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  1. Did Cal Coast seek DETC accreditation?
  2. Rage
  3. low tuition Accredited or unaccredited school?
  4. CA state approved?
  5. polite questions to Henrik
  6. Pigeons and SRU
  7. Bethany to seek AABC Accreditation
  8. The CA-Approved Schools in San Francisco
  9. Boston Harbor University
  10. Bienville Univeristy Ouch!
  11. Preston Universaity expanding?
  12. Levicoff quoted in Seattle Times story
  13. The Supreme Court and The State Approved or Unaccredited Universities
  14. Ross University
  15. St. Regis on TV
  16. Degree Mill Shilling?
  17. CA Appoved Degrees - Legally Defensible?
  18. El Shaddai Institute of Applied Theology
  19. ECE Statement with regards to James Frey Misquote Concordia, SRU et. al.
  20. Columbia Evangelical Seminary's New Website
  21. The Liberian Minister of Education is not universally respected..
  22. The Liberian Minister of Education is not universally respected..
  23. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in California
  24. APUS/AMU "has state's higher education leaders talking about stricter regulations"
  25. Hawaii Litigation Results Summary (unofficial)
  26. SRU "Dissertations"
  27. What does it mean to be CA State Approved
  28. I dont remember enrolling!
  29. Where are you in your DL Education?
  30. Which diploma mill lasted the longest?
  31. LaSalle, Louisiana
  32. Do any CA schools offer a DBA anymore?
  33. Central State university applies for DETC accreditation
  34. Kaplan College
  35. Define Degree Mill
  36. Reports from Ezell/Bear seminars
  37. St. Regis will not be listed by UNESCO/International Handbook of Universities
  38. Berne "de-listed" by UNESCO/International Handbook of Universities
  39. OREGON ODA is fading away!!!!
  40. SCUPS Seeks National Accreditation
  41. Taylor flies into exile. What will happen to St Regis U?
  42. Accreditation Poll
  43. Ross University degrees not legal in Oregon
  44. John Bear asks for help on ACPCU (Hamilton's accreditor)
  45. Bottom line on Century Univ.
  46. Walden says they don't accept Berne credits & never heard of Regina Harris
  47. Quantity of dissertations
  48. The American College
  49. DETC and RA
  50. Fake degree news from Indiana
  51. Accreditation Body
  52. Mississippi
  53. DETC Accreditation Poll for New Institutions
  54. The American University of Hawaii
  55. Higher Learning Commission vs. Regional Accreditation
  56. DegreeToday.com & WorldChapel.com
  57. www.aoaex.org Fraud Alert
  58. CA State Approved Schools..
  59. Gospel Outreach Ministry Theological Institute
  60. Unaccredited / State Approved!
  61. Century and CCU?
  62. Googling a Very Strong State Approved School
  63. Different kind of degrees
  64. Question for Kirkland Regarding California Coast University
  65. Casper Star-Tribune article on Hamilton University
  66. Trinity Has On-Site Visit by NAPNSC
  67. Proposed county Homeland Security director with LaSalle "PhD"
  68. Who guards the gods
  69. Can Doctorate be Unaccredited?
  70. Googling a Questionable School
  71. Hawaii Litigation Results Summary (unofficial)
  72. Pacific Western University - 2 -
  73. Bethany Divinity College & Seminary
  74. Worst Degree Mills of All Time..
  75. All American University
  76. Kennedy-Western Programs Now Available in all 50 States...
  77. Comes now............
  78. St Regis Grad resigns - old news?
  79. Pacific Western University
  80. A St. Regis Valupack: Buy in Bulk
  81. Career Consultants International and St. Regis
  82. Non-Accredited Vs. Dilpoma Mill
  83. New North Dakota law: use of unaccredited degrees a felony
  84. Analysis of pending CA senate bill
  85. Victims of Diploma Mills?
  86. Senator Collins on "coin-operated colleges"
  87. Tighter Laws on Unaccredited Instutions
  88. Dr Shotz investigation
  89. Your Opinions - Laura Callahan
  90. "New "Universities
  91. Unbelivebable
  92. Your Opinion - Laura Callahan
  93. Columbia Xyz graduate in trouble
  94. Should I write the NCA?
  95. Saint Regis University
  96. Update on Laura Callahan
  97. NYS Licensing Rules
  98. University for Professional Studies
  99. Has the Oregon ODA Prosecuted Anyone?
  100. A Prestigious Non-Accredited University
  101. Are the Big 3 substandard?
  102. Kennedy western can get RA !
  103. Kennedy Western University - How would you evaluate?
  104. Kennedy Western University ???
  105. Callahan, etc., on C-Span Washington Journal on Monday morning, June 16
  106. Classmates of Laura Callahan?
  107. Trinity Scheduled for NCA Evaluation for Initial Candidacy on 11-24-03
  108. Wyoming degrees for sale
  109. Laura Callahan's boss: does she share any blame?
  110. If Laura Callahan's Ph.D. had been from...?
  111. Kennedy-Western's Latest Tactic
  112. CyberSpace Law School Grads Pass BAR
  113. New York Times on Homeland Security fake degree case
  114. Media Response (or lack of it) to Homeland Security time bomb
  115. Romano Byzantine College
  116. Homeland Security official has Hamilton "PhD"
  117. From Degree Mill to Accredited Schools
  118. OR-Approved Schools
  119. Are all unaccredited schools degree mills
  120. Some CA-Approved Schools That I Like
  121. WY Department of Education Regulations
  122. Business School of London - MILL
  123. Vernell University
  124. Usdetc, Wauc
  125. American International University, Hawaii
  126. Fake degree holders get teacherís posts
  127. KW again
  128. Accredited/Unaccredited??
  129. Widener and Wittenberg university
  130. A question originally for Dr. Bear
  131. Cal State Approved Grads Work Harder
  132. Quality of Professors at US State Approved/Registered Universities
  133. Ph.D from State Approved Schools
  134. Institute D'Etudes Superieures L'Avenir (Belgium)
  135. Question about Trinity
  136. Mixing of degrees (Ra nad SA)
  137. ACI Quality Guidelines
  138. seek research results
  139. Kennedy Western refund HELP!
  140. St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies
  141. Conservatives? In San Francisco??
  142. SJ's New Kick Ass University
  143. Section 94310
  144. Lesser of two evils - Northwestern California University or Concord Law School
  145. What a joke!
  146. Southwest University - Louisiana
  147. How to earn a Master degree, Ph.D or Doctorate?
  148. From a Dutch diploma to USA Degree?
  149. International University for Professional Studies
  150. Sheriff with "degree" from Southwest U.
  151. Iugs
  152. California National University
  153. Help wanted..
  154. Vancouver University
  155. Morris Brown Loses Appeal
  156. American City University/London City College
  157. Preston University in UNESCO International Handbook of Universities
  158. I can't properly justify my feelings
  159. Greenwich: state approval is the same as regional accreditation
  160. Lexington University
  161. Al Qasim University
  162. More on Accreditation and Unaccreditation
  163. Phony Ph.D.'s
  164. Preston University Dissertations
  165. Hartford University?
  166. American International College, Pakistan
  167. Trinity Theological Seminary and Americus
  168. State Approved Utility?
  169. "Doctorates"
  170. Validity of CA Universities Claim of Employer Assistance
  171. Another Cool CA-Approved School: Expression Center for New Media
  172. What about ACE? Question for Rich or others
  173. AACSB Update
  174. Holmes University?
  175. BPPVE JLSRC call for working group
  176. Concord article
  177. Chattanooga TN College(ECPC)
  178. Trinity Theological Seminary Hosts New Website
  179. Golden State University
  180. Louisiana Baptist University Upgrades Website
  181. Warning Signs
  182. Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling
  183. Counseling Center Operated by Bethany (Dothan) Ph.D.'s
  184. President of CHEA Makes the Case for Accreditation
  185. St Clements University
  186. California Accreditation
  187. SCUPS going RA?
  188. Bircham International University
  189. A Sampling of Doctoral Degrees from "Pulpit Helps."
  190. Wyoming makes some changes
  191. Hypothetical Question Regarding CA State Approved Doctorates
  192. CCU Instructor
  193. SCUPS PhD ?
  194. .EDU expansion
  195. Ambai
  196. When Done is Your Undoing: Failing the Dissertation Evaluation
  197. Not quite what you think on first read
  198. Defense Doctrine Networked Education and Training (DOCNET)
  199. Oregon, again
  200. California Approved PhD/DBA?
  201. US / State Law - Unaccredited Degree Usage
  202. Progressive Universal Life Church
  203. Saint Regis University---need HELP!
  204. Fairfax
  205. American Council of Private Colleges and Universities
  206. All state-approved degrees are legal and legitimate
  207. CA approved list
  208. Acceptance of job applicants who possess State Approved Degrees
  209. associates degree questions (residency and transfer credits)
  210. Tick tick tick... Ka-BOOM.
  211. Florida, Hawaii and Wyoming
  212. Columbia Commonwealth Now Offers the Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling
  213. The accreditation process by a State-Approved and by a Unaccredited University
  214. Florida Statues
  215. How did other (non-Greenwich) unis in Australia get accredited?
  216. Universal Life Church
  217. Webster University
  218. America's only Genuine Diploma Mill
  219. Degree Consultancy
  220. Grantham, yet again
  221. Status of New York State
  222. Doctorate in Criminal Justice in a Unaccredited University
  223. American Academy of Liberal Education (AALE)
  224. Kennedy Western transfers?
  225. Side-by-side comparison of CCU and COSC
  226. Advice Needed - Undergrad Level - Theological
  227. Trinity College PhD Dissertation
  228. DETC vs Regional Accreditation
  229. Century U: Who's right, Dr. Colleen or the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission?
  230. Acceptance Of Credits
  231. Prompt Accredited Bachelors Degree Program
  232. Second Bachelors Degree
  233. anything cheaper than CCU?
  234. Problems with L.A. area unaccredited degrees?
  235. Advice on Educational Options.
  236. Columbia Commonwealth University
  237. Unaccredited degrees accepted in Australia ...
  238. Oregon Approves Berne!!!
  239. Its Official! Bethany in Dothan is now Bethany Divinity College/Seminary
  240. Winfield College or ICAL TEFL?
  241. Vancouver University Worldwide/Inexpensive online or distance schools.
  242. Question for Rich Douglas
  243. Accreditation agency AOAEX
  244. Unaccredited degree holder gets grilled
  245. K-W Shill Claims K-W is Superior to RA
  248. Erskine Catalog Lists Trinity Theological Seminary
  249. Concord Law Center
  250. Characteristics Of a Degree Mill