a rabbi?
  66. Iran: Wrangle Continues Over Diploma Mill
  67. Comes now St. James Business College (with a first in new school marketing)
  68. Thanks to Galanga for exposing Guamania russica (a noxious herb)
  69. Coastal Carolina - academics dubious degree
  70. Comes now KIUST USA
  71. Comes now Kingdom College (Guam and Russia)
  72. Kursk State Technical University, Russia
  73. A most cordial question for Quinn, tangentially related to the Marquess thread
  74. The Canadian Institute of English
  75. “University” refused permission to sue The Australian
  76. definitions for school codes used on the ODA
  77. Disinformation about WGU, or, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining
  78. ra credit transfer problem
  79. Comes now Marquess College/Marquess University
  80. Med School Calls For Another Rescue
  81. Greenwich University reborn!!!
  82. The Accreditation Council for International Universities & Institutes
  83. John Bear asks for help re University College of the Caribbean
  84. Rochville University
  85. Ireland - O'Sullivan seeks an immediate investigation into online degrees
  86. Walden applying for specialized accreditation in 3 areas
  87. Help on defining a Diploma or Degree Mill?
  88. ational Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and
  89. A College That Specializes in Dropouts Is Under Siege
  90. Which accreditation is "better"?
  91. NHS warned over private schools
  92. Yahoo! and a College degree in 8 days
  93. CNN story on diploma mills, perhaps this week
  94. New President of Louisiana's Southern Baptist Convention (PhD, LBU)
  95. Another misleading web site
  96. Liberia
  97. SCUPS PhD's. Gone Again???
  98. EU and USA cooperation in higher education and vocational education and training
  99. Universitas 21 status
  100. States that will or will not accept the California distance learning JD
  101. Another PWU Grad Gets Hit (And Another Yet!)
  102. Carter University
  103. Another 'Irish' wonder - Ballmore Irish Unversity
  104. List of Schools accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI) ??
  105. More BS from BSU
  106. Urgent Advice Needed
  107. Horsing around at Breyer State
  108. Westmore University
  109. LaSalle Slide for your next presentation
  110. Whatever happened to Mansour Saki?
  111. schiller
  112. Miami-Dade man gets 2 years in prison for setting up phony diploma mill
  113. DETC/ODL QC <-- Are you one of them?
  114. Provost of the Belle Glade Campus of Palm Beach City CCi wth Columbus Doctorate
  115. PWU Alumni Association, Irish Chapter?
  116. UOP ASBSP Accredited According to CHEA
  117. Diploma Mills: Fraud in Higher Education
  118. Cuttington University Offers New Graduate Degree Programs
  119. frustrated with credit transfer (vent!)
  120. St. Augustin University.... Mill, or just UA?
  121. The International University
  122. Los Angeles University
  123. RA + specialized/professional accrediation in professional fields is a must!
  124. Comes now the California University of Protection and Intelligence Management
  125. thesis ideas related to diploma mills
  126. CHEA updates its website on degree/ diploma mill information
  127. Reality Check - California Coast University
  128. It's not getting much better out there, folks
  129. Masters Divinity School Obtains ABHE Affiliate Institution Status
  130. Reality Check - St. George's University, St. George's, Grenada
  131. The cost of a California J.D. continues to rise...
  132. St. Clement's "Applications"
  133. Who is Margaret Soltan, diploma mill expert
  134. CA Up to 4000 'Highly qualified' teaching permits void
  135. Knightsbridge U. Part of Immigration Scheme
  136. A proposal for a way to rate unaccredited schools
  137. BBC article on UK schools out online
  138. Chinas Most Influential MBA Programs
  139. NCU Reaffirmation of Accreditation
  140. The accreditation umbrella... or lack thereof
  141. Andersen University sales pitch
  142. Help on Fairfax University
  143. DLAB - whats the value?
  144. UK recognised bodies
  145. here comes the fake excelsior
  146. Accrediting Association Of Seventh-day Adventist (AAA)
  147. Irish University Business School
  148. International University of America, London, has a 'makeover'
  149. Dennis Chandler...
  150. Southwest Intnat'l Univ Update
  151. century university
  152. Upcoming Radio Show on Offshore Medical Schools in England
  153. Simple HR poll
  154. World Information Distributed University
  155. A damnable lie about Earlham School of Religion
  156. Akashic University
  157. The University of Random Access
  158. University of Bums on Seats
  159. Jose Maria Vargas University - Florida
  160. Quoting the scriptures
  161. If Wyoming gets tough, where will Kennedy-Western go? A poll (with a prize)
  162. "Bail granted for alleged operators of online diploma mill"
  163. New here---ACI Accreditation and Christianity
  164. Wyoming Closing In
  165. The first issue of the magazine "Accreditation in Education" Russia
  166. New Law in Russia licensing renewal requirements is a State Accreditation
  167. AMBAI UNIVERSITY Interesting!!!!
  168. Moderation at Degreeinformation DL?
  169. Association of Theological School's List of 'Affiliate' Institutions
  170. ACI Boasts New Website
  171. I made the Chronicle of Higher Education
  172. Mississippi and bogus degrees...
  173. Scoop on U. of Northern Washington
  174. Audit Procedures
  175. VAE encore and encore !
  176. Is cost enough to justify an unaccredited program?
  177. Need help checking University of Nebraska
  178. UDP History
  179. An 'honest' offer?
  180. West Coast School of Law (WCSL)
  181. berkeley international university
  182. Need Some Backgound Info
  183. Cat Gets MBA Degree From Online College
  184. Association for Biblical Higher Education's Updated List of "Affiliate" Institutions
  185. Carlos Albizu U: in Florida, but with Middle States accreditation.
  186. What about Bob?
  187. Here Come COU
  188. Ireland's Chief Science Advisor has bogus degree
  189. Wiki Wars
  190. Launch of Mediterranean Virtual University
  191. Dr Superman gets ICDE accreditation :-)
  192. another article on teachers busted in Miami
  193. Another Concordia doctoral grad "busted!"
  194. Katrina/Columbus
  195. Remember Sir, Dr. Egbert Phipps Duke of Minsk?
  196. degree of deception (St. Regis)
  197. Springfield College
  198. 'Accreditation' by Association?
  199. Indictments of St. Regis' alleged operators
  200. Fake WCU ????
  201. EX RA WCU ALUMNI site needs help
  202. nDr. Richard J. Hoyer accredits "medical schools"
  203. calling Dr Bear
  204. Poll on 'ratting.' Question 3 of 3
  205. Poll on 'ratting.' Question 2 of 3
  206. Poll on 'ratting' (Question 1 of 3)
  207. Florida Metropolitan University in the WSJ
  208. Almeda buddies up with St. Regis group
  209. To Lerner and Azad....
  210. American Accreditors Go Abroad
  211. Hospital ends clinicals for offshore unaccredited med students
  212. Attaboy Bruce!
  213. SCUPS news bites of interest
  214. Degree Mills: The Billion-dollar Industry That Has Sold Over A Million Fake Diplomas
  215. Ex-NHS Trust chief escapes jail
  216. Diploma in Dental Surgery from Foreign Credential Evaluator ???
  217. St. Regis group is still at it
  218. Slm/kwu
  219. Ranking South Africa's MBA Programs
  220. Why Accreditation Is Necessary (Nigeria)
  221. Credential evaluation with The name recognition afforded by the University of Miami
  222. TIU Mill sold
  223. policemen doing DL courses through University of South Pacific
  224. Be Careful What The Doctor Ordered
  225. Fraudulent degree story
  226. www.zoominfo.com
  227. Current Status of Adam Smith University - Liberia
  228. Echoe = Icdhe
  229. Rescue College
  230. C.U. question...
  231. Benefits of Unaccredited Learning in Malaysia
  232. The University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) UK
  233. 'Natural Healer' charged with fraud (online medical degree from Liberia)
  234. Irish International University Of Europa
  235. HEIR Database now closed
  236. I didn't forge the certificate!
  237. Wiltshire University
  238. Paramount Kolej Technology and Paramount Technology University
  239. Remember Nation University? IEMAA-accredited now.
  240. Need more info on American Capital University.
  241. I love to call someone's bluff
  242. Lighthouse Christian Seminary: Dr. John Scheel (ACI), President
  243. AdvancedU.org forum zapped by webmistress
  244. Beth University and Fredrick University
  245. Canbourne University
  246. Distance learning faces a hard lesson in economics
  247. Please help me confirm some facts
  248. Idaho Dept. of Ed recommends Sheila Danzig for foreign credential evaluations
  249. Newport University
  250. B.S. question...