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  1. Thank you to those who helped, we did it!
  2. Where Is National Accreditation Unrecognized?
  3. University of The People is now DETC Accredited
  4. From Phillippines to Grand Turk and Caicos
  5. IQA - Accreditation of CEEMAN, good or bad ?
  6. 2014 SATS Prospectus Highlights Importance of Accreditation
  7. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology?
  8. BPPE: Bravely Protecting Californians From Schools Without Fax Machines
  9. Help a brother out…?
  10. DETC schools or Indian Schools Recognition
  11. European University Accreditations and Rankings?
  12. Bethany Divinity College Now Boasting AAHEA Accreditation
  13. ACI Celebrates 25 Years of Existence
  14. University of Atlanta's new accreditor
  15. Looking for an online masters program for Comparative Religion
  16. International Theological University Revamped! O_o
  17. Fairly Good 10 Min Presentation on Accreditation in USA
  18. Cheapest online Doctorate program in America
  19. Columbia Southern University
  20. State approved non-accredited colleges/universities
  21. Is the University of Pretoria a diploma mill?
  22. Accreditors are perfecting the Pony Express as the telegraph wires are being strung.
  23. AFTP Academic Financial Trading Platform
  24. World Education University?
  25. Pacific Western University
  26. Wasn't regionally accredited when I attended credits worthless
  27. I need one class to graduate
  28. University of Massachussets in Amherst??? Gimme some information
  29. "Doctor" Irving Fryar Indicted
  30. School units
  31. Honorary religious degree's
  32. DETC versus Regional degree. Answer this question!
  33. Inside Higher Ed : A Call for Accreditation of Learning that occurs Outside College
  34. Brooklyn Park University
  35. Council on Occupational Education?
  36. All Nations Apostolic Seminary Accredited by Jesus Christ
  37. South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS)
  38. "419?" - a Most Egregious-looking Nigerian-US "School"
  39. Russell Group, Schmussell Group
  40. Fielding APA accreditation renewed
  41. Specialization v. Concentration
  42. Do we say "bye bye" to Maxine Asher and her dreadful accrediting agency & university
  43. Stratford Career Institute Bombs Entirely On DETC Attempt
  44. need to go back to school and need guidance
  45. University of Northern Virginia loses state authorization
  46. Fake Certificates
  47. Enrolled in Univeristy of phoneix and wish to xfer out
  48. Is Centre Credible?
  49. Largest California Junior College to Lose Accreditation
  50. Recognition of the University of the Highlands and Islands
  51. Unaccredited community college in my neighborhood - Northeast Lakeview College
  52. Madurai Kamaraj University
  53. Two Freebies up for Accreditation
  54. Northwestern Theological Seminary Less Than Faithful
  55. New Calcoast website
  56. Information about "Middleham University" in UK - fraud or not?
  57. Warnborough College (UK) Meets ISI Accreditation Standards
  58. what is the cheapest Univercity to take Accreditation from USA or UK
  59. New regime at DETC
  60. Corllins University - a real bargain
  61. Woman-Owned Proprietary Schools
  62. Coast Guard Direct Commission Lawyer - Non-ABA law degrees accepted
  63. now comes Columbiana University
  64. 33% of online classes are not "authorized"
  65. Good News for Trident
  66. Comments needed on accreditation and transfer credit
  67. Ownership and control, or, rules for thee but not for me
  68. Florida Lt Gov Resigns Due to Charity Scam
  69. Trident accreditation has been reaffirmed
  70. Online AutoCAD credit courses from regionally accredited colleges online
  71. Walden College Going to For-Profit Status
  72. Bullying as an area of certication
  73. Cert mill ??????
  74. American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation
  75. U. of Phoenix Expects to Be Placed on Probation by Its Accreditor
  76. Is getting a Psyd from an unaccredited school worth it?
  77. ACCET - The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training ?
  78. Aristotle University: Unaccredited, not CA approved, still part of F-1 visa system
  79. Big mouth DETC challenge
  80. Math transfer credits
  81. University of Phoenix Credits Transferable to a state college?
  82. Two Schools Lapse on Accreditation
  83. Suny suprise
  84. Stratford Career Institute, up for DETC Accreditation
  85. Has anyone heard of Learnquest?
  86. Compass test Results and local Community College questions.
  87. Old fashioned-correspondence schools? Where are they?
  88. CUI - University Centre, International
  89. Veterinarian Technician
  90. ASIC and Warnborough University
  91. Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).
  92. University of Virginia placed "on warning" by SACS
  93. Camford University???
  94. AZ St. Regis customer ran charter school
  95. Horizons University
  96. Continue DETC Doctorate or new RA Doctorate
  97. Cleveland Institute of Technology - Mill
  98. A transcript evaluation offer: Good or bad?
  99. Please Add Examples of Regionally Accredited All-Online Schools
  100. Questions for Quebec (getting to University without Cegep)
  101. International University of Health Sciences (IUHS) going "global"
  102. Question for grads of Northwestern California Univerity School of Law ( NWCU )
  103. Universidad Central de Nicaragua\Universidad Azteca Accreditation
  104. Is NationsU still on the New Applicant list?
  105. Another Tri-valley from the Silicon Valley
  106. RA On-Site Reaffirmation Questions
  107. Online Education credibility?
  108. Peoples College of Law - Abner's wish list
  109. Does the State of New York impose a limit on the age of credits?
  110. BS accreditation from a foreign country
  111. Rushmore University
  112. Transfer credits from ACBSP institution to AACSB institution?
  113. Is this University Recognised?
  114. Seeking input regarding a financial nightmare
  115. Big 3 evals.
  116. All this talk about accreditation
  117. Lets talk about accreditation
  118. Getting proctored
  119. Is this a mill too?
  120. Accreditation Questions
  121. Commonwealth Open U. Doctorates on UDC Faculty
  122. Penn Foster New Charter University???
  123. hi everyone need help
  124. Spiegal article on unaccredited doctorates
  125. Orlando University and Nations Question
  126. Association for Biblical Higher Education
  127. CLEP Credits and Financial Aid
  128. Transfer from UK Qualification
  129. International Association of Universities?
  130. Changes in the wind in California (or: why I am writing this from a train)
  131. Aviation University.com
  132. Queen of Sheba University comes, goes
  133. Which online School has better accreditation for Computer Science
  134. Touro University Worldwide/los Angeles??
  135. Canadian Certified Institution Diplomas/Certificates
  136. Response to "Can Aspen Survive?" thread - See response from Aspen CEO
  137. Logos European College & Southern Bible Institute and Seminary, Augusta, GA
  138. Southern Bible Institute and Seminary Augusta, GA
  139. National Accrediting Association For Christian Schools, Inc
  140. National Accrediting Agency For Private Schools, Inc
  141. Association of Academic Accreditation
  142. What to do if you are ABD?
  143. Aspen website
  144. Was Kensington Unversity ever accredited?
  145. Any news on Trident?
  146. TRACS and Bob Jones
  147. Appollos University accredited by DETC
  148. Senator Asks Accreditor for Extra Care in U. of Phoenix Review
  149. University of London
  150. Columbia Evangelical Seminary and Ranking
  151. A lot of things going on over at the DETC!
  152. When is it justifiable for a person to list or use an unaccredited degree?
  153. CCU "Spotlight"
  154. State of Illinois to sue Westwood College
  155. California Leads Nation in Unaccredited Colleges
  156. DBA at DETC schools, is it worth to do? Please help
  157. Unaccredited Religious degree
  158. Trinity College of the Bible: Class action suit?
  159. whats the Likelihood of CA Online Law schools being accepted in the future?
  160. Another RA school that takes NA credita
  161. Marquis Guiseppe Scicluna International University Foundation Degree's
  162. Questions Surround Unregulated Institutions
  163. Is alison website real!
  164. Trident University Update (12-12-2011)
  165. Is this university a scam?
  166. NCA Accreditation Reviewer with Kennedy-Western PhD?
  167. anything
  168. New Aspen website will go live January 2012
  169. Who wants a small challenge?
  170. Accreditation for unisa (southAfrica)
  171. I need an Information regarding University of South Central Los Angles
  172. University of Wales Abolished!
  173. CIT College in Anaheim CA closed 10/24/11 down by.........
  174. Where to find an accredited/low tuition bible college for a Master's in Counseling?
  175. Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
  176. Life experience degrees accreditation
  177. Certificates from IPA
  178. Are Student Loans Forgiven if School Loses Accreditation?
  179. University of Wales to stop validating other degrees
  180. NWCU Law
  181. Book on accreditation
  182. Australian Qualifications (by experience)?
  183. exemption of religion schools from accreditation
  184. Trinity College of the Bible Theological Seminary-IN now offers PhD.
  185. The Association of MBAs' international accreditation service?
  186. Looking for data on HIGH SCHOOL accreditation, anybody have a USDoJ list?
  187. CA Postsecondary Education Commission - Notice of impending closure 9/11
  188. Any new news on NationsU getting accredited?
  189. Instant Degree verification
  190. Why Trident's Accreditation is NOT in Jeopardy
  191. London Institute of Applied Research
  192. Graduate from Warren National University
  193. DETC Video
  194. Education Accreditation Council of America (EACOA)
  195. Federal Loan Limits
  196. Online School to Get Medical Credits?
  197. Regionally accredited life experience degree ?
  198. Advice Please
  199. Universities or Visa Mills?
  200. Trident's accreditation is in jeopardy
  201. UKBA Strategy to 'Close' the UK Private Sector?
  202. Liberty Baptist or Nations U???
  203. NationsU...Transfer Credits
  204. Scholarship help for hair dressing , cosmitology
  205. Northwestern Theological Seminary
  206. University of Wales Excoriated For Mismanaging Its Validation Service
  207. DETC Accrediting Commission Meeting June 4-6 2011
  208. Nations University MRS...last questions
  209. Regional and National Accreditation
  210. Salt Lake Bible College??
  211. German FIBAA Accepted by the US Dept of Education ?
  212. how to report fake documents submitted to secure admission and scholarships
  213. How to prepare for NWCU
  214. which state have the most relaxed higher education laws?
  215. Has anyone ever gotten a nasty gut feeling?
  216. DETC Doctorate program accreditation
  217. Clayton University (old - St Louis, MO)
  218. "Diploma and Accreditation Integrity Protection Act," House Resolution 1758,
  219. How can I get a course accredited?
  220. Good NA vs. RA Videos
  221. Just to think this is a source for HR staff when checking out your degree…
  222. Galois Christian University?
  223. Accredited online / DL universities for foreigin African & Arab middle east students.
  224. Thanks! And I'm starting a Doctorate
  225. Thinking of going to a non-AASCB school?
  226. Master's question!
  227. HLC, proposed minimum expectations, and the Big 3
  228. Attaullah
  229. Excellent historical video about DL - A must see
  230. It was an honor and privilege to have meet DL Icons Mary Adams and David Boyd.
  231. Monarch Business School?
  232. Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology
  233. The American school in lansing ill
  234. DETC-Accredited Graduate Credits Transferring to RA Schools?
  235. DETC, Credit Transfer and Degree Recognition - Mr. Michael P. Lambert
  236. Advice Needed
  237. American Military University ??????Anyone has experience with them
  238. Master's in Criminal Justice question
  239. University with multiple accreditation?
  240. The King's Speech
  241. interested in obtaining NA Criminal Justice AA
  242. Is This School Accredited?
  243. Csu
  244. University of Redwood "Borrows" Reed College's Website
  245. What countries do not require accreditation?
  246. accreditation ploblem
  247. Fielding Graduate University on APA Probation
  248. Ellis University
  249. Any information on the Council of Private Colleges of America?
  250. Anyone know what to make of this?