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  1. A reverse time bomb (whistleblower loses job)
  2. DL article in Economic Times (India)
  3. RA - black sheep
  4. Degree-Granting Authority
  5. Stop me if you've heard this one before ...
  6. United State Distance Learning Association
  7. Degree in Theology via DL
  8. Columbia Southern University
  9. AWU and Maxine Asher in the news
  10. Christthomas Consortium, "the recognozed official body of accreditation in the U.K."
  11. Which is of more value?
  12. Washington DC summit on dubious degrees
  13. UK mills - information/update
  14. Foundations Bible College
  15. RA University accepts N/A degrees
  16. American International University, an exposé
  17. Almeda College
  18. Degree for free! Try it!
  19. Can you believe this?
  20. Degree Mill States... Nevada?
  21. question about certifying agencies
  22. Christian Bible College of Louisiana
  23. Echoe
  24. Dr. Berne's new St. Kittsian involvement
  25. Article on Diploma Mills
  26. BBC news story 1/5/04
  27. Google ads for mills at CollegeHints.com
  28. FTC v. Mountain View Systems, Ltd.
  29. What to do with a P.W.U. Doctorate?
  30. heroic vigilance by degreeinfo posters leads to critical surgical intervention
  31. Christian Bible College rocky mount nc
  32. External Educators Critique Louisiana Baptist University
  33. John Bear, prof at UCB?
  34. Hamilton University
  35. More St. Regis head transplants
  36. Very confused, need help.
  37. Saint Regis foreign language sites
  38. Some stuff on Madison University
  39. Accs
  40. University of Phoenix (UOP)
  41. Louisiana Baptist University
  42. Columbus University/Anfell College
  43. "Approved" in AL, Operated from FL
  44. more Saint Regis affiliates
  45. Kennedy Western
  46. Maybe this is a wierd question but...
  47. Question about NA associate degree with RA bachelors
  48. Accreditation
  49. "Russian Academy of Science" and "World Scientific Association" RJH sites gone
  50. Article on accreditation....
  51. ACCS: What are their chances?
  52. SA Theological Seminary
  53. Attention: If You Are A Visitor From Degreeinfo.com...
  54. Apollo Certification Institute now part of James Monroe University
  55. I think this ain´t fair!
  56. Trinity Southern University is a scam
  57. NAPU/Anaheim University
  58. st regis revisited
  59. American Coastline University has a new address, sort of.
  60. All this talk about Century and DETC accreditation
  61. ...
  62. SRU gets high rating...
  63. Sherwood University looks like a retread...
  64. Mill operator accredits Saint Regis
  65. Hamden CT time bomb?
  66. Hampton Bay University domain registrant is Dixie Randock
  67. ACICS and Federal jobs
  68. InternAtional College of Homeland Security fallout?
  69. Heed University
  70. Creative experience base programmes
  71. Amberton vs Andrew Jackson vs Heriot Watt
  72. Chronicle article on Diploma Mills
  73. bogus diplomatic academies
  74. Acton liberty university
  75. non-traditional phd degree
  76. Resigned Accreditation
  77. a new fake swiss university
  78. Columbia Pacific Alumni Starting Civil Suit Against CA
  79. Richard Hoyer in the news... in his home town of Rochester, NY
  80. RA/SA degrees
  81. Diploma mills of Unrecognized Micronations
  82. The Asian Scam Artists
  83. Century University time bomb
  84. Case Western vs. UMUC vs. NSU/advice requested
  85. "Nation University Headquarter" visit
  86. Concord Law School
  87. Bircham International University and IACET
  88. UNESCO WHED Database Updated Online
  89. chooseadegree.com
  90. Saint Regis University Scholarships
  91. Credential evaluation agencies
  92. your thoughts for itt grad plz
  93. International Accreditation and Registration Institute and Richard Hoyer
  94. American World University Poll
  95. Christa McAuliffe Academy CEO has Saint Regis time bomb
  96. Wood and Art Computer School
  97. Advanced Education Development site changes
  98. Closed Thread
  99. Value of teh degrees obtained at DETC accredited institutions
  100. Article on SRU & Dixie Randock
  101. Saint Regis faculty have detachable heads???
  102. The International University Missouri
  103. Saint Regis mentions Knightsbridge, Fairfax
  104. RA Status????
  105. Distance Leaning Phd/DBA
  106. Suffield University
  107. Recognition of doctorate stirs debate
  108. Claremont international university
  109. Concordia College and University
  110. Question for Dennis Ruhl
  111. DETC questions
  112. Doctoral Degree in Theology on-line?
  113. Trinity Southwest University
  114. A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t y i n L o n d o n - accredited?
  115. Crescent City (Christian) College - please help - Steve Levicoff?
  116. Armed Forces University
  117. Plz, Help me to get a Bachelor/Master Degree thru past Academic+Life/Work experience
  118. Southern California University of Professional Studies
  119. Who visits "Instant Degree for Life Experience" site
  120. Other accreditation?
  121. Use of degree designators
  122. Crescent City (Christian) College? Levicoff? help please?
  123. Poll: Louisiana Baptist University
  124. accrediting agency
  125. Hawaii Litigation Results Summary (unofficial)
  126. Divining...the Real Deal
  127. International Academy for Integration of Science and Business
  128. Divining the Dilemma in Dothan: A Test of Sincerity
  129. Canadian/US Credentials
  130. Cal Coast
  131. Another "resume and credit card" diploma mill
  132. Colegio Biblico
  133. Bethany Divinity College now has AABC "Affiliate Status"
  134. accreditation vs. unaccredited at BJ
  135. Survey: Bethany Divinity College of Dothan
  136. Tele Education
  137. Trinity college and U faculty teaching at Kaplan
  138. Wyoming's New Statutes
  139. Ciy 7 Guilds Senior Awards
  140. Vancouver Worldwide
  141. Heritage Baptist University and Seminary
  142. JIU Professor Dean Emeritus at FTU
  143. Any decision on ACCS during the TRACS conference?
  144. Canadian University
  145. Multi-Profile International University
  146. California Board of Psychology on CA-Approved Psych Schools
  147. Googling Canyon College
  148. Googling Breyer State Univ.
  149. Police Chief Fall Down and Go Boom
  150. Accused Molester Goes Boom
  151. BillDayson"s Google Test
  152. Bridgewater University???
  153. Attention Degreeinfo Theologians!
  154. November 5-7: TRACS Annual Conference
  155. WAUC Conference - Las Vegas Nevada
  156. Burkes University
  157. Barron University
  158. Universiteit Brasschaat - Eindhoven
  159. World University of Advanced Studies
  160. what is really accredited?
  161. Summit U. of Louisiana
  162. Rod Paige on diploma mills
  163. Genesys International University
  164. Mooreland University
  165. Ruthford University of America
  166. Trenton University
  167. Pacific National University
  168. Kennedy International University
  169. Chicago Central University
  170. Atlantic National University
  171. Worse form to offer courses Pacific Western Univ.-California or Northcentral Univ.
  172. McQueen's University - coming soon?
  173. Question about St. John University, Idaho
  174. System like Pacific Western University and Frederick Taylor University
  175. Croxley Heritage University
  176. London Sanford University
  177. Ealing University - maybe, maybe not
  178. Council for International Education Accreditation (CIEA)
  179. Summit University senior administration
  180. Saint Regis University and Microsoft Certifications
  181. Louisiana Baptist University Moves to New Facility
  182. Excelsior University !!!
  183. Victoria Brooke University
  184. A fake CPU?
  185. Lacrosse University? Legal?
  186. The ODA
  187. And for the agnostics...
  188. Atlantic College & University
  189. Cal Coast Now Offering the M.Ed.
  190. Ballmore Irish University
  191. Harrod's University
  192. Yorkshire University
  193. Queen's University London
  194. November: NCA's On-site Visit to Trinity
  195. Saint Regis faculty changes
  196. A question about Accreditation ?
  197. Googling the NBOE
  198. Landsfield University - latest phony
  199. Atlantic International University
  200. St. Regis & UNESCO/IHU
  201. Can you believe this?
  202. Question on American Accreditation
  203. Optimal Performance Institute to be RA by 2006??
  204. What about Hyles-Anderson Christian College?
  205. Thank You Trinity College & University
  206. CIA university established
  207. Trinity C&U/Ashington U - scamming soldiers?
  208. Cambridge Intercontinental University
  209. Heritage University - a new phony
  210. How in the hell did Ashington get state licensed?
  211. A St. Regis Valupack: Buy in Bulk redux
  212. Romanian mill watches the Simpsons
  213. whom Saint Regis University cites
  214. Antietam Bible College/Seminary
  215. South African Theological Seminary
  216. Mohammad Baheth, CCU & Summit
  217. Is it worth switching from DETC to RA?
  218. Question about Northcentral U.
  219. Can a religious degree be recognized by the state?
  220. Accredited degree although school is not?
  221. Every unaccredited degree less worth?
  222. Man with degrees from Cal Coast and Summit under scrutiny
  223. Danish government cannot stop false universities
  224. The Congress of the USA and the universities without accreditation
  225. Career Consultants International
  226. SA official loses his job due to "worthless mail-order degree" from Knightsbridge
  227. Shelbourne University
  228. Crescent City Christian College
  229. Questionable degrees
  230. Why does Knightsbridge University confer its own degrees?
  231. New York College (of Prague and Athens): any thoughts or opinions?
  232. Some Comparative Googling
  233. Rogue's Gallery
  234. A couple of questions...
  235. Mississippi diploma mills
  236. Credibility of Knightsbridge "Faculty" Member Questioned
  237. University of West Alabama online MSCE in Counseling/Psychology
  238. City University MBA
  239. American Central University: déja vu all over again
  240. USA Today article
  241. Diploma Mill History Questions..
  242. What makes a mill owner great?
  243. Liberian Embassy statement concerning SRU
  244. Columbia Southern University
  245. accreditation
  246. Auh
  247. Pacifica College and University
  248. Shouldn't high school students be taught about accreditation?
  249. Barrington University
  250. aviation