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  1. Recreation diploma or degree
  2. AJU s NA degree chances of getting jobs
  3. National Accreditation Gets Slammed
  4. Leibniz University
  5. AS degree not accepted by employer
  6. AACSB question
  7. State licensed Masters degree for 750 dollars!
  8. 9 Troopers on leave in diploma-mill probe
  9. Old Friend Ronald Pellar - Founder of Columbia State University
  10. Navy résumé doesn't quite hold water
  11. EC Council Unaccredited and very expensive
  12. Superintendent with Breyer State "degree" taking his lumps
  13. Ralph W. Emerson University
  14. Students at mega church told degrees useless
  15. Pros/Cons of National vs Regional Accreditation?
  16. St Regis/Concordia gets another one
  17. TV's "Intervention"
  18. Status (or None) Of South African Diplomas And Degrees
  19. DETC applicaiton listing
  20. Warren National (formerly Kennedy-Western) appears to be in trouble
  21. Edison University of Technology
  22. Changes in Denmark?
  23. Seattle Newspaper Posts St. Regis (et al) "degree" holder list
  24. state authorized
  25. Chronicle Live Discussions - Alan Contreras - Diploma Mills
  26. More Public Officials - CLueless public
  27. College official loses his Ph.D.
  28. Answer this question and and get a free Ph.D:
  29. Researching an unaccredited school?
  30. American Public Education Q1 2008 Earnings Call Transcript
  31. Warren National University
  32. The Big Quack
  33. Warren National / Kennedy Western has BBB accreditation revoked
  34. Master of Business Management (CCI)
  35. Degreeinspector
  36. Do these universities exist?
  37. y'all ready for this about the AWU
  38. Ashworth University's Master in Health Care Administration
  39. Unaccredited law schools an old problem
  40. obtaining refund from U Berkley?
  41. McCann University
  42. Approval of accreditation: Where is the line in the sand?
  43. your opinion on NAPNCS accreditation
  44. specialized accreditors that are not CHEA or DOE recognized
  45. opinion on accreditation
  46. East End 'College' fined
  47. irish international university
  48. Juvenile chief to head prisons
  49. South Dakota bill takes aim at fake degrees
  50. National Consortium Staff College
  51. Interesting article on Internet ad placement for online diploma mills
  52. Washington International University????
  53. California University Foreign Credentials Evaluation issues degrees?
  54. Hartford University
  55. CalSouthern.edu (f.k.a. SCUPS) Now a "Top University"
  56. P.S.: Your M.A. or Ph.D. may be B.S.
  57. 3 Year New European Degree
  58. KA-BOOM!!! - Police Chief With Fake Degree
  59. Greenleaf University's ABD Program?
  60. CBS 42 Investigates: Professors' questionable credentials
  61. Blackstone Career Institute is now RA & NA-DETC.
  62. Unaccredited PhD Poll
  63. Unaccredited PhD Poll
  64. BAU is back
  65. "Honolulu University" listed on SBA.gov website
  66. CalSouthern / SCUPS Beefed Up Psy.D.
  67. SCUPS Name Change
  68. MBA- Looking for NA program
  69. Kennedy Western relocating?
  70. "Court Upholds Autonomy for Seminaries — Will Decision Help Diploma Mills Too?"
  71. The Oregonian article.
  72. Distance study in Ukraine
  73. California "State" Approved Psychology Schools
  74. fun diploma mill quiz
  75. Accepting the European System?
  76. AACRAO lost against AUAP in Federal court
  77. California BPPVE Voluntary Statute Compliance Agreement -- Interesting...
  78. FYI No Age Requirement for "Purchasing" a Ph.D
  79. SCUPS New MS Psychology Option
  80. Business Technology Open University
  81. DETC Credit Transfer News
  82. TIU in the news
  83. RA Degree Not Required?
  84. "Dr." David Reardon
  85. International-GAAP accredited?
  86. American Liberty University
  87. CA BPPVE "inoperative." Will mills run amok?
  88. Gallaudet on probation
  89. EC-Council University??
  90. TIU's statement re RA schools... puh-leeze!
  91. NCU's Faculty
  92. Iacbe
  93. More on Breyer State University's Faculty
  94. Is California Pacific University no more?
  95. Batavia University and the Global Institute
  96. They're baaaack.......
  97. Woman found guilty of posing as a psychologist
  98. Unaccredited List on Amazon
  99. My Kennedy Western Student Status is expiring!
  100. New SCUPS President
  101. UK Conference on dodgy degrees
  102. Linked 'phone numbers
  103. International Association for Distance Learning
  104. Diplomacy 101
  105. On Almeda
  106. Canbourne clones itself
  107. SCUPS Adds DBA and LLM
  108. Dog with college degree called to court
  109. Allen Ezell's book "Accreditation Mills" is out
  110. FDNY 14 firefighters with unaccredited degrees
  111. RA schools that accept unaccredited degrees
  113. Another list of unaccredited schools
  114. Please don't jump me guys, just sharing
  115. ACS Distance Education-recognized?
  116. This week's Timebombs
  117. California's state school-approving agency may close July 1.
  118. AACRAO EDGE web-based resource for the evaluation of foreign educational credentials.
  119. Officers doing well since reinstatement
  120. Department of Education Bars AALE from Accrediting New Institutions
  121. Relevant work experience on a candidate's CV over formal qualifications.
  122. Religious Unaccredited Schools and Membership Organizations
  123. Here comes Liberia again!
  124. Kennedy Western changing to Warren National - Official Announcement
  125. Lacrosse University - Mississippi
  126. Initiating midwifery school
  127. Louisiana Baptist University Tuition Increase NOTICE.
  128. Eisner Institute of Professional Studies
  129. Midwest Missouri University
  130. Diploma mill Kennedy Western going legit?
  131. Disingenuous advertising
  132. Follow-up Credential Evaluation for PhD
  133. PhD through Credential Evaluation?
  134. Lawyer: Gov't Workers Got Fake Diplomas
  135. Wisconsin International University - confusing
  136. State of Kentucky medical board to investigate
  137. 50 Lower Division + 40 Upper Division Needed = Any suggestions? FEMA, ACE, CLEPs ?
  138. Masters international divinity school
  139. Cheap, fairly fast, and can be done from home/road
  140. instantdegrees
  141. RA vs NA
  142. Following reports on revoked degree, professor loses posts at 2 universities.
  143. Plagiarism scandal Ohio University
  144. Job offer pulled after degree revelation
  145. LBU and the KJV
  146. Would you do business with Dr. -------- enterprises?
  147. Southern Eastern University Arkansas
  148. Education versus Free Market
  149. politician for forging diploma
  150. Decision to approve Georgian college is questioned.
  151. Get your MBA (Master's of Boxing Administration)
  152. From state-approved to accredited
  153. Question about standards for degree programs.
  154. US Embacy - What happened to National Accreditation :-)
  155. Rutherford University --- Swazilandish
  156. DETC Degree Program Evalutions
  157. NCU PhD in Psychology
  158. Smu
  159. new policies in Wyoming
  160. Is Tech Making Cheating Easy?
  161. online format that scups uses
  162. Capella vs Liberty University
  163. Adizes Graduate School
  164. Positions I Hold for Clarification
  165. Golden State School of Theology
  166. Non-Profit "School" Idea
  167. Deciding on a school... NA or RA for my needs
  168. Extending an Idea: Diplomas
  169. Why not let the market decide?
  170. Credit Banks and the CPA
  171. Are Seborga Official websites are scam operations created by Dixie and Group?
  172. Is it OK for degree mills to give certificates?
  173. Engineering Standards
  174. Getting an Honorary Doctorate
  175. Ok then
  176. Accreditations and State Approvals
  177. Hypnotist sues British paper -- and wins -- over it calling his LaSalle PhD "bogus"
  178. want to buy a medical degree?
  179. For the Experts!
  180. Wyoming Schools have just applied for accreditation
  181. Argument not to discourage DETC degrees
  182. CUBT Question
  183. American University for Humanities and ODA site?
  184. MUA finally off Oregon list
  185. One for nosbourne: ABA v. State Accred. v. For Profits
  186. For-profit colleges and state officials fight...
  187. Not quite a degree mill, but
  188. Ashwood University - bogus?
  189. Is European University Accredited??
  190. Study on the increasing difficulty of transferring from CC to univerity.
  191. Kennedy-Western University is moving towards accreditation in response to the new reg
  192. New AACRAO Publications
  193. The accreditation of certification programs
  194. Cathedral Bible College in Myrtle Beach, SC
  195. University of Tehran
  196. Institution of Engineers India
  197. Cambridge association of managers???
  198. SCUPS MFT in CA (Internship and Employment Limitations)
  199. Become an Engineer recognized by the VAE
  201. Pacific Western University (Hawaii) Update
  202. More Reports From the U.S. Commission.
  203. West Point superintendent withdraws
  204. N.y. Proposes Tax On For-profits
  205. ABET Pilot - International Accreditation
  206. IP addresses
  207. Anything new on?
  208. www.ubedu.org
  209. The court determined - BJU
  210. The Open College of Equine Studies aka TOCES
  211. linked sites
  212. ABET not approved by USDOE
  213. Proposed class action vs. ODA
  214. found in today's spam folder
  215. California SB 1544
  216. Does accreditation serve taxpayers?
  217. Duma May Westernize Universities...
  218. The controversial WCU site is going down.
  219. The University of Medicine and Dentristry of New Jersey became a “patronage pit” for
  220. $7,000 Buys Degree
  221. St. Chris College of Medicine-Luton UK
  222. NCU's Faculty Mentors
  223. uiversity packages for sale :-)
  224. Academics should get behind the push for assessment of student learning
  225. Dropping A Bomb On Accreditation
  226. RA schools won't have to accept NA credit
  227. Bedford University
  228. American University College of Science & Technology
  229. Generale University, Canada
  230. Eisenhower University
  231. Need Help Deciding on type of MBA degree
  232. 13 Bulgarian Universities Deemed Illegal
  233. Portfolio Assessment / Credential Evaluation
  234. What is CFC qualification?
  235. Independent University of Moscow - legit or bogus?
  236. Accreditation vs ISO - QMS certification
  237. Is this unviersity GAAP?
  238. EC-Council University
  239. Faculty Member Claiming PhD from Mill?
  240. California Pacific's Bad Advice
  241. Better definition of 'accredited' for CA employers
  242. radio shack president resigns over resume mistake
  243. Burnett International university's MSN same as MUA's
  244. Eckhart Theological Seminary
  245. unaccredited faculty member
  246. Hypothetical question about CA State approved DBA.
  247. discussion on Monserrat accreditation process for medical schools
  248. St. Kitts and Nevis Board withdraws accreditation of Berne University (037/2006)
  249. BCS UK major achievmennt in 2005
  250. Fake degrees to become illegal in Washington?